Adobe recently announced some new innovations for Photoshop that should make it smarter and more collaborative, as well as easier to use across the web and other surfaces.

Photoshop Has New Collaboration and AI Features

The announcement was made at Adobe MAX, the world’s largest creativity conference, where Adobe revealed several new features to make editing images in a browser much more powerful. The world’s most advanced image editing application will also allow users to conveniently collaborate on projects without leaving Photoshop, via the Share for Review feature which is currently in beta.

Business Benefits of New Photoshop Features

The new collaboration feature obviously stands out as hugely beneficial to businesses who use Photoshop for designs, content and marketing. Such seamless collaboration within the Photoshop app will improve communication on a project between collaborators, as well as hasten any stakeholder approval processes required before finalising a creation.

The Share for Review feature enables creators to quickly share a preferred version of their work in the form of a web link. Stakeholders or collaborators can then leave comments in the browser without needing a Creative Cloud subscription.

photoshop new ai features

Exciting New Features to ‘Serve All Creators’

Via the Adobe News website, the chief product officer and executive vice president at Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Scott Belsky, said: “In a world where everyone can be a creator, Adobe is ensuring that Photoshop evolves to serve all creators across platforms and devices. This year, we’ve made Photoshop smarter and more collaborative so you can easily get feedback and create spectacular images even faster.”

Adobe also explained some of the new additions in more detail, saying: “Selection improvements that enable users to hover over, detect and make detailed selections of complex objects with a single click, creating higher quality and more accurate selections of elements such as skies, foregrounds, subjects and hair, while preserving detailed edges.”

They also described the new ‘Improved Multi-Surface Experiences’, saying: “Photoshop delivers an approachable and intuitive experience across desktops, iPads and browsers, enabling creators to work wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Photoshop on the iPad continues evolving to ease creation on tablets. iPad users gain access to Photoshop’s powerful one-tap Content-Aware Fill and Remove Background features, using AI to accurately replace unwanted elements in photos so creators and editors can work faster.”

Other New Photoshop Additions

One of the new features includes a ‘One-Click Delete and Fill’ function, which will select and remove objects from images. It then fills the removed area using content-aware fill, in a single action in Photoshop on the web. There is also a new ‘Photo Restoration Neural Filter’ currently in beta that will help Photoshop web users restore old or damaged photos using machine learning to intelligently eliminate scratches and other minor imperfections.

There is a one-click background removal feature also in beta, which will speed-up certain tasks that do not require too much precision. There are also beta versions of masking and brushing which are now available in Photoshop on the web. They allow users to make precise adjustments quickly and easily from a web browser.

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