The 8 Best Chatbot Examples We Could Find to Help Inspire You

If you thought the use of chatbots was confined to larger companies, think again! According to research by Think Relay, which used data gathered by NerdyData, companies with less than 250 employees employ chatbots most frequently, with firms with just 1 – 10 employees, making up approximately 40% of all businesses with a chatbot.

Dubbed as a “unicorn hack” in marketing strategies, automated chatbots provide a number of marketing, operational efficiency and lead generation benefits to small businesses.

Chatbot Examples

If you are thinking about joining the hordes of savvy small businesses utilizing innovative chatbot programs and, by doing so, provide a sophisticated customer management service or an interactive marketing platform for your business, then take a look at the best eight chatbot examples we could find to help inspire you.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook Messenger chatbots, which enable businesses to broadcast messages via Facebook Messenger, are proving an effective way for small businesses to qualify leads, convert users and nurture customers.

In fact, research shows that Facebook Messenger chatbots deliver up to 80% better engagement compared to other channels, such as conventional Facebook posts or email marketing.


It’s within almost every small business’s interest to increase lead generation and qualify leads more efficiently. In order to achieve greater lead generation within your small business, you may be interested in Instabot.

According to Instabot, their clients have witnessed a 33% increase in leads by adding a chatbot to their site, compared to using traditional web contact forms.

With Instabot, businesses can automatically create segments within their prospects and send them to your specific mailing or drip campaigns.

Hipmunk’s Hello Chatbots

Does your business regularly involve travel? If it does, you can simplify and make the whole process of booking flights, hotels, rental cars and and other features of business travel more efficient with the Hipmunk platform. Furthermore, thanks to Hipmunk’s ‘Hello chatbots” feature, you can easily integrate the travel chatbot with Slack, Facebook or Skype.

PullString’s Chatbot Platform

If you thought you had to have in-depth IT knowledge and skills to successfully launch a chatbot campaign at your small business, you’d be mistaken. Thanks to PullString Inc.’s PullString Platform anyone can build their own conversation-enabled applications with the PullString Platform, as no programming is required.

With the PullString Platform, small businesses are provided with a comprehensive solution designed to communicate with their customers with greater efficiency, regardless of which industry they are in.


If you yearn for some efficient assistance to help with the day-to-day running of your small business then take a look at Jarvis, a messenger bot the company claims, “You won’t be able to live without.” The Jarvis bot send you reminders of all those important business tasks, such as impending meetings and deadlines, helping you run your small business with greater efficiency.

Drift Chatbots

If you’re looking for a chatbot for sales and marketing, the Drift chatbot might be of interest. Drift’s powerful LeadBot is a conversational bot designed to help qualify leads on a business’s website without the use of any forms. With Drift’s bot your sales team is able to automatically book meetings 24/7 after a lead is qualified.

The bots can also answer questions from your Help Center and send answers to those questions in real time.

Creating websites can be time-consuming, particularly for many small businesses which often don’t have the right skillsets and certainly not the time to generate their own websites.

This is when’s automated website builder chatbot could prove an invaluable asset. The AIWA chatbot uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms to understand messages and carry out tasks accordingly. You simply chat to the bot to create a website without having to battle the complexities and stress involved with many website builders.

Intercom Bots

Intercom’s bots, powered by Operator, comprise of conversational bot technology designed to transform business operations by automating how you sell, market and support to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle.


Businesses managing teams remotely are presented with a number of challenges, namely how to sync and communicate when members can be spread out around the world. This is when the chatbot known as GeekBot can come in handy, as this useful bot helps keep teams synced by organizing asynchronous team meetings in Slack.

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