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The right holiday gift shows your team, colleagues, partners, and customers how much you appreciate them. Some gifts are completely personal. While others need to work for a larger group of people. A wide array of examples for every situation can help you find the ideal present. Here is the ultimate guide to the perfect gift ideas for employees, coworkers, and clients.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

Christmas gifts offer a perfect opportunity to show your team how much you value their contributions to your company. There are a huge variety of items in all styles and price ranges. And once you buy the gift, it is good to know how to pack a gift. Here are ideas that should suit every type of gifting solution.

Tech Gifts

Tech gifts are perfect for employees and co-workers, since they’re often useful in a work environment. However, many are also fun and not-work related. These holiday gifts are generally crowd-pleasing and work for various budgets.

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Fire Stick is one of Amazon’s most popular products. It’s crowd-pleasing and gives employees a gift that’s not work-related.

2. Galaxy Watch

A smartwatch can be both useful and fun. Samsung lets you completely customize each Galaxy Watch to the person’s needs.

3. UltraSharp Webcam

With more and more employees participating in video meetings, a webcam may be the perfect gift. This may allow them to telecommute more often or could improve communication with outside clients.

4. Kindle Paperwhite

Books make perfect employee gifts. But everyone has different preferences. A Kindle gives them the opportunity to easily download and read their favorite titles from anywhere.

5. Travel Hub

For employees who often work on the go, this gadget can make business travel easier. The travel hub can connect an array of devices to keep work and personal tech powered up.

6. Norton 360

Help your employees protect their devices by purchasing an annual subscription to Norton 360. The antivirus program offers password management, cloud storage, and more.

Gifts for Employees Under $100

Aside from tech gadgets, there are tons of ways to recognize your employees this season. If you’re looking for a special Christmas gift, here are some options under $100.

7. A Personalized Care Package

Care packages can include various items that employees can use to relax after work. This one features items for a cozy night in.

8. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets work for nearly everyone. They provide extra relaxation at night or while lounging on the couch.

9. Fleece Jacket

Fleece jackets are also useful and versatile. They come in an array of colors and sizes for the whole team.

10. Pen Set

A pen is a professional gift. Opt for a high end brand to show how much their contributions mean.

11. Watch

A watch can be a statement gift. Find a style that suits your team member and a quality brand.

12. Pet Camera

For the pet lovers on your team, a security camera like this can help them keep an eye on them while at work.

13. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones can help employees focus throughout the day. Or they can use them for their favorite music or audiobooks.

14. Alarm Clock

Today’s phones all have alarm clocks. But some people prefer a good old fashioned clock.

15. Wreath

A wreath is a festive gift. Opt for a fresh or handmade product like this one.

16. Desk Lamp

A lamp can be both a useful and fun gift. This one is a “mood lamp” that changes colors. But you could go more traditional for employees who don’t want kitschy desk accessories.

Gifts Under $50

A special Christmas gift for your team doesn’t have to be expensive. All these ideas cost less than $50 and should work for an array of people.

17. Laptop Stand

Today’s employees work from a variety of settings. It may not always be comfortable to set up a computer on their lap. So this stand supports better posture and positioning.

18. Initial Necklace

Initial necklaces can be personalized to each of your team members and work with nearly any style.

19. Tie

For male team members, ties offer a practical option.

20. Box of Socks

Socks make a useful gift for anyone on your list. And a box with a theme — like this one made to look like pizza, make it a fun one too.

21. Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are traditionally used to countdown the days before Christmas with fun, smaller gifts. This one has a “tipsy” theme. So you can fill it with bottles for added personalization.

22. Cocktail Set

If you want a fun gift, this cocktail set of bar tools is perfect for the team member who loves to entertain.

23. Rolling Cart

A rolling cart like this one can help employees get organized at work or home.

24. Stocking

Stockings are festive and easily personalized. You can even fill them with smaller items.

25. DIY Kit

For creative team members, there are an array of DIY kits available to help them try new projects.

26. Briefcase

A briefcase can help employees stay organized. They’re especially useful for those who are always on the go.

27. Globe

A globe can dress up a workspace. This one is perfect for anyone who loves vintage style or world traveling.

28. Baskets

Baskets can be used to organize things. Or you can fill them with smaller gifts.

29. Fleece Throw

Fleece throws are cozy gifts, perfect for winter. You might even add a monogram or other personalization for each team member.

30. Wall Art

If you want to help employees dress up their workspace of home, there are a ton of wall art options.

