The lakes of northern Germany are an idyllic setting for a watery adventure, but prove a stern test of Kevin Rushby’s boatmanship. Next destination: Bamberg
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The train south from the Baltic port of Stralsund first crosses rolling farmland, where the wheat is being harvested. In patches of grass I spot tall cranes busy hunting for frogs, fattening themselves up ready for migration. Summer is nearly over, the weather unpredictable – not perhaps the best moment to embark on a boat trip, but that is the plan. For the fourth stage of my journey around Germany, I will meet my family in Rheinsberg, 70km north of Berlin, then pick up a motorboat from nearby Wolfsbruch marina to explore the waterways of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a vast area of more than 2,000 lakes connected by canals and rivers, and surrounded by forest.

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