A utility cart makes your workspace clean and functional by providing mobility and a place to store the things you need an arm’s reach away. Whether you are in an office, retail store, restaurant, warehouse, or a construction site, a utility cart is a must-have.

With a utility cart in your business, it means you don’t have to go back and forth when moving things. Load up the cart and push it to its destination without any strain. And speaking of strain, back injuries are one of the most common cases doctors see in their offices. Carrying boxes back and forth can have a negative cumulative effect on your back. A utility cart helps with employee and safety. If you are looking for a utility cart to make your place of business more functional, here are the best ones.

Best Utility Carts for Your Business


Rubbermaid 2-Shelf Utility Cart

utility cart

Top Pick: This Rubbermaid utility cart is the top pick because it is practically indestructible. This means you can use it almost anywhere with its 500-pound capacity. The high-density structural foam construction won’t rust, dent, chip or peel, so it will last a long time. It has a small form factor (34.1 x 17.4 x 32.4 inches), but it packs a punch.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2-Shelf Utility/Service Cart

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Original Tubstr Power 3 Tier Utility Cart

Runner Up: The Tubstr utility cart can be everything from a mobile Point of Sale (POS) system to a computer or power tool workstation. This cart has a 3-outlet power strip built in the handle with a 15′ power cord along and a locking cabinet on the bottom with 4.5 square feet of lock space. With 300 pounds of hauling capacity and a molded plastic shelves that will not stain, scratch, dent or rust, you will have a cart you can count on.

Original Tubstr Power 3 Tier Utility Cart with Power and Locking Cabinet

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AmazonCommercial Utility Cart

Best Value: The Amazon Commercial utility cart has a 400-pound loading capacity, caster wheels and lightweight polypropylene plastic construction. But it has metal fixtures and pillars for extra support. Push handles on both sides make it easy to maneuver and 3 recessed shelf trays keep your items from falling out.

AmazonCommercial 3 Shelves Utility Cart

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Rubbermaid Heavy Duty 3-Shelf Rolling Cart

This utility cart is made from high-density plastic and aluminum construction. And you can get it in 200 or 300-pound capacity with up to 4 shelves. The 4-inch non-marking thermoplastic rubber swivel casters are quiet, absorb shock and provide floor surface protection. You can roll it on linoleum, tile, terrazzo, wood, smooth concrete, and carpet without any issues.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Heavy Duty 3-Shelf Rolling Service/Utility/Push Cart

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Amarite 3 Shelf Cart

Made from heavy 304 gauge stainless steel, this utility cart has many applications. From a modern office to a hotel, it can haul 396 pounds on its 3 shelves and locking caster wheels. Another notable feature is you can adjust the handle and the height of the shelves to accommodate both user and the load.

Amarite 3 Shelf Utility Cart on Wheels

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Supreme Medical Cabinet and Cart

From a dental office to aestheticians or spas, this is a utility cart designed for specific use cases. The cart is made with steel frames and laminated wood and it includes two drawers, one of them with a lock. Additionally, there are two universal magnifier holders on each side.

Supreme Medical Dental Mobile Utility Cabinet & Cart

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Saloniture Rolling Trolley Cart

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If you need multiple compartments and storage, this is the cart for you. This is an affordable unit with four slide-out drawers you can remove and transfer to customize your storage. You also get two side pockets, metal wire holders, a removable ring, and three round and rectangular openings to hold more items. This is best suited for beauty salons, tattoo shops, nail technicians, and others that need multiple compartments for tools and equipment.

Saloniture Premium Locking Rolling Trolley Cart with Pockets

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How to Choose a Utility Cart

Still unsure of how to go about shopping for a utility cart for your business? Consider your needs. When you figure out what items you envision your cart being used to store, you’ll be able to narrow down your pick.

Rugged uses may not require drawers or an aesthetic appeal. However, if your cart is going to be seen by customers or carry items that need to be protected, you may want a piece that looks more like office furniture or has a locking drawer.

Keep this checklist on hand when choosing the right item.

  • Durability: Whether it’s a hard plastic or stainless steel, you’re going to want a cart that can take a little punishment.
  • Mobility: Part of the reason you’re looking for a cart for your business is that you need equipment or other items nearby for a task. Look for a cart that can be moved around easily. A good set of locking wheels is important.
  • Versatility: You never know what you may need your cart for in the future, so find one that can serve multiple purposes.
  • Size: If you’re carting around tools or larger pieces of technology, make sure your cart can fit your items. Likewise, if your business doesn’t have a lot of big equipment, you may want to scale down the size of cart you buy.
  • Style: If your cart is going in a garage or hidden from public view, style may not be important. But if a customer or client sees your cart in use, or it’s going to be a part of your office, find something that doesn’t look utilitarian.

Consider all these factors before settling on a good quality cart for your business.


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