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The way businesses operate continues to change.

Face-to-face business is slowly returning to normal. But collaborating remotely remains.

However, some business operations are difficult to perform remotely, especially if your company needs new employees. You need people to start quickly but they’ve got to mitigate the onboarding process that includes signing a raft of forms.

SignEasy Addresses Remote Work Onboarding

Enter SignEasy, a mobile-first eSignature brand that helps teams manage work remotely. SignEasy is designed to overcome such challenges, creating a faster and more efficient way to sign, send and manage documents.

HR teams are having to adapt to the new ways of working, which presents fresh challenges. One such challenge is acquiring the signatures required for new recruits. Significant amounts of time can be lost waiting for the chain involved in taking on new staff to get round to signing documents.

Electronic Signature Tools

SignEasy aims to overcome the potentially productivity-draining process of waiting for the relevant signatures to take on new remote staff. With SignEasy’s online contract signing tools, precious time and energy can be saved. SignEasy’s electronic signature tool enables contracts to be signed with single or multiple parties. Reminders can be automatically sent to approve the document and share the document status.

From offer letters to NDAs, employment contracts to policy documents, there is a myriad of forms that require signing by relevant parties when taking on new staff. Waiting for printed copies of these documents can be painfully slow and inefficient.

HR Practices Rapidly Evolving

With more and more teams working remotely, HR processes are rapidly evolving. The need for electronic signatures has never been so prevalent.

Research shows that the global e-signature market is expected to generate revenue worth $9.1 million by 2023.

Businesses being forced to wait to take on remote employees due to a delay in paperwork can cost them dearly in lost productivity and revenue.

As Monica Perez, Customer Success at SignEasy notes in a blog about online contract signing:

“Physically delivering (and following up on) the printed copies of these contracts to new joinees or freelancers isn’t going to be possible in the near future, owing to the current ‘remote-work experiment’ that we are all participants in. And even if you were to email the contracts, it will still need to be printed, signed, scanned, and then emailed back to you. Not only would this archaic way of document processing cause a drop in productivity, but the delay will also end-up creating a poor impression about your company on new hires.”

Mobile-Friendly Electronic Signature App

With SignEasy’s mobile-friendly electronic signature app, both new recruits and the businesses doing the hiring can benefit from a more streamlined process. Businesses can wave goodbye to having to print physical copies of contracts, resumes and compliance documents. They will no longer have to mail such documents to employees to sign. The scanning of signed copies of the contracts will no longer be required. The days of having to store tonnes of employee files will also be eradicated.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on small businesses of almost all industries. With remote working being pushed the core of modern working practices, anything that provides more seamless and efficient homeworking procedures is likely to be lapped up by businesses trying to navigate unchartered waters.


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