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Every day every one negotiates knowingly or unknowingly. In politics, negotiation is the instrument that settles terms of agreements and disputes between parties. In everyday life, it can facilitate arguments within the household and among the neighbors. And in businesses, it is one of the most important skills as it will shape the outcome of your meetings and deals. Online negotiation courses will provide you with those skills.

Why do you need Negotiation Courses?

  • Personal development
  • Business communication
  • Persuasion
  • Planning & Strategy

Personal Development: Even if you are not part of a business or you are a freelancer, negotiation courses will help you boost your self-esteem. Every negation including a job interview will require you to give your terms and negotiate what you are offered. With negotiation courses, you will be able to express yourself the right way and to the best of your interest.

Business Communication: Linking business to client, owner to employees, or business to business needs clean and swift communication. Taking negotiation training will guide you to carry yourself in a professional and timely manner while communicating.

Persuasion: in sales, the power to convince is the biggest quality one should possess. Convincing someone to buy your product or sell you a product takes more than a good handshake and a smile. Online negotiation courses can enhance your sales skills to bear the best result using necessary persuasive techniques.

Planning and Strategy: In their operations, businesses and projects develop plans and design strategies to execute those plans and achieve goals. In this process, where everything is likely to go through some sort of change, negotiation skills help tackle and manage these changes that come along, since every change will be addressed to an individual.

Negotiation Courses for Beginners

Online Negotiation courses are designed to facilitate the professional’s or entrant’s level of learning. The courses are offered for all levels of entry, here are the best negotiation courses for beginners.

Negotiation Fundamentals: How To Negotiate Effectively

Negotiation Fundamentals will teach you the core principles and different techniques of negotiations. The course will explore the cognitive process and help you understand decision-making. It will also show you how to use that to hold higher grounds in the negotiation. Moreover, you will learn how to maneuver every point of the negotiations from beginning to end.

The Negotiation Mastery Blueprint For Freelancers (2022)

Specifically designed for freelancers, the negotiation blueprint will take you behind the structure of price negotiations and how to win them. It shows you how to select the clients that will earn you the best fees. You will learn how to communicate in a direct, confident, and presentable way to leverage the best jobs.

Negotiation Skills: Become A Master Of Negotiation

The negotiation skills lessons elaborate on the basics of negotiations and present the idea of ethical negotiation by showing you how to design a win-win agreement. The lessons include the 7 steps for successful negotiation, managing emotional responses while negotiating, protecting yourself from negotiation tactics used against you, and more.

Intermediate level Negotiation Courses

For those who are familiar with the concept of negotiations, the intermediate-level courses will train you with a specific type of negotiations applicable for a specific type of business sector or individual within. Here are the best intermediate-level negotiation courses.

Negotiations: Manipulative Tactics for Procurement

Manipulative Tactics for Procurement reveals 21 real-life manipulation examples from several business situations. All the negotiation tricks that can be used against you and how to manage them are discussed in brief. You will learn manipulation techniques and principles including the dirty negotiation tricks. Although it is useful for everyone it’s tailored for procurement and purchasing professionals.

The Painless Negotiation

The Painless Negotiation facilitates business-to-business (B2B) deals for optimum results. Avoiding the four common pitfalls in negotiations, designing the best target for the deal, and identifying who needs the deal more are among the topics of the course. In addition to that, it shows you the objection you should expect and how to leverage it.

Negotiate Successfully in China

This course, Negotiate Successfully in China provides insights on how to communicate with business partners and potential partners in China. It shows how to protect your technology and intellectual property. In the same manner, you will learn what the Chinese negotiators want and how to structure deals to negotiate well.

Advanced negotiation courses

Advanced courses are suggested to professionals with negotiation skills looking to improve. These are the courses that turn the professional into a master. The following are the top three expert-level online negotiation courses

How to Negotiate Like A Professional

In How to Negotiate Like A Professional, you will be taught the four negotiation strategies including specific lines to use in your negotiations. This 30-minute course highlights the best negotiation tactics and tips. Furthermore, it tells you which strategy to use at the beginning, during, and when closing the negotiations.

Negotiations for Sales: Negotiate like a Pro!

In 2.5 hours, Negotiations for Sales: Negotiate like a Pro! takes you from preparation to running negotiations step by step. The course involves practical real-life examples of negotiations. The modules also include emotional control, collaborative negotiations, facing rejections and overcoming them.

The Art of Negotiation – Become a Master Negotiator

The Art of Negotiation Become a Master Negotiator will teach you how to apply advanced negotiation tactics. You will be able to communicate clearly, control verbal and body language, and be decisive in your negotiation. The lessons also include good impressions, salary negotiations, negotiation tips, and dirty tricks.

What is the best negotiation course?

Successful Negotiations Training Course: prepared by a seasoned expert this negotiation course covers all the negotiation tactics you will need. It will help you develop assertive behavior and emotional intelligence. It further goes into increasing your bargaining power, negotiation tactics and phrases, tradeables, and identifying techniques that will be used against you and how to handle them are all included in the course.

Are there any certifications for online negotiation courses?

  • All the courses listed above award you with a certificate of completion.

How much do negotiation courses online cost?

  • Negotiation courses online for Beginners cost an average of $35, the intermediate courses on average are $50, and the Advanced courses cost an average of $75.

What assurances are there?

  • For every course offered by Udemy, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee

Do the big companies use these courses?

  • Big companies such as Adidas, HSBC, Barclays, Lyft, Volkswagen, Bloomingdales, Pinterest, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Nasdaq, box, NetApp, and many others have offered and continue to offer these courses to their employees.

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