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‘When a valued client, a coworker, or an employee gets sick offering them some kind words can give them some comfort. In fact, it is customary to send someone who is sick a get-well message to let them know that they are in your thoughts and wish them a speedy recovery. It is also a good opportunity to let others know that they are not alone during illnesses or injuries. There are many creative ways without the need to buy templated messages from printing services where you can reach out to people during their times of illness.

Why You Should Write a Get Well message in Business

Whether it is clients or colleagues some kind words during their illness or injury let them know that you are checking up on them and can help improve their spirits and help them on their road to recovery. For clients, it means that you value them beyond their business and for colleagues, it helps boost morale in the workplace and reflect your positive company values. There are many creative ideas to employ when sending out your get-well message and they can even be light-hearted and include an inside joke to help lift spirits. To help you get inspired we gathered some great get-well messages for you. With these get-well messages for clients, co-workers, employees, and your boss you will always say the right thing if they are not doing well.

What to include in a Get Well Soon Message

Clients and colleagues are very important to your business as they are the ones who help make your business succeed. For this reason alone, you should always be in touch with them during both good times and bad times. In an event of an illness or injury sending them a get-well-soon card can help them that you care. Though there is no standard to express a full and speedy recovery to someone you can include the following:

Start with a warm greeting: By starting with a warm greeting helps to highlight your sentiment and set the tone of the message. You can start with ‘Dear’ or ‘Hi’ depending on your level of familiarity with the recipient.

Express your good wishes: Include your well wishes that are specific to what the recipient is going through. For good effect you can add statements that instill hope and optimism while avoiding negatives- the key is to help send a positive and that helps to inspire.

Don’t forget to remind them that you are thinking of them: Let them know that they have your thoughts and support during their illness. Also, include comforting words that can help get your message across.

Be empathetic: Try to understand the situation that the recipient is undergoing and make sure that your message and tone reflect that. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes will help you find the right words to say.

End with a warm closing: Always end with a warm closing message such as ‘thinking of you’, ‘best wishes’, ‘take care’, ‘wishing you a speedy recovery’, or any other similar sentiment.

Examples of Get Well Soon Messages for Clients

Below are some examples of professional get well soon message to clients:

1.     Many caring thoughts and warm wishes are with you as your recover, [name of recipient]. Hoping to hear you are well again soon!

2. Wishing you an easy recovery, [name of recipient], and good health to come. We hope your hospital stay comes to an end soon.

3. [Name of recipient], if warm thoughts and sincere wishes could speed your recovery, you’d already be feeling wonderfully well!

4. Dear [name of recipient], Sending you the best get well soon wishes to make you feel better. We hope you feel better soon and get back to your normal life. Warmest wishes.

5. Dear customer, this text message is for wishing you good health and a speedy recovery. May you get well soon!

6. Dear [name customer], Hoping you find all the strength you need to overcome each day. Get better soon!

Examples of Get Well Messages for Co-Workers

Some examples where you can wish your co-workers a speedy recovery could include:

7. We are sending you our most positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. We hope that you get well soon, don’t lose hope!

8. Sending healthy vibes! We hope you get well soon and are counting down the days until you’re in the office again.

9. Your friends at the office all send their best wishes and hopes for your speedy recovery. Hope you get better soon. We miss you and wish you a smooth recovery.

10. We miss you at work and hope that you get well soon. If there is anything you need that will help you out, please do let us know.

11. Your absence has made itself clear around here, the days around the office are so boring without you! We can’t wait to have you back to end our misery. Get well soon!

12. I just caught word at work that you are sick. I hope that it isn’t serious and that you bounce back as soon as possible. Get well soon!!

Get Well Soon Messages to Employees

As an employer you can help uplift your employees’ spirits and spread some healthy vibes, here are some messages to consider:

13. I am sorry to hear that your health has suffered and that you are currently unable to work. Please accept my sincere wishes for you to make a full recovery. You can rest assured that I the entire team sends you’re their warm wishes.

14. I was sorry to learn that you are unwell. I hope you don’t stress about not being here at work. Please rest assured that you have all our warm thoughts and wishes. We are all managing, and there will be plenty of work to be done when your amazing self returns.

15. I was so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Sending lots of caring thoughts your way as you begin your treatment. Take extra good care.

16. You are in our thoughts as you recover from your surgery. Rest, let your body recover and we will see you soon.

17. We miss you at work and hope that you get well soon. If there is anything you need that will help you out, please do let us know.

18. Remember to just take it one day at a time, we’re thinking about you every day and wishing for a fast recovery.

Examples of Get Well Soon Messages for Your Boss

You might be wondering how do you say get well to your boss? here are some examples:

19. We all are sending our caring thoughts and prayers through you. We hope you’ll come back soon!

20. May God helps you with His healing power. We are praying for your speedy recovery.

21. Get well soon boss. We all are waiting to see you fit and healthy again. Missing you at work.

22. We hope you feel better and get stronger every day. The team will do our absolute best to hold down the fort until your return. Happy healing!!!

23. We are sending you our get well wishes and heartfelt hopes that you are beginning to turn the corner with your health. We hope you make a speedy recovery and continue to lead our successes. Get well soon.

24. I join all of us at the office in wishing you a quick recovery. Do not worry about anything but focus on yourself for a change. Hope this difficult time ends soon!!!

25. You are missed sorely and the place is not the same in your absence, and we are doing our best in the meantime to make you proud of our efforts. We wish you a speedy recovery.

26. We hope you recover well and are able to return to us soon. We are thankful to have such a great boss and do not take you for granted for a minute. I miss you and our thoughts are with you.

Professional Get Well Soon Message Examples to Wish a Speedy Recovery

Below are some good options for professional get well soon messages wishing people a speedy recovery:

27. I wanted to express on behalf of my entire team our get well wishes and hope that you are truly making a great recovery. We are very much looking forward to hearing a positive report on your progress. Get well soon.

28. My entire team is so sorry to hear that you are unwell. Please know that we wish you a good recovery and extend our best wishes to your family as well.

29. I was sad to hear of the health challenges you have been facing and are even more eager to do our best for you. We hope you begin treatment and get well soon.

30. I am so sorry to hear of your serious illness, and want to express my heartfelt wishes that you will soon be well again. God bless and get well soon.

31. We are so sorry to hear about your health issues. We just want to express our sincere concern at this time and hope that you will heal up soon.

32. Wishing you a quick recovery, if there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to ask.

33. Greetings and get well soon wishes from the team. We hope that you are well on the road to recovery and feeling much better than you were. Each and every one of us send you our kindest regards.

34. I wanted to express my own get-well wishes and hope that you are truly making a great recovery. I am very much looking forward to hearing a positive report on your progress. Get well soon.

35. We are saddened t hear about your current state of health and wish you a speedy recovery. We look forward to seeing you in good health and spirits.

36. I felt so sorry to learn about your illness. You are not alone. We’ll be here by your side as you get through this. Best wishes from all your well-wishers here

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