How is all-time NFL great quarterback Tom Brady using NFTs to better engage with his fans? Through the company he co-founded, Autograph, they have created Signature Experiences. This is an NFT-powered experience called The Huddle that gives fans unique access to Brady.


Tom Brady and NFTs With the Huddle

The Huddle is an interactive portal that will allow fans to participate in exclusive collaboration with Brady, attend invite-only IRL events, and receive custom goods. This includes digital and physical items that have been created specifically for this community.

Membership to the Huddle is made possible by owning a Season Ticket NFT. This will let ticket holders ride along as Tom Brady’s 2022-23 season progresses. After each NFL game, the NFT will be updated or evolve to show the stats Brady is producing using visual progression.

Being part of the community allow list is going to give members one-of-a-kind access and experiences. By engaging and rewarding fans through the NFT technology ensures they will have unique items that have great value in the sports memorabilia market.

You can buy the Season Ticket NFT directly through Autograph on the website. And you can follow the roadmap for The Huddle to keep track of dates for special merchandise, in-person events, virtual experiences, and more.

Tom Brady

NFTs are Not Just Images of Apes

You hear NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens and you probably think of a picture of an ape costing millions of dollars. However, the technology has some real-world applications businesses and people are using to engage with their customers and audience.

Beyond creators, NFTs can be applied by businesses to engage with customers. And these engagements are more than the passive involvement of social media where users are just clicking on links. There is a great opportunity for early adopters to get their audience involved.

Why You Should Use NFTs as a Small Business

The good news is you don’t have to be Tom Brady to fully access the capabilities of NFTs to promote and grow your small business. The technology is readily available to anyone.

No matter what industry you are in, you can use NFTs to sell a product, even real estate, give certificates and diplomas, assign digital tokens to unique items, drive brand loyalty, and much more.

This is an emerging technology and as an early adopter, you can use it to optimize your small business operation or provide services using the technology if you have the know-how.


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