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SAP announced several improvements to its Business Technology Platform at its recent SAP Sapphire Now Reimagined virtual conference.

The improvements include enhanced workflow management capabilities within the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite, simplified pricing for the Cloud Platform Integration Suite, and enhanced product integrations. All of this is part of SAP’s current initiative aimed at helping build “intelligent enterprises,” which was the theme of this year’s event.

SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite

The SAP Business Technology Platform includes several SAP products that are already popular with businesses of various sizes across industries. Some of these include the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA database, and SAP Intelligent Robotic Automation. Basically, these solutions provide businesses with APIs they can use to integrate and extend applications and manage and analyze data across various SAP applications.

This latest round of enhancements is designed to upgrade and simplify the experience even more for businesses that use SAP’s Business Technology Platform. Current customers can enjoy a simplified pricing model and streamlined experience, especially if they use multiple SAP applications for their operations. And those who have yet to sign up may be swayed by the ability to get up and running quickly and enjoy a variety of tools and integrations all under one license.

SAP CTO and Executive Board member Juergen Mueller said in a statement, “We’ve added significant enhancements to every major component of our Business Technology Platform to help customers across all industries overcome obstacles stemming from ubiquity of data, complexity of IT and business volatility.”

New Enhancements to SAP’s Business Technology Platform

One of the major improvements the company is implementing is a new version of HANA, its relational database management system. SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05, is scheduled to launch by the end of June. New capabilities include support for hybrid scenarios and enhanced SAP HANA native storage extension, which can help users lower IT costs and simplify data management.

Another area where the company announced improvements is the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite. This includes workflow enhancements and new live process content packages. With these updates, businesses can manage workflows using live running processes. They can also use application extensions and dedicated tooling to access real-time data and increase efficiency. This feature may be especially useful for things like expenditure approvals that require access to the most updated information at all times.

The company also announced a simplified pricing model for its SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. Customers that use multiple services will be able to sign up once to use all of those capabilities rather than having to sign up for multiple licenses.

About SAP Sapphire Now

These announcements all took place during the SAP Sapphire Now Reimagined 2020. The annual event usually takes place in May. But this year, the company postponed it due to COVID-19 and instead implemented a virtual format. The event featured a variety of product announcements, keynotes, and sessions with business experts. The pandemic also helped to shape some of the ideas SAP shared throughout its presentations, including the importance of its new product enhancements.

Mueller says, “Many customers I have spoken with have expressed the need for agility and quick time to value, made even more urgent by the COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve both, technology becomes even more important, and SAP can help meet those challenges.”


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