Gift Ideas for Employees Under $25

If you have a large team or limited budget, there are still plenty of options for showing employees how much you care this holiday season. Here are some ideas under $25.

31. Desk Accessories

Desk organizers like this one are useful for just about everyone. If you’re buying them for a group, you can even purchase various colors and styles.

32. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are better for the planet. And they can save your employees money. Purchase them in various colors and sizes to suit your entire team.

33. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a festive and crowd-pleasing drink. You can get pouches of cocoa powder or hot chocolate bombs that melt in hot water or milk. A variety pack of gourmet flavors is perfect for gifting.

34. Journal Notebook

A journal is an incredibly versatile yet affordable gifts for team members. They can write notes during meetings, doodle, or keep them as planners.

35. Felt Letter Boards

These small felt letter boards are perfect desk decor. Employees can display their name and title or use them to share messages with coworkers.

36. Scented Candle

Scented candles work for nearly any employee. Try different scents and sizes for each person.

37. Keychain

Keychains are useful and small enough to work for a group. You can even have them personalized with each person’s name.

38. Face Masks

Face masks are part of life for some in 2021. Help your employees stay safe with these personalized ones.

39. Bath Salts

Bath salts can help employees relax after work.

40. Password Book

Keeping track of all your passwords can be tough. This book provides a dedicated space for writing them so they’re easy to find yet kept completely offline.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Corporate gifts don’t just come from businesses. Many professionals also purchase items for coworkers and friends to spread holiday spirit around the office. While completing your holiday shopping this holiday season here are some ideas for things to buy for coworkers.

Gift Ideas for Coworkers Under $100

Professionals with higher budgets or those who just want to purchase gifts for a coworker or two may look for larger gifts. These ideas should show how much you value their contributions and friendship.

41. Golf Practice Net

For your coworker who loves to golf, this practice net can help them improve by next spring.

42. Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven or cookware set is ideal for your coworker who loves to cook.

43. Yard Games

Yard games are ideal for those who love to entertain or spend time outdoors with family.

44. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers allow your coworkers to enjoy their favorite music or podcasts at their desk or at home. This one comes in various colors and easily connects to smartphones.

45. Igloo Rowan Artisan Gourmet Cooler with Shoulder Strap

A cooler with a shoulder strap can be used as a lunchbox or for drinks and snacks on the weekend. This makes it an ideal gift for those who want something practical in a variety of situations.

Holiday Gifts for Coworkers Under $50

If you want to buy something special for all your coworkers or a few people you’re especially close to, these gifts under $50 may be perfect.

46. Home Office Decorations

Many offices are teleworking at least part of the time. Help your coworkers spruce of their home workstation with some wall art or decor for their desk.

47. Seat Cushion

You know that coworker who’s always complaining about how uncomfortable their chair is? Or perhaps your office has uncomfortable seating throughout. This product provides an ergonomic solution that fits over most office chairs.

48. Label Maker

For the coworker who’s super organized, a label maker is the perfect gift. They can use it on all their office supplies or throughout their home.

49. Candlesticks

Candlesticks are old fashioned. But there are tons of unique ones that can dress up a table or desk.

50. Spa Kit

Help team members relax and care for themselves after work with a variety of spa items.

51. Backpack

A backpack makes a practical option for any coworker who travels regularly.

52. Spice Blends

For those who like to cook or grill, consider a gift set of spices like this.

53. Custom Belt Buckle

A belt buckle can work in any season and be customized to each person on your team.

54. Flask

A flask is the perfect choice for a coworker with a sense of humor. This one is hidden in a book for some extra fun.

Gifts Under $25

Inexpensive gifts under $25 can still hold a lot of value for coworkers. This price range is ideal for those purchasing lots of gifts or those with limited budgets.

55. Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are perfect for coworkers, because there’s something for everyone. For example, if there’s a coffee lover on your list, opt for this book that’s perfect to flip through with their morning cup of coffee.

56. Desk Accessories

Desk accessories are perfect for coworkers. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So consider your coworker’s specific needs and tastes when deciding.

57. Bento Lunch Box

A bento box is a compartmentalized lunch box. This gift is perfect for your coworker who loves to bring in lots of delicious food but is sick of carting around a huge cooler.

58. Pop-Up Floral Bouquet

This bouquet is technically a card. But it folds out into a beautiful flower display that can live on your co-worker’s desk forever.

59. Touchscreen Gloves

Gloves help loved ones stay warm in winter. But these allow them to still use their phones.

