50 Etsy Seller Apps to Manage and Grow Your Online Business

The key to making the most of Etsy lies in apps, add-ons and integrations that offer features and functionality above and beyond the basic Etsy setup. From inventory management to social media marketing and sales tax calculation, you’ll find tools here to help you both manage and grow your Etsy business.

Etsy Seller App List

Below, you’ll find a hand-picked list of the 50 most useful Etsy apps.

1. Sell On Etsy

Etsy’s new mobile app for sellers is currently available only on iOS devices (i.e. iPhone and iPad) though migration to all platforms seems to be the company’s plan. This app was designed from the ground up for sellers and allows you to create and manage listings, answer customers’ questions, manage orders and track stats.

2. Marmalead

This Etsy SEO app identifies the keywords that real shoppers are using to find listings similar to yours. You can also examine keyword engagement stats and genuine search volumes. So far, the app is being used by over 82,000 Etsy sellers.

3. Craft Task Manager

Craft Task Manager for iPhone and iPad provides dynamic itemized checklists for prepping orders to ship, shipping and profit estimates and reporting capabilities.

4. Mad Mimi Integration

Mad Mimi’s integration with Etsy simplifies email marketing by enabling you to drag-and-drop images and text from the sidebar to add to your emails.

5. LeadDyno

Affiliate marketing can provide a huge boost to your sales so this affiliate app enables you to create a customizable sign-up page which you can then share with your potential affiliates.

6. WiseStamp

This email app works with most major browsers and email providers to automatically add the latest item listed in your Etsy shop to your email signature.

7. FotoFuze

FotoFuze enhances your images and their backgrounds to show your goods off at their best.

8. Backsty

If you have ever done something with your Etsy shop that you wish you hadn’t, or fear this might happen in the future, then use this back-up app to restore previous settings and options for your shop.

9. Around.io

This popular Etsy spp enables you to schedule promotional updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Winning features: The “All Day” function uses your current store listings to automatically create tweets and pins for you while the collage function automatically combines your images creating a showcase photo to post on Facebook or pin on Pinterest.

10. MySocialPig

MySocialPig enables you to schedule social media updates on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. You can create an account for free and schedule 10 posts without charge, with the monthly fee after that just $3.99.

11. Spreesy

Spreesy is a powerful social commerce solution that allows you to list a new product on Facebook and Instagram within seconds of launching it, helping your customers see your new products on the platforms where they are most engaged.

12. SynCommerce

Use the SynCommerce app to connect your online stores and make it possible to sell your Etsy products on Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

13. ViralWoot

ViralWoot uses the power of viral marketing to promote your Pinterest updates. When you schedule a pin, it appears on ViralWoot’s Pinterest boards where it’s exposed to a network of 27,000+ followers.

14. Etsy-fu

If you focus your social media efforts solely on Twitter, and want an interface that allows you to do just that, then Etsy-fu is worth a look. You can automate tweets as well as examine analytics.

15. Etsy Theme Shop

This free app provides beautiful templates that show your Etsy store at its best on WordPress websites, Facebook tabs and mobile devices. On Facebook, you can set up a “Like gate” so people can be rewarded for liking your page and on all three platforms. There’s a button that leads to a bi-weekly promotion that rewards Etsy gift cards to folks who share your products on their own social networks.

16. Etsy Store App for Facebook Pages

This free Facebook store app as fewer bells and whistles to struggle with as you get your store up and running fast. The app basically allows you to reward customers for sharing your products via social media.

17. Seller Tools

For a one stop shop app, look no further than Seller Tools. The app covers promotional activities, marketing and SEO. Other tools include a shop backup and a sales map generator. Some elements are free, while the whole package is available for $9.95 a month.

18. OrangeTwig

The top navigation bar provided by this free Facebook store app helps keep customers on the “My Etsy Shop” Facebook tab longer by providing its own wall as well as other helpful tabs. In addition, you can use OrangeTwig to place items on sale.

19. Printful

The Printful app enables you to automate your Etsy shop so you can put your custom designs on the likes of clothes, bedding, mugs and posters. Integration of the app is free and the items will be shipped as soon as they are ordered.

20. Etsy Social

This easy-to-use app helps you grow your brand’s audience on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and acquires more likes, hearts, favorites and follows for your shop. It connects you with other sellers from one location so you don’t have to keep searching on individual pages.

21. Virb Websites with Etsy Integration

The integration with Virb enables you to create a stand-alone website that includes your Etsy store. Shoppers are taken to Etsy to checkout.

22. Wix

Similar to app #21, Wix is integrated with Etsy so including your store on a stand-alone website is a snap.

23. IndieMade

Etsy’s integration with IndieMade is similar to apps #21 and #22, however this one’s two-way synchronization ensures that text, image and inventory level updates happen on both Etsy and your stand-alone site at the same time.

24. Vela

To edit thousands of listings in just a few seconds, sign up to Vela and manage all of your Etsy shops and listings from one place. It works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and even Internet Explorer on either OSX or Windows.

25. Etsy Marketing Tool

The Etsy Marketing Tool app is the new version of the old Best Auto Review app. Its purpose is to provide each seller with better marketing and exposure, and thus increase sales. Use the app to turn your photos to videos, add sale banners, auto post on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, and act as a shop back-up too.

