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Act-on announced it made further enhancements to its marketing offerings for businesses. According to the company, the added features in its growth marketing platform will help businesses to better deliver brand experiences and improve personalized product engagements.

Act-on Marketing Platform

The new features help enhance businesses’ digital presence and optimize the business funnel process by delivering a holistic digital marketing experience. The solution is touted to provide smart engagement strategies to help businesses improve their Business to Business (B2B) demand generation; Business to Customer (B2C) interactions; and better customer engagement through curated communications.

“For over a decade, we’ve helped marketers evolve and grow their businesses — not just secure leads. Now more than ever, we are committed to helping marketers deliver exceptional brand experiences and nurture long-term relationships”, said Kate Johnson, CEO of Act-On.

More Bells and Whistles

The platform helps marketers to run the full gamut of targeting and acquisition through relationship management and cultivating loyalty. Some of the areas covered include engagement; product inventory; updates on services; and allow marketers to map key customer milestones. All these features make for enhanced brand experience and stronger customer relationships.

The updated offering comes with SMS messaging capabilities to help add yet another channel of communications to improve customer conversations and operational workflows. The user-specific real-time messaging is based on customers’ behaviors and interactions. Emails would not only be relegated to promotions but also include transactional features. In addition, businesses can now send real-time customer-specific messages based on customer interactions through any third-party systems.

Regarding third parties, Act has partnered with the likes of Zoom, Google Suite, Eventbrite, Shopify, and LinkedIn to provide cross-platform integration for better impact and quick automation. These features come with improved content creating tools making it easier to edit the content on landing pages and emails.

When it comes to tracking progress, the improved offering includes canvasing interactions with customers across campaigns and touchpoints to provide insights on patterns and identify areas for optimization.

Act-on has developed a pricing plan for businesses on a shoestring budget in mind through its Active Contacts pricing. This pricing model works on charging you based on the number of active contacts in your list which you are actively marketing to. Allowing you to focus and target specific segments of your database for better results. Additional plans include the Professional and Enterprise packages that run for $900 and $2,000 a month respectively.

Act-on’s Platform scales and adapts, allowing businesses irrespective of size, the opportunity to remain agile in their marketing efforts.

The Need for Small Business Marketing Optimization

Marketing optimization simply put is when you take a look at your marketing data and make decisions around which activities you should keep running, which to improve on and which ones you should pause.

Optimizing your marketing efforts is important if you really want to see your marketing strategy to really work. If you do not get insights into your planning, execution and appraisal of your efforts you risk making your decisions by simply basing them on your gut. From acquisition, to closing the deal your actions need to be informed with data. This will help you refine and automate your offerings to create more value for your customers.

This is a four-step continuous cycle. It starts with collecting data; gleaning insights; taking action; and repeat.

Your marketing plans cannot be set in stone, they need to be reviewed based on performances and phenomena that you might or haven’t factored in while planning. As such, you need a continuous flow of feedback to see where you’re heading. This where you need metrics and analytics to guide you in your decision making. Success will depend on incorporating feedbacks with concrete actions.

Marketing optimization tools help in providing you with a better picture of your performance. It could be a simple analysis of website visits, branding or running complex campaigns. The key is to always look at the data to see which of your marketing activities are getting you positive Returns on Investment (ROI).


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