60. Welcome Mat

Welcome mats are practical. But they offer tons of funny sayings and personalization.

61. Photo Frame

Photo frames can dress up workspaces or homes. You can even have them personalized with names, dates, or quotes.

62. Phone Stand

A phone stand can make watching videos or taking photos easier. This one offers a fun spin since it looks like a plunger.

63. Personalized Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoons work well for employees who like to cook. But the customizations make these special.

White Elephant Gift Ideas for Co Workers

White elephant exchanges are meant for fun gifts that can work for pretty much anyone in the office. These tend to be fairly inexpensive. But they should still provide some value for whoever ends up with each item.

64. Cocktail Book

A book is a useful gift for any coworker. Choosing cocktails as the subject matter makes it a fun gift. This one takes a scientific approach to mixology for an extra twist.

65. Novelty Socks

Socks are also that perfect mix of fun and practical. There are seemingly endless patterns and sayings that may suit different humor styles.

66. Pool Float

Pool floats may be more useful during summer. But they provide a fun talking point for holiday parties. And they come in tons of different shapes and colors.

67. Candy

Candy is a delicious gift that can suit nearly any coworker. There are gourmet options, classic candy bars, and nostalgic products. And it’s fun enough to work in a white elephant exchange.

Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Client gifts can help you recognize those who support your business throughout the year. You can even work in some marketing messages by including your company logo on each Christmas gift. However, make sure they’re still useful and appropriate for each person on your list.

Gifts Under $100

This price range is ideal for your company’s top clients. Many small businesses can afford to set aside enough for larger gifts for a few brands or consumers that support you throughout the year.

68. Weekender Bag

Weekender bags are practical and stylish — especially for clients who travel.

69. Chess Set

A chess set is traditional but still fun. Opt for one with luxurious finishes.

70. Photo Map

Another travel related gift, this frame includes spaces for trips to different states.

71. Record Player

For the music lover on your list, a record player is a statement gift.

72. Instant Camera

Instant cameras are making a comeback. They’re especially fun for content creators or clients with families.

73. Signed Sports Memorabilia

For sports lovers on your list, look for signed cards or memorabilia from their favorite teams or players.

74. Mobile Game Controller

Gamers may appreciate a controller like this that connects to their smartphone.

Gifts to Give to Clients for Under $50

This price range is quite popular for client Christmas gifts. These gifts are ideal for those who have small client lists or who want to recognize your top customers.

75. Beauty Products

Many beauty products are too personal to make corporate gifts. However, a set full of lotions and simple products they can try is perfect for a client or coworker.

76. Fireproof Box

You and your clients probably deal with some important documents. This fireproof box offers a safe place to store them, ensuring they don’t get damaged by fire or smoke.

77. Emergency Roadside Kit

An emergency roadside kit is practical and promotes safety. You can even have it personalized to each client.

78. Cutting Board

Cutting boards are also useful and customizable. Consider adding initials or a fun saying.

79. Wind Chime

Wind chimes offer fun yard decor and sounds. There are plenty of handmade versions to suit different styles.

80. Ceramic Dish

Ceramics offer the perfect mix of practicality and style. Get something handmade to make it special.

81. Passport Cover

A passport cover is perfect for those who travel. But it’s small enough to get for multiple clients if needed.

82. Docking Station

Docking stations offer the ability to upload files and connect to an array of devices.

83. Leather Notebook

Help clients track thoughts and appointments with a luxurious leather notebook.

84. Toiletry Bag

Toiletry bags can help when traveling or just to house cosmetics or office supplies around the home or office.

85. Wallet

A wallet works for basically everyone. Make sure the style fits for each client.

86. Golf Club Covers

If there’s a client you always meet on the golf course, club covers make a fun yet practical gift option.

87. Wine and Cheese Board

If you know that your client loves wine or entertaining, a wine and cheese board is perfect for the home.

88. Tea Towels

Tea towels are home goods that anyone can use. They come in pretty much all colors and patterns.

89. Paperweight

A paperweight is a practical item for workspaces and home offices. You can get them in various sizes and styles.

90. Jewelry Dish

A shallow dish like this can hold jewelry, office supplies, or any other small items.

91. Air Tag

Air tags are small items that connect to keys and other possessions so you don’t lose them.

92. Facial Steamer

A facial steamer is a spa product, perfect for that client who loves skin care or relaxing at the end of a long day.

93. Coffee Maker

For the coffee lover on your list, get them a small coffee maker for their desk or home office.

