Find or Promote Your Video Production Skills on New Vimeo For Hire Marketplace

If you are looking for top-tier video professionals, Vimeo has just launched a new platform which offers a “For Hire” marketplace. With this new platform, you can source the best talent for your project to create videos, scripts, product explainers, VR video, 3D, animation and much, much more.

If on the other hand, you are the talent providing these services, Vimeo says it takes no commission or fee from the connections and projects. For freelancer and small business owners who can do with one less fee, it is definitely a plus.

For small businesses with a digital presence, video has become a valuable tool for conveying what products do for customers. Video also allows your audience to fully understand your products without having to come to your place of business. This means they can decide to make a purchase on the spot or make further inquiries.

With quality videos, you can convert your audience into potential customers. But finding the right talent is key to making it happen, which is what the CEO of Vimeo, Anjali Sud addressed in the press release.

Sud says finding the right talent is time-consuming and inefficient because people are relying on informal networks. She goes on to say, “Our new hiring tool fundamentally streamlines this process, by connecting those in need of talent with top-tier video pros from our global creative community.”

Vimeo for Hire: For Small Businesses Seeking Video Services

Whether you’re a business or an individual working on your own project, you can connect directly with top video pros. You can browse the directory and find virtually everything related to video and film production. And this is not an exaggeration.

After you find the right talent for your project, you won’t pay the high commission rates of some other sites. Many sites can charge a commission rate of up to 20%. If you are on a budget, the fee alone can discourage you from hiring someone.

Vimeo for Hire: For Video Creators

According to Vimeo, the new platform will provide a community of over 30,000 video pros. This includes award-winning Vimeo Staff Pick filmmakers, animators and artist. These professionals can search the listing for available jobs based on location, type of project and skillsets. They can then submit to jobs which match their particular set of skills and expertise.

Vimeo says this community will give the talent opportunities to get more paid gigs. And once they get a job, they can use the Vimeo all-in-one-place video workflow. Leveraging the tools from Vimeo, they can review edits, manage video libraries, and distribute the finished video online.

If you are a paid Vimeo member, you can be part of the professional marketplace by marking your account as “available for hire.”

Video in the Digital Ecosystem

When consumers are in the process of making a purchasing decision about a product or service, they watch a video about it. The quality of the video will go a long way in persuading them to make this decision.

Paying for professionals may not be possible for small business owners, but in most cases, it is a one-time investment. If you have the same product, that one video can be part of your eCommerce site, social media, and even TV marketing.

The new Vimeo hiring tool is available in seven languages around the world. You can search for a video professional here.

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