tiktok opens application for black businesses accelerator program

TikTok has announced that they are now accepting applications for the third round of their Support Black Businesses accelerator program.

TikTok Support Black Businesses Accelerator Program

The program is designed to elevate the voices of Black-owned businesses on TikTok’s increasingly popular platform through exclusive access to resources, benefits and networking opportunities. The program was originally launched in 2020 to provide tools and resources to Black business owners to help them achieve success, along with creators and other entrepreneurs.

Celebrating Black Business Month

The announcement comes as we Americans celebrate Black Business Month during August, where homage is paid to the important contribution of Black business owners and entrepreneurs to the nation’s economy.

TikTok’s Support Black Businesses accelerator program intends to help shine a light on the creativity, innovation and the big impact that Black-owned businesses have had on the TikTok community, as well as their local communities.

Valuing a Diverse Community

TikTok released a statement heralding their Black Businesses accelerator program: “On TikTok, small businesses share their stories from their workshop, kitchen, and store-front because it offers a place where they can creatively connect with their communities and build new opportunities for their businesses.

“We value our diverse community and this is especially true for the Black-owned businesses who are working every day to realize their dreams and grow their business on our platform. In a world with so many headwinds and challenges, we are committed to elevating Black-owned businesses by providing a level playing field to scale and succeed on our platform.”

They also explained how the program works, saying: “The third round of Support Black Businesses builds on the program we launched in 2020 to provide the tools and resources to help Black businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs achieve success. During the four-week virtual training, selected participants will receive exclusive access to business resources and benefits and join a community of like-minded founders and owners to connect, support, learn, and uplift one another.”

The CEO of the gourmet cookie company Love You Cookie, Sahr Brima, was a participant of the 2021 cohort of Support Black Businesses and added: “The TikTok Support Black Businesses Program has had a significant impact on our business. Not only did the program give us national exposure, it also gave us the tools and the resources to succeed on TikTok.”

How to Apply for the Support Black Businesses Accelerator Program

Since August 8, Black-owned businesses that meet the eligibility criteria have been invited to apply for the next cohort, with finalists to be notified of their acceptance around early September. The new program will begin on September 12.

To apply to be part of this upcoming Support Black Businesses accelerator program, your business must identify as a Black-owned business and be based in the United States. It must also offer a product or service online, as well as have a social media presence, although a TikTok account is not required as they understand that they understand that the short-form video-sharing platform doesn’t suit every company’s marketing strategy. The last requirement is a commitment to attend every weekly webinar during the program.

Those not eligible or simply wanting to lend their support can use the #BlackOwnedBusiness hashtag on TikTok and other social media platforms.

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