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Printable gift tags add a personalized touch to beautifully-wrapped birthday presents. Instead of a generic, forgettable wrapping job with a standard sticker denoting to: and from: details, a colorful custom gift tag can add some needed pizzazz and personality to the gift bag or package.

Whether you’re wrapping gifts for personal use or for your small business, including printable happy birthday tags is a great way to ensure your gift is a memorable one.

What Are Happy Birthday Gift Tags?

Gift tags add the perfect finishing touch to a birthday gift. Gift tags are a small card or label that is attached to a gift package or gift bag, often containing details about the giver and recipient of the present. Many colorful birthday gift tags are printed in bright colors and beautiful designs to enhance the wrapped gift’s design and appearance. Modern birthday gift tags are often customized with a computer and printed from a digital template.

Why Should Your Small Business Send Birthday Gifts?

A small business doesn’t have to throw a birthday party to acknowledge an employee’s, client’s, or customer’s special day. A wrapped gift with a custom gift tag can work wonders in expressing gratitude and well wishes, much as a similar gift might affect a family member. Even a small token of appreciation can make employees feel important on their birthdays, while also making clients feel valued and customers feel appreciated.

15 Amazing Printable Gift Tags for Birthday Wishes

You don’t have to spend your holiday budget on fancy happy birthday tags for employees, clients and customers. A plethora of printable gift tags are available in different styles from popular websites like Etsy, including the following:

1. Birthday Candle Gift Tags

Whether you’re attending a birthday party or sending birthday gifts on behalf of your small business, these happy birthday gift tags are perfect for kids or adults. The digital download includes four files in pdf format, featuring small and large-sized gift tags.

2. Happy Birthday Cake Printable Gift Tags

This printable happy birthday gift tag adds a cute and fun finishing touch to a birthday present for any recipient. Just print the tags and attach them to a birthday present with ribbon or tape. You even can save money by saving the digital templates to print and reuse later.

3. Unicorn Birthday Gift Tag

If you search for an adorable birthday gift tag with a unicorn design, look no further than this fun printable gift tag to download. Attach it to a gift for a unicorn-loving colleague or take it to a unicorn-themed birthday party.

4. Personalized Birthday Gift Tags

Looking for a printable pdf file to use for happy birthday tags? You can bring any ordinary birthday present to life with this customizable birthday gift tag printable. Including a cute and fun design, users can personalize a happy birthday message before printing.

5. Editable Happy Birthday Printable Gift Tags

Also available as a digital download, this vivid birthday gift tag features a rainbow-colored happy birthday message surrounded by hearts. The editable gift tag can be customized with a personal name or birthday greeting.

6. Colorful Custom Birthday Gift Tags

This colorful birthday gift tag is the perfect way to convey hope and good tidings with a birthday gift. Not only does the printable birthday gift tag feature a bold happy birthday greeting, but the digital download is editable, so a customized message can be added.

7. Watercolor Candles Birthday Gift Tag Printables

Featuring a beautiful watercolor design, this happy birthday gift tag also can be personalized with the gift giver’s name. Perfect for colleagues, friends or even your mom, birthday gift tags like this one create best results no matter your choice of gift wrap.

8. Printable Birthday Gift Tags Bundle

Printables like these happy birthday gift tags add variety to a gift wrapping experience. Whether you’re wrapping birthday gifts for family, friends or professional colleagues, adding one of these colorful and festive birthday gift tag printables is sure garner a positive comment and appreciation.

More Printable Birthday Tags for Gifts

Printable birthday gift tags help you express all your wishes for important birthdays. All you need is an inexpensive digital download, a printer and either paper or white cardstock. The following printable birthday gift tags are sure to impress any recipient:

9. Birthday Confetti Gift Tags Package

This fun bundle of printable birthday gift tags features both square and round tags in a variety of striped and confetti designs. The colorful gift tags can be attached to a gift with a hole punch, or wrapped with a cookie. Since the text is editable, the messages can be personalized for the perfect birthday greeting.

10. Editable Cake Birthday Gift Tags

This attractive birthday gift tag features an engaging image of a birthday cake adorned with colorful candles. The printable gift tag is editabe, so the birthday message can be customized for a more personal greetings and gifter details.

11. Happy Birthday Gift Labels in Two Colors

Just download and print these engaging birthday gift tags to create an eye-catching birthday present. Can’t decide between bold, primary colors, or attractive pastel hues? This set of printable gift tags features both, ensuring they will match any gift wrapping color scheme.

12. Sweet Birthday Printable Gift Tags

Planning on showing your appreciation to clients or colleagues by offering a sweet sort of birthday gift? This printable birthday tag is perfect for adorning the gift of candy. Just print the colorful gift tag and attach to any sort of sweet treat.

13. Monochrome Printable Birthday Gift Tags

Planning on giving a classy birthday present wrapped in striking, black-and-white paper? These attractive printable gift tags bear a happy birthday message in a monochromatic color palette. They are also ideal for those seeking printable gift tags who don’t have a color printer.

14. Multicolored Happy Birthday Gift Tag Printables

Attaching these colorful birthday gift tags to presents is sure to result in positive follow-up comments. The printable gift tags boast a happy birthday message surrounded by multicolored stars. Just purchase, download and print the gift tags to add a colorful greeting to a birthday gift.

15. Floral Happy Birthday Printble Tags

Create a classic birthday gift by attaching these floral gift tags to the package or gift bag. The printable happy birthday gift tags are sold as an instant download that immediately can be printed on white or colored card stock and used.

How Do You Print Your Own Gift Tag?

Printing your own gift tag is simple. Just purchase a digital download gift tag from a website like Etsy. Once you receive the pdf file or another image format via email, just open the printable gift tag and made any desired edits using appropriate software. Finally, print the gift tag on either paper or card stock.

If you need to tie the gift tag to wrapping paper, you might use a punch hole to create the necessary hole. Many printable gift tag purchases include instructions for best results.

Are Printable Birthday Gift Tags Free?

Looking for a free printable birthday gift tag? While some amazing options are available for $2 or less, you also can find free printable gift tags. Just check on a website like Etsy or even do an online search for “free printable gift tags.”

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