Creative cocktails, a kick of nostalgia, live music venues and nocturnal gambling: when the sun goes down in Hong Kong, the city comes to life

Mixologist Antonio Lai was one of the first to bring molecular mixology to Hong Kong, when he opened Quinary in 2012. And the fact that it’s still standing five years later, in a city dedicated to novelty over longevity, is a sign of just how good his bar is. It’s been ranked in the world’s 50 best bars list ever since it opened. The drinks tend towards classics with a twist. Check out the signature Earl Grey caviar martini (£13), which is topped with little Earl Grey “caviar” balls in a sea of foam. Or try the far punchier Prey (£13), a smoky rum cocktail served in a brown paper bag. If you’re on board with the gin revolution, then make sure to check out one of Lai’s other venues: Origin, which has 15 or so house-infused and distilled gins. Ask for a taste of whatever strikes your fancy but make sure you don’t miss the Japanese shiso gin.

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