Client Gifts Under $25

If you have a lot of clients or a limited budget, even small gifts can show clients that you care. Here are some ideas that send a clear message without a big price tag.

94. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a useful and upscale gift. Opt for an artisan product from Greece or Italy, or purchase from a small shop.

95. Branded Drinkware

A travel mug or glass set can work for nearly any client. You can even have your logo or other branding elements printed on them.

96. Pencil Case

If you want a client gift that is mostly work-focused, this pencil case is perfect. They can use it for office supplies or even while traveling.

97. Personalized Ornament

Ornaments can be personalized with names, dates, or images.

98. Hat and Scarf Set

Hats and scarves are both practical and stylish.

99. Coasters

Coasters come in a wide array of colors and styles. And clients can use them at home or around the office.

100. Planner

Planners are practical for work, but still fun enough to make great gifts.

101. Garden Seed Kits

Gardening is an increasingly popular hobby. You can get starter kits to help people grow vegetables, flowers, or various other plants.

102. Desk Plant

A plant is a crowd pleasing gift. Opt for an artificial one for those without a green thumb or lots of natural office light.

103. Desk Calendar

A desk calendar is perfect for anyone who works in an office. Find one with a unique design you think your client will appreciate.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa gifts are presented to a specific coworker. So these tend to be a bit larger and more personal than other corporate gifts. However, there are still a few general themes that tend to work well no matter what person you get matched with.

104. Custom Family Portrait

Highlight your coworker’s family with a custom illustrated portrait.

105. Pet Portrait

For those with pets, have an artist draw them to display at their desk.

106. Personalized Song

For your coworker who doesn’t need any physical items, consider a song. Work with a musical freelancer to write and produce it.

107. Cake Stand

If you get matched with someone who loves to bake, consider a decorative cake stand.

108. Jersey

A jersey is ideal for the sports fan in your office.

109. Slippers

Slippers work for nearly anyone. So consider these for anyone who’s tough to buy for.

110. Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are also crowd pleasing. You can even have them personalized or get them with funny sayings or designs.

111. Meal Prep Containers

Meal prep containers are ideal for health enthusiasts or anyone who always brings a lunch to work.

Gift Basket Ideas for Employees, Coworkers, and Clients

Gift baskets make ideal corporate gifts because they fit multiple products into one package. They usually revolve around a theme or purpose. So you can personalize them for each of your employees, clients, and colleagues.

112. Coffee Basket

If there’s a coffee lover on your list, get them a basket with tons of flavors to sample.

113. Wine and Cheese Basket

For the wine lovers on your list, get a basket full of cheese and snacks. Then add a bottle of wine.

114. Grilling Basket

This grilling basket includes everything needed for a fun outdoor gathering.

115. Gourmet Meat Basket

Provide delicious savory snacks with a meat and cheese basket like this one.

116. Movie Night Basket

Get a gift for the whole family with this basket full of fun movie snacks and games.

117. Spa Basket

Promote self care with a basket full of spa and personal care products.

118. Golf Basket

This golf basket includes fun snacks and accessories perfect for spending a day on the links.

119. Chocolate Basket

Everyone loves chocolate, so this basket can work for the whole team.

Holiday Gift Cards for Employees, Coworkers, and Clients

Gift cards make perfect company presents because they’re so versatile. You can get a restaurant gift card for your top client, a store card for your assistant, and a gas card for your colleague who loves to travel. They can also use them for the exact goods they need, instead of ending up with the thing you think they need.

What are the best IT gifts of 2021?

The best tech gifts are usually new, so most people don’t already own them. They should be both functional and fun. Here are a few top options:

  • Voice-assisted smart speakers
  • Amazon Glow
  • Video doorbells
  • Apple Arcade
  • Smart plugs
  • Halo Band

What should I put in a travel gift basket?

Lots of employees, clients, and coworkers love to travel. Whether they do so for business or pleasure, this can be perfect gifting inspiration. Include these items in a gift set.

  • Backpack
  • Toiletry bag
  • Passport cover
  • Mobile charging port
  • Fanny pack
  • Travel books

Should you buy your clients Christmas gifts?

It is not a necessity to purchase holiday gifts for clients. However, it can show your appreciation for all their support, and if you do it is good to observe business gift etiquette. For those with limited budgets, a simple card and handwritten note can go a long way as well.

Are gifts to customers tax deductible?

Gifts to customers are tax deductible, but only up to $25 per person per year. So if you purchase a $50 bag for your top ten clients, you can deduct $25 for each recipient, or $250 total.

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