improving connections with customers

Information is power when running a business. Facts, statistics, and analysis of your customers and the tools you utilize may help you connect more effectively. So how do you narrow down what information is most useful? Read on for tips from members of the online small business community.

Improve Retention by Calculating Customer Health Index

The more information you have about your customers, the more effectively you can communicate with them. That improved communication can lead to increased retention. Learn how to maximize this by calculating your customer health index in this Process Street post by Jane Courtnell.

Collect More Payments On Time

Invoicing can sometimes create friction between service businesses and their clients. This is especially true when clients forget to pay on time. However, the invoicing tools you utilize may help you get paid and eliminate issues. This InvoiceBerry post by Marya Sutimi includes some strategies to try.

Improve Your Marketing with Data Blending

There are plenty of places to collect data about your marketing tactics. But looking at all those different sources may be overwhelming. In this Whatagraph post, Gintaras Baltusevicius explores how data blending from various sources can help.

Get Your Content to Go Viral by Looking at Science

There’s no surefire way to make a blog post or video go viral. But there are plenty of examples to look at. Taking a scientific approach may unlock secrets that improve your odds. Neil Patel dives into the science behind virality in this post.

Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

One of the most important pieces of information you should consider about your customers is their expectations. With this data, you can focus on meeting or even exceeding those standards with every interaction. Harry and Sally Vaishnav share tips in this SmallBizViewpoints post. And BizSugar members offered additional thoughts here.

Learn How Influencers Can Improve SEO

Influencer marketing can help businesses more effectively reach target customers. But that’s not the only benefit. With the right data and tracking information, you may even improve SEO. Learn about influencers and SEO from this Search Engine Watch post by Joe Sinkwitz.

Consider These Video Marketing Statistics

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly important strategy for online businesses. Having the right information about this tactic may help you tailor your content to what customers want. This Startup Bonsai post by Matt Moran features a collection of facts and statistics for businesses to consider.

Utilize Pinterest for Your Small Business

Pinterest can be an amazing tool, both for marketing a business and learning new methods and information about customers. Read this Webbiquity post by Lisa Sicard for thoughts on the platform. Then visit BizSugar to see what community members are saying.

Optimize Your Presence On Instagram by Learning About Search Algorithms

Most businesses want to be easily found on Instagram. But the algorithm can make that tough. Luckily, learning how things work may help you get in front of more users. Check out this Social Media Today post by Andrew Hutchinson for more on this topic.

Improve Your Digital Strategy with Competitor Keywords

Selecting the right keywords can make a huge difference in your SEO. However, some businesses struggle coming up with them. Looking at your competitors may actually help you narrow down some options to more efficiently connect with visitors. Connor Lahey elaborates in this SEMRush post.

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