Video content performs extremely well on social media. But with that increased performance comes added competition. So creators need specialized tools to make content stand out.

Enter Tasty Edits. The video editing service offers powerful options, including an all-encompassing video creation platform. Learn more in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers video editing solutions.

PR Coordinator Christina Orieschnig told Small Business Trends, “We provide specialized video editing services for social media influencers, especially YouTubers.”

Business Niche

Offering a video order management app (VOMA) to centralize workflows.

Orieschnig says, “When you hire a video editor as an influencer, a lot of complex workflows are involved. You’ve got to specify all the details of your order – from the effects you want and the channel assets that need to be integrated to the overall tone you want your video to have. Then, you need to transfer your files – often several dozen GBs. Finally, you need to review the draft edit and give feedback to your editor. With most video editing companies, these workflows are fragmented between platforms – email, messaging, file sharing, invoicing, etc. VOMA offers creators a single portal through which to handle all of this. It saves them massive amounts of time when it comes to managing video orders and makes it easier to communicate with their editors.”

How the Business Got Started

To pursue a longtime passion.

Orieschnig says, “Our founder, Alex Lefkowitz, used to work as a sales rep in pharma. But his passion has always been video editing. In late 2020, he decided to take a leap and offer editing services online. It soon became apparent that there was huge demand among the growing number of video creators on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, especially in the burgeoning creator economy. Soon, he expanded his team to several international editors and began to build up Tasty Edits as a video editing company.”

Biggest Win

Launching VOMA.

Orieschnig explains, “The original inspiration to create this platform came to Alex after another long night of administrative headaches. At the time, he was coordinating clients, orders, and editor deadlines, in a single spreadsheet. It simply became unsustainable and Tasty Edits hit a growth ceiling. Consequently, Alex started looking for alternative solutions – he vetted dozens of existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, but none of them were adapted for the workflows involved in handling hundreds of video editing orders. That’s why he ultimately decided to build a custom-tailored solution from scratch using no-code platforms.”

Biggest Risk

Investing resources into building VOMA.

Orieschnig adds, “At first, Alex thought about doing the work himself using no-coding platforms. After researching the skills needed, though, he quickly realized that he’d have to get expert help on board if he wanted VOMA to be up and running before the administrative processes based on spreadsheets broke down. That meant assigning a considerable budget – which ended up being exceeded – on the assumption that demand would continue to grow and the Tasty Edits team would be further expanded. In the worst-case scenario, this investment could have been hugely disadvantageous, if the programmers hadn’t managed to get the platform up and running, or if the final product had not worked as well. However, VOMA has turned out to be an invaluable asset.”

Lesson Learned

Learn about the tech behind your industry.

Orieschnig says, “Looking back, Alex says he’d spent more time immersing himself in the world of no-code platforms and app development. He did spend about a week researching all relevant topics before hiring a programming team to build VOMA. But in retrospect, he says having additional knowledge in these areas would have made it possible for him to better vet the people he hired and communicate more effectively with them, setting the right expectations and avoiding conflicts.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Expanding the range of services.

Orieschnig adds, “Currently, we handle video editing at all levels of complexity, and we also provide thumbnail design services. However, the needs of many YouTubers and influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram are much more complex than that. Eventually, we want to offer services like channel management, subtitle generation, and even brand deal negotiation.”

Fun Fact

They’re a digital-first team.

Orieschnig explains, “Based in Utah, we have people from over 10 countries on our team. We manage communications via a Discord server where we have weekly team meetings to share updates and experiences, and socialize. We also always review particularly awesome edits, with each editor taking a turn to present the clips they’re most proud of.”

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