The two Victorian islands offer unforgettable nature experiences, luxury accommodation and delicious food

Melbourne may seem a long way from the kind of leisurely island-hopping you’d associate with the Greek isles or Whitsundays. But here I am late on a sunny Friday afternoon, just 60km south-east of the city, catching a tiny passenger ferry to an island so remote, so off-grid, so little-known, even the world’s biggest pop star could disappear into obscurity here.

This is exactly what Kylie Minogue did in the mid-noughties when she moved to French Island in Victoria to convalesce during treatment for breast cancer. Minogue and her then beau, Olivier Martinez, took up residence in a French Provincial home set behind stone walls on one of the island’s few hills. She would occasionally venture out to buy milk at the French Island General Store – the island’s only shop. The locals who befriended her say Minogue blended in well with the eclectic mix of farmers, greenies, businesspeople and recluses.

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