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Most small businesses are struggling to increase their sales amid the coronavirus crisis. Is your business also finding it difficult to attract customers these days? If yes, then the latest offering from VizyPay can help you out.

VizyPay, a leading player in the payment processing industry, recently launched its first customer loyalty program and online ordering system. The company named it RUSH, and the solution is available immediately for businesses.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit 80% of small businesses. Most businesses have been experiencing supply chain disruption, an increase in supply cost, and lower demand for products/services now.

RUSH, the newly launched customer loyalty program from VizyPay, can help small businesses grow sales amid the Covid-19 situation.

VizyPay RUSH Loyalty Program

RUSH is available for VizyPay clients as an opt-into service for a flat monthly fee. And small businesses can easily integrate it into VizyPay’s payment processing software.

RUSH can help small businesses in the following ways:

Customer Loyalty Program

Once you’re in, customers will have an option to sign up for the loyalty program after their transactions are processed. If the customers sign on, they will start receiving incentives based on their transactions.

What’s more, small businesses can also send offer/discount notifications to their customers with the help of RUSH. So you can easily let your customers know about happy hours, instant discounts, and more to increase your sales.

Customer Acquisition

It goes without saying that positive reviews are important for small businesses.

The RUSH loyalty program also helps businesses to encourage their customers to leave reviews once they have made a purchase.

Also, small businesses can increases sales through existing customers with the program’s automated viral friend referral system.

Austin Mac Nab, CEO and co-founder of VizyPay, said in a prepared statement, “Now more than ever, we recognize that our clients need a better system to stay in touch with their customers and motivate them to shop,”

“Businesses were forced to pivot to a digital-first approach when brick and mortar locations closed during COVID-19, and RUSH helps them encourage customers to come back and shop with them,” he continued.

Online Ordering

RUSH also enables businesses to create a fully branded app, which customers can use to place orders online.

The coronavirus crisis has changed the ways businesses operate. With incoming cash decreasing, small businesses are forced to explore new methods to grow sales.

“We named this initiative RUSH as a nod to the industry term of a ‘rush’ when a business is busy,”

“With the program we’re aiming to give our clients additional ways to drive more customers to their businesses and increase their rush periods,” Mr. Austin Mac Nab went on to say.

Signing up for the RUSH loyalty program will get you access to a marketing portal. Also, you will have a customer-facing tablet, a branded mobile app, and branded key tags to go ahead with your customer loyalty program.

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