There are so many challenges within the startup realm. But many of those challenges can be made easier with the right connections.

DealFlowNow aims to help startups, investors, and professional service providers make those valuable connections. And the team of experienced women entrepreneurs has a unique voice to lend to the industry. Learn more about their operations in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Matches entrepreneurs with helpful resources.

Director of Operations Victoria Dominguez-Edington told Small Business Trends, “DealFlowNow is a strategic platform for the startup industry. The industry itself is vast and ever-changing, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to find the right resources when needed to grow their businesses. To disrupt this challenging dynamic, we built a platform to create instant connections between Startups, Investors, and Professional Service Providers.”

Business Niche

Creates a process that works for entrepreneurs.

Dominguez-Edington says, “Traditional avenues for startups to secure funds are all centered around processes and timelines that are typically defined by Investors. Our platform creates visibility for startups so that they are raising on their own timeline, which is different from what you typically see in the industry.”

Business Origin

Noticing common startup problems.

Dominguez-Edington explains, “I have been investing talent and money in startups for three decades. I have complained often that there is no source to find exactly what I am looking for quickly or easily. So, as a serial entrepreneur, I decided to create a platform that could aid in matchmaking solutions.”

Business Advice

Embrace risks.

Dominguez-Edington adds, “Being comfortable with taking risks is vital when growing a business. Our team views taking chances as an exciting aspect of building new ventures, so we take them. We embrace the rollercoaster ride that is startup life. Everyday is a new day with unknown challenges that lie ahead, and we look forward to taking on those challenges.”

Lesson Learned

Embrace expertise from others.

Dominguez-Edington says, “Looking back, I wish I had Advisors sooner. The first couple of years as an entrepreneur, I learned the hard way from my mistakes. The next couple of years, I learned from others’ mistakes.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Test marketing.

Dominguez-Edington adds, “All facets must be sample tested. It always surprises me which synergies make up the winning combination.”

Team Makeup

Women startup founders.

Dominguez-Edington explains, “Our team is made of women who are experienced leaders in the startup industry, which is unique given that the startup space isn’t easy for women to break into. A well-known stat about venture capital funding is that in 2021, companies founded solely by women garnered only 2.3% of the total capital invested in venture-backed startups in the United States.

“Because we recognize the importance of representation in the startup industry, our platform has a space for entrepreneurs to note important “Founder Details,” such as whether they identify as a Veteran, Woman, Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+, etc. Our inclusive platform brings people together so that they can grow new business ventures, and we are excited that our leadership team is representative of communities we would like to empower to thrive.”

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Image: DealFlowNow, CEO Kelsey August

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