Joshua Britton is a biotech entrepreneur with a successful company that’s innovating in the competitive field of cosmetics. But a few years ago, he was a student driving for Uber on the side. Luckily for Britton, according to a report from Entrepreneur, it was this simple side hustle that actually opened the door for the work he does now.

Britton is now the founder and CEO of Debut, an innovative biotechnology company that produces active ingredients for cosmetics. With a Ph.D. in biochemistry and organic chemistry, along with academic research on the subject, Britton is plenty qualified to run this type of company. However, it takes more than knowledge and willpower to get a new business off the ground, especially one in this type of scientific field.

While he was studying, Britton drove for Uber to earn some extra money on the side, in hopes of eventually getting his idea off the ground. While driving, he had the opportunity to meet and talk to tons of new people. During one conversation, he pitched his idea for Debut, and the rider cut him a check for $100,000.

This was just the first of many investments into Debut. In fact, the company has raised more than $60 million in venture funds since that first check from his Uber days. However, that first investment made a huge impact – enough for Britton to put more effort and resources into his ideas in order to eventually draw in other investors.

You may not be an aspiring biotech entrepreneur. But your business dreams likely still require some amount of capital and/or outside support. Side hustles that put you in contact with other people may open doors both financially and otherwise, helping you ultimately make your dreams a reality. Though getting a $100,000 tip as an Uber driver isn’t common, an extra connection or the money you make while plugging away during your free time may be just what you need to get started on your next business dream.

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