On summer weekends, Ramsgate in Kent is packed with holidaymakers. But as 6am metal detectorists give way to after-school picnickers and exchange students doing the Macarena, there’s more to the seaside than buckets and spades

4.26am The light is lifting over Ramsgate harbour. On a bench opposite the Royal pub and nightclub, Katie and Alicia, both 18, are waiting for a cab home. “We come to Ramsgate because this is where the clubs are, here and Canterbury,” says Alicia. Both are still immaculately made up, despite the early hour and the large number of vodkas and coke the night held. “I fell over in the Royal five times!” says Katie; she stands up to reveal the muddy seat of her dress. Alicia looks concerned: “Is my makeup still intact?” she wonders. “I’ve been sick a thousand times …”

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Source: Gaurdian

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