26. Unify

Use this Unify app to simplify a multi-channel business. The app allows you to sell products across multiple platforms from a single place so you can save time on shop management tasks and grow your business exactly how you would like.

27. Etsy On Sale

Etsy On Sale is an app that schedules listing auto-renews but then takes that a step further by enabling you to schedule sales as well. In addition to placing your items on sale on Etsy, all sale items are also listed on a separate website that attracts bargain hunters from around the world.

28. Craftybase

This app provides an inventory management solution designed for crafters. Craftybase enables simple material and product cost tracking, as well as COGS Schedule C and expenses and revenue. The app will also track your sales and profits so you know at a glance how much you are making from each of your products, both monthly and annually.

29. Craft Maker Pro

Specially designed for crafters, the best feature of Craft Maker Pro is the automated cost and pricing functionality that helps you set the right prices for the products you sell on Etsy.

30. RunInventory

The Run Inventory app is designed for small manufacturers and provides powerful inventory management for Etsy sellers. You can track your items, generate reports and manage the shop from anywhere with an internet connection.

31. Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs enables you to consolidate all your online inventory and sales in one place and then export that information to bookkeeping solutions such as Quickbooks.

32. Putler

With out-of-the box Etsy connectivity, you can import all your Etsy transactions into Putler and instantly see insightful statistics about sales, customers and products.

33. Teapplix

Teapplix supports order and listing syncronization with Etsy. The app automatically downloads orders from Etsy and uploads the tracking information. In addition, Teapplix app can download listings from Etsy and update the inventory quantity accordingly.

34. Billbee

Use the Billbee app to generate invoices, address labels and export data in a variety of formatting styles. You can also generate reports and compile statistics about your sales. The app is directly connected to most of the major shipping companies such as DHL and UPS.

35. ReferralCandy

The ReferralCandy app rewards your customers for sending friends to your business by enabling them to share special discounts on your items with their own social networks. When one of their friends makes a purchase, the referrer is rewarded with an additional discount.

36. Zetsy

Zetsy is an Etsy shop tool for Windows applications. The shop management app downloads your store’s information and saves it to a local database file, which then enables it to display the Listing Information in a scrollable grid along with engagement information such as views and hearts.

37. Craftcount

Sellbrite is a simple yet powerful multichannel app that lets you manage your listings on Etsy as well as on other channels. It also allows you to control and sync your inventory while managing and fulfilling orders. In addition, you can generate the multichannel reporting to help plan your marketing strategies.

38. Nowinstore

With Nowinstore, you can create a downloadable product catalog with the click of a button. Also included is the ability to add and edit wholesale prices. It features a free 7-day trial.

39. Ecomdash

The Ecomdash app provides Etsy sellers with an automatically updating multi-channel inventory as well as sales, purchasing and shipping records. It has also features a listing management tool that integrates with your marketplaces.

40. ShopShaper

The bulk/batch editing ShopShaper app lets you edit titles, descriptions, tags and prices. You will also be able to edit the likes of order processing times as well as the images you use to advertise and promote your products. You can also use the app to copy listings between your shops.

41. Expandly

Etsy sellers can store their catalog of products in the Expandly app so they can then create and manage their listings. Adjustments will be automatically added to the Order Management system when orders are placed by customers.

42. MockUpEditor

Use this free app to exhibit your poster designs in a professional way. Create and upload your MockUpEditor designs directly to Etsy via an easy drag and drop method.

43. WorkingPoint

Another alternative for Etsy bookkeeping is the WorkingPoint app which boasts a clean interface and easy, step-by-step actions to help take the fear out of finances.

44. TaxJar

TaxJar takes all the guesswork out of the sales tax collection and payment process by tracking your sales state-by-state so you’ll know when, and how much, to pay. It even reconciles errors in your pricing so you can be sure to collect the right tax amount with each sale.

45. ShipStation

The ShipStation app features an automatic order entry integration from a number of eCommerce platforms. There are also rules that can route specific orders to specific carriers and shipping speeds. There are also extras like return shipping labels. In the end, there are a lot of features here to make your order fulfillment process run smoothly from beginning to end.

46. ShippingEasy

The folks over at ShippingEasy focus on keeping the costs of delivery down by offering discounted rates. It’s similar to app #45. Etsy sellers may want to look at both to see which fits their business best.

47. ShipRush

Tightly integrated with Etsy (as well as many other ecommerce platforms), the ShipRush app system automatically enters orders when they’re placed. Before shipping occurs, ShipRush can provide packing lists. And, when shipping occurs, Etsy and the customer are updated at the same time with tracking numbers and delivery dates.

48. Shippo

With the Shippo app you can create and print labels cheaper than at the Post Office in just seconds. It only takes a few seconds and Etsy sellers also receive a discount of up to 80% on shipping rates for both domestic and international shipments Well worth a look.

49. Crafthub.me

The CraftHub app enables digital sellers to completely control the customer delivery experience from branding to tracking and everything in between.

50. Fulfillrite

Fulfillrite provides warehouse space to your business and manages the entire order fulfillment process for you so you can focus on what you do best – crafting. Etsy businesses may differ significantly based on the products they sell and the customers they target. Check out all these Etsy apps to determine which best fit your business needs.

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