TikTok is taking the spotlight at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, championing “Creative Bravery” and showcasing how brands can boost their marketing efforts through innovative and daring creative strategies. This new approach highlights the importance of creative freedom and experimentation in modern marketing.

In the past year, the entertainment landscape has transformed, giving consumers more choices than ever. On TikTok, users continually discover new and engaging content. The platform’s diverse and creative environment encourages communities to explore new ideas, leading to real-world changes and opportunities.

The TikTok community has grown stronger, setting new global standards for unity, cultural moments, and tangible impact. Marketers are beginning to recognize the value of engaging with this community through bold and innovative approaches, thus defining a new era of marketing best practices. This transformative mindset, known as “Creative Bravery,” is driven by curiosity, imagination, vulnerability, and courage.

Blake Chandlee, President of Global Business Solutions at TikTok, emphasizes that brands must integrate Creative Bravery into their daily strategies to succeed. At Cannes Lions, TikTok is urging marketers to embrace this mindset, explore new creative tools, and push the boundaries of creativity to drive business impact.

Creative Bravery starts with culture. The way consumers interact with content is evolving, and media fragmentation creates an attention challenge. TikTok, at the intersection of culture and creativity, embodies this mindset. From cultural moments like the Met Gala to viral product trends, TikTok influences daily conversations and new trends.

Brands that embrace Creative Bravery on TikTok will forge deeper connections with their communities. Successful brands will pique global curiosity, flip traditional story arcs, and build trust with their audiences. On TikTok, stories can stand alone, but part of the appeal is threading unexpected narratives together in surprising ways.

Audiences today seek engagement beyond mere transactions. They want brands to lead positive societal change and establish trust and clear values. TikTok’s creator community is central to building these authentic connections. From #BookTok to #FashionTok, TikTok hosts broad and welcoming communities where shared interests and differences lead to strong bonds.

Creators and communities expect brands to participate authentically. Authenticity drives content on TikTok, and brands must shatter conventional advertising norms to connect genuinely with their audiences. TikTok democratizes discovery, allowing diverse creators to shine and find success. Brands can collaborate with these creators to build authentic connections and drive real-world business outcomes.

Marketers recognize that creators drive significant business results, with 58% of TikTok users more likely to trust brands recommended by creators. TikTok offers various solutions to help creators monetize content and brands to leverage their influence.

To thrive in this new ecosystem, brands must embrace creative freedom and experiment at the speed of culture. TikTok supports this era of Creative Bravery with a suite of tools to help brands create at scale, build meaningful connections, and achieve the best results. These tools include TikTok One, a comprehensive creative platform, and Symphony, a suite of ad solutions powered by generative AI.

TikTok One offers brands access to nearly 2 million creators, top agency partners, and creative tools, all within a single platform. Symphony includes features like Symphony Creative Studio, which uses AI to generate TikTok videos, and Symphony Assistant, which provides creative knowledge for campaign implementation.

Symphony Digital Avatars, created using authorized footage and AI technology, add life to content with realistic movements and expressions. Symphony AI Dubbing helps creators and brands connect with global audiences through translation, making messages more inclusive.

TikTok’s partnership with Adobe has expanded, integrating the TikTok Commercial Music Library into Adobe Express. This integration provides brands access to a vast library of trending songs, enabling them to create impactful TikTok content quickly.

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