There’s some weirdness attached to Villages Nature, the Disney-imagineered vision of rustic life, but the waterslides are amazing and there’s lots for kids to do

‘I keep forgetting we’re in France,” says Evie, my 14-year-old, sitting outside our apartment enjoying the view. I don’t blame her: everything around us is distinctly un-Gallic. From our terrace we can see a wooden pagoda in the middle of a lake fringed with maples. There are palm trees, rockeries and exotic foliage to our left, glass lakeside apartments and rural woodland ahead of us. If we’d been kidnapped and dropped here, I’d struggle to guess between a resort in east Asia or a campus university in Surrey.

The look is down to Joe Rohde, lead designer and ‘imagineer’ behind Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida

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Source: Gaurdian

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