The Best File Sharing Programs for Small Businesses

Most small businesses have to send files at some point. Maybe you just need to make documents available to your team or you could have to send a big project over to a client. With small files, you can easily just attach them to an email and send them off. But larger files tend to be more complicated.

Things like videos, photo albums, apps and large documents take up a lot of digital space. So you need a file sharing program or service with the capacity to send them quickly and securely.

File Sharing Programs

Luckily, there are plenty of file sharing programs that are simple and accessible for small businesses. Here are 15 of them.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to easily store, sync and share files using your Google account. It’s free for personal users who only need to store a small amount of files. Or you can sign up for any business or enterprise edition of G Suite to get access to large or unlimited storage and sharing.


If you’re looking to share files to and from Apple devices, you might simply use Apple’s iCloud platform. Simply locate files within iCloud and then specify who you want to send those files to. It also allows for easy storage and syncing among your own Apple devices.


Dropbox offers a full file organization platform for your team. You can use it to quickly send files to members of your team or even to clients or customers outside of your organization. You can also set up folders and organize team communication. There’s a basic option if you just need to send a small file or two. Or you can sign up for a paid business account for a small monthly fee.


For a more robust file sharing solution, FileCloud offers an enterprise level platform. You can send secure file across the company’s servers. They also offer secure storage and backup options. You can even choose the region where you want your infrastructure.


From Citrix, ShareFile offers file sharing, storage and syncing capabilities for businesses. You can even integrate it with various platforms like Google, Microsoft, and Zapier to make sharing as easy as possible.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s file sharing and storage platform. It comes with most versions of Microsoft Office 365. So many businesses already have access to basic OneDrive functionality.

Amazon S3

From Amazon Web Services, Amazon S3 is a simple storage solution that’s made for scalability. You can use it to store and retrieve even the largest files or digital objects from just about anywhere.


Box is a content management platform that also offers workflow and collaboration tools for businesses. You can upload files to your team thread so they’re easily accessible for everyone or just send them to specific people.


MASV is mainly made for video creators that need to send very large files to clients or team members. It’s known for delivering those files quickly through its large network of servers.


Egnyte is an enterprise grade file sharing and storage platform that puts an emphasis on security and content governance. However, they also offer a small business plans for organizations with 100 employees or less.


WeTransfer offers a very simple service simply for sending large files to others around the world. You don’t even need to sign up for an account to use it.


ADrive is a cloud solution that offers storage, backup, editing and transfer options. There are both business and personal accounts available with a variety of plans and features to choose from.


An online document management software, eFileCabinet gives businesses the option to store and manage all of their important documents in one central location. They also provide encrypted file sharing if you need to send items to people outside of your organization.


OneHub allows you to store and share all of your files within the cloud. You can even sort and organize them within the platform in the same way you would on your own computer so you can easily find all the items you need.


If you want to share files without uploading them to the cloud, there’s Binfer. Binfer creates direct connections between devices to you can send large files quickly and securely. There are a variety of monthly plans available depending on the size of the files you regularly send.


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