Small Business Trends proudly announces we’ve won the Small Business Standard of Excellence Award in the 2019 WebAwards.

The Web Marketing Association, established in 1997, hosts the awards annually. The WebAward Competition is now in its 17th year. It has become the standard of excellence for website development and advertising agencies, recognizing the best websites in 96 industries worldwide.

A panel of three or more judges evaluates each site for design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting and ease of use. The judges then score each site between 0 and 70 based on its mission statement and prospective audience. With a focus on which site most lives up to its goal, a winner is then announced for each industry.

A Little Bit About Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends, founded in 2003 by Anita Campbell, was originally created as a way to publish newsletter articles online. Fast forward sixteen years to 2019 where it has since grown into a a hyper-engaged community of small business owners with 2+ million monthly visitors.

Having more than 20,000 pages of content, Small Business Trends has covered every imaginable small business topic, interviewed industry movers and shakers, spotlighted other small businesses and startups, reviewed tech products and much more.

As a fully independent and privately-owned company, Small Business Trends looks forward to continuing to serve small businesses well into the future.

The team that makes everything possible is as follows:

  • CEO and Publisher: Anita Campbell
  • Chief Operations Officer: Staci Wood
  • Chief Technology Officer: Leland McFarland
  • Executive Editor: Shawn Hessinger
  • Assistant Editor: Joshua Sophy
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Tamar Weinberg
  • Marketing Manager: Amanda Stillwagon
  • Tech Editor and SEO Specialist: Matt Mansfield

How Awards Can Benefit Your Business

Being recognized for a  job well done by your peers and industry leaders has many benefits.

Winning an award provides recognition and lends to your business’s credibility. If you’re a new business, winning an award can put you on the map so-to-speak. If you’re a seasoned enterprise, winning an award shows your company remains a relevant, innovating leader in its industry.

Winning an award also has some real-world tangible benefits. According to research by Kevin B. Hendricks and Vinod R. Singhal, businesses that win awards and recognitions can expect to receive a sales boost of up to 37%. If they are a public company, the stock price can see a jump as high as 46%.

Winning an award can also elevate the status of your company by attracting new people, clients and customers. And when it comes to your customers, their loyalty to your business can be strengthened because of the recognition your product or service has received. Not to mention, winning an award or special recognition can also increase morale within the company itself.

The key is to find awards that are relevant in your industry. Because winning awards that are not relevant to your industry can, in the end, potentially damage your reputation.

Before entering your business for award consideration, make sure the awards are hosted by a reputable organization.

Lastly, a big shout out to all of the 2019 WebAward winners in their various different categories!

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