Fonts are an integral part of brand identity and make a significant difference in marketing efforts. Using marketing fonts, you can create distinctive branding and marketing materials for your next project to make it pop. We’ll go through some of the best sites where you can browse fonts and find other design resources for your work.

Best Font Sites

It can often be a challenge to find fonts, especially if you have a look and feel in mind and want a specific font family. Most font sites will give you a wide range of selection for your next project, including paid options for commercial use like websites and themes as well.

1. FontShop

FontShop offers premium fonts in many different styles to give designers as much inspiration as possible. Choose from a variety of typefaces using the dropdown menu, which features many categories.

2. MyFonts

MyFonts features over 130,000 fonts and counting, including fonts that look like handwriting, scripts, sans serif, and more. You can purchase bundles of fonts for set prices and gain access to the files. They also offer deals and discounts on paid font options and include a lot of styles that users can search from to find what they’re looking for.

3. FontSpring

FontSpring has a vast array of fonts to create different projects, and they can be licensed with flexible terms. For any designer looking for fun and unique inspiration for their next project, FontSpring has a lot to choose from.

4. Hoefler&Co

Hoefler&Co has one of the most varied font libraries out there, with an incredible amount of choices for designers to pick from. They also include a different version of typefaces for additional choice and have fonts for personal use and web design, and more that can be found via the search bar.

5. Adobe Fonts

Adobe has been a design pioneer for many years, with popular products such as Photoshop and InDesign. They’ve added to their repertoire by creating Adobe Fonts, which offers fonts for commercial projects, website design, and other uses.

6. Linotype

Linotype includes fonts for Mac and Windows and an array of fonts that designers can use for web and desktop design. Users can sort through fonts based on categories like popularity, inspiration type, bestsellers, latest releases, and more. It also includes design resources for creators to make the design process more manageable.

Where is the Best Place to Get Paid Fonts?

There are many fantastic resources available to get paid fonts for projects. One of the best paid font options includes FontSpring. They have a wide range of fonts in various styles that designers can make their own and offer flexible licensing policies.

Best Free Font Sites

There are many free font websites available for designers on a budget to find the perfect font. These fonts can be for personal use or commercial use and allow users to download font files onto their computer. When using fonts, it’s essential to understand how the files can be used. Purchasing fonts for commercial design is more common. However, most free font sites will specify whether the font can be used for commercial use.

Some of the best free font websites include:

7. Google Fonts

If you’re looking for more fonts, Google Fonts is a great source website to check out. You can download fonts for web use and images as needed. Before downloading fonts, make sure to scroll down the font page and check whether there are any stipulations for how the fonts can be used.

8. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a free font site that allows users to download fonts and offers other tools as well without requiring payment or licensing. For example, designers can use the font identifier to match fonts used on a page or an image and browse fonts in different font styles by using the categories available.

9. Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts have a range of diverse and interesting font choices that can be downloaded, with over 10,000 fonts available for users to select from. Abstract Fonts allows users to save fonts and preview different fonts before choosing. Designers can also browse categories to find the perfect font in their library.

10. UrbanFonts

UrbanFonts has a library of fonts, including handwritten styles, script, sans serif, and many other types. Users can search for options, preview font types, and download files for personal and commercial use. The fonts available on the sites are free and can be used for web, images, CSS design, etc.

11. FontBundles

FontBundles has a lot of stylish options, and similar to other websites, they offer bundles of fonts that users can download quickly and easily. The font bundles include many different themes and can be used for web page design, documents, image design, and other uses.

12. FontStruct

FontStruct is a little different from other free font websites. It has both free fonts available for download, but it also enables a designer to create their own font if needed. Users can browse their font library for choices but can also use their tool to design a font if needed and tweak the font size as needed.

Where is the Best Place to get Free Fonts?

There are plenty of resources available for those looking for free font options to make it easy to browse fonts and select an alternative that works for their design. The best place to get free fonts is Font Squirrel, as it has a wide range for website use, images, and other creative options that are available for free.

What is the best place to get display fonts?

There are many great design resources out there for those seeking out display fonts. For display fonts, options like Adobe Fonts have many premium resources available that graphic designers can use for their creative work.

Where can you safely download fonts?

There are many websites where you can safely access fonts through the download button. You can use free options such as FontStruct, or paid options such as Hoefler&Co for downloading fonts safely without risking your computer and its files.

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