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Are you a property owner, manager, or Airbnb host looking for the best Airbnb app to make your rental business run smoothly? Look no further! We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite apps for Airbnb in 2022 to streamline your processes and increase your revenue. From communication and scheduling to analyzing data and optimizing pricing, these apps will make managing your rental a breeze. Let’s get started!

5 Ways Vacation Rental Apps & Tools Help Airbnb Hosts

Being an Airbnb host is a great way to earn extra income while giving people a place to stay during their next big adventure. Here are five ways vacation rental apps and tools can help Airbnb hosts:

  • Communication and scheduling: With vacation rental apps, you can easily communicate with your guests and schedule cleanings, maintenance, and other appointments.
  • Analyzing data: Review your rental’s performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations.
  • Optimizing pricing: Use dynamic pricing tools to adjust your rates based on demand, seasonality, and other factors.
  • Listing management: Keep your rental listing up-to-date and compliant with local laws and regulations.
  • Guest management: Get to know your guests and provide them with a 5-star experience from start to finish.


Top Apps for Airbnb Hosts, Managers, and Property Owners

As an Airbnb host, are you looking for the best apps for Airbnb outside of the official Airbnb app? The following list features top apps in various Airbnb categories for hosts, managers, and property owners. These apps are used by expert hosts, giving guests a smooth check-in process, letting guests know about step-free bedroom access, and streamlining and optimizing your hosting experience.

1. Host Tools: Airbnb Tool for Guest Messaging

Here’s an app that all short-term rental hosts should have in their arsenal. Host Tools has many great features like automated messages allowing you to provide amazing guest communication, calendar syncing to avoid double bookings, automated availability rules, and more.

2. Properly: Best App for Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols

Properly is one of the best Airbnb tools for managing listings effortlessly and making sure your guests receive amazing service. One of its best features is the ability to inspect your rental using your mobile device. This is really useful to quickly inspect how well your cleaners did their jobs.

3. Touch Stay: Best Guest Experience Airbnb App

Touch Stay lets you create digital welcome books for your guests. This is a nice touch that’ll make you look like a more professional vacation rental host. It’ll also provide a much smoother, better experience for both you and your guests.

4. Party Squasher: Best for Monitoring Noise Levels in Vacation Rentals

Party Squasher is a really useful app for preventing parties at your vacation homes. It continuously monitors the number of people on your property by counting the number of phones both in and around the house.

5. Igloo App: Best App for Smart Key Exchange & Home Security

This app works with IglooHome, which provides smart locks and lockboxes for your property. This means that there’s zero chance of guests losing the keys to your short-term rental! Owners can easily unlock the property using Bluetooth or a PIN.

6. KeyCafe: Best Airbnb Tool for Sharing Property Keys

KeyCafe is a key management app that allows you to share keys with your rental properties remotely. You’ll need to have a SmartBox in your city, which is where the key exchange will happen. Fortunately, KeyCafe has a SmartBox network in major cities throughout the U.S.

7. Aircover: Airbnb App with Free Top To Bottom Protection

Aircover offers guests the most comprehensive free protection with every booking. It protects guests from Airbnb host cancellations, listing inaccuracies, and more. The Airbnb app lets guests easily reach out to support during times like this.

According to Airbnb, all accessibility features that a home has gone through an accessibility review process confirmed by their specialists.

For hosts, there is $1 million in damage protection, which covers things like deep cleaning, pet damage, and more. Aircover also provides hosts with $1 million in liability insurance.

8. TurnoverBNB: Best App to Find a Top-Notch Cleaning Crew

TurnoverBNB is a great app for finding cleaners to maintain your properties in-between guest stays. It allows you to schedule and pay your cleaning crew as well as easily communicate with them. You can even use different cleaning crews for any properties you have in different areas.


Other Apps and Airbnb Tools for Property Owners, Managers, and Hosts

9. HelloHere

HelloHere is a hospitality app that lets you easily communicate with your guests throughout their stay. You can quickly and easily answer any questions they may have and even make local recommendations to make their stay more enjoyable.

10. Operto

Smart locks, smart home devices, and smart home automation are without a doubt the future. Especially when it comes to short-term rentals. With Operto, hosts can generate unique codes for each guest and change them once the guest checks out. This is a great way to ensure your property is always secure and your guests are safe. You can also use Operto to control your properties’ temperature and energy usage.

11. Airbnb Split Stays

The innovative new feature Airbnb Split Stays allows guests to book accommodations from their search results for multiple destinations within one trip. Split Stays automatically splits up the reservation and payment, making it easier for travelers to plan their itinerary.

12. iGMS

iGMS is a powerful property management app that enables hosts to keep track of all of their listings in one place. It offers many awesome features like invoice management, the ability to coordinate with your cleaning team, automation tools, and more.

13. Plum Guide

Plum Guide is a vacation rental company that hand-selects the top 1% of homes in popular cities around the world. Their team of experts personally visits and vets each property to ensure they meet their high standards for design, comfort, and hosting.

14. Instant Book

Airbnb Instant Book allows hosts to automatically accept booking requests from guests without manually confirming each request. This feature can save time for busy hosts and make it easier for guests to quickly secure a reservation.

15. RemoteLock

RemoteLock allows you to use and control smart locks on your properties using WiFi. You can provide your guest with an access code that self-expires and which you can disable at any time. While this is a great solution for any short-term rental business, it is one of the more expensive ones.

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