YouTube is introducing a new feature to add contextual notes to videos. This experimental feature allows users to provide relevant and timely information on videos. Examples include clarifying that a song is a parody, noting a new product version in a review, or indicating that old footage is mistaken for a current event.

This feature builds on existing products like information panels and recent disclosure requirements for altered content. The pilot will initially be available on mobile devices in the U.S. and in English. During this test phase, there may be mistakes, such as mismatched notes or incorrect information, which will help refine the feature. Feedback from viewers, participants, and creators is encouraged to improve the notes’ quality and consider expanding the feature.

Initially, a select group of eligible contributors will be invited via email or Creator Studio notification to write notes. This group will help test the feature and improve the systems before a broader rollout. Eligibility requires having an active YouTube channel in good standing with the Community Guidelines.

Viewers in the U.S. will begin seeing notes on videos in the coming weeks and months. Third-party evaluators will rate the notes’ helpfulness to train the system. These evaluators also provide feedback on YouTube’s search results and recommendations. As the pilot progresses, contributors themselves will rate the notes.

Notes deemed broadly helpful will appear publicly under videos. Users will rate notes as “helpful,” “somewhat helpful,” or “unhelpful” and explain their reasoning, such as whether the note cites high-quality sources or is written clearly and neutrally. A bridging-based algorithm will use these ratings to determine which notes are published. This algorithm identifies notes helpful to a wide audience by comparing ratings from users with different perspectives. If diverse raters find a note helpful, it is more likely to be shown under a video. The system will continuously improve as more notes are written and rated.

People use YouTube to share and learn about the world. This new feature will make context more relevant, dynamic, and unique across the platform’s vast content. YouTube looks forward to feedback from viewers, contributors, and creators to support information quality on the platform.

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