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Looking for a better way to track and manage contact info and communicate across departments? Nimble’s new Workflows ditches spreadsheets for ready to use templates to increase efficiency and save time.

The new product takes advantage of graphical boards and list views. It’s a step up from what’s available from Microsoft and Google. And an improvement over CRMs built specifically for sales teams.

Jon Ferrara, Nimble CEO, explains what’s behind this innovation. “Team members across all departments follow and manage their interactions and relationships with the community around their business,” he says. “They have repeatable processes related to people and companies that they need to manage.”

He goes on to say managing these needs with spreadsheets and other tools doesn’t connect all the people and companies.

Nimble Launches Workflows for Small Business

“Most small businesses use inefficient spreadsheets to manage people and company-related processes,” he says. “Or project management tools that don’t link to contact records and don’t deliver a complete view.

Missing can be info on who the person is and what their company is about.  When the last time anybody on the team interacted with them and what the next steps are can also be lost.

That’s where Workflows come in. It casts a wide net.

Wide Net

It features a Kanban board for process tracking with efficient team relationship management templates.  The result is a  360-degree view of your team’s relationships. There are prebuilt templates or you can build one of your own.

The tools save your business cash several ways.

“SMBs will save money on research and data entry,”   Ferrara says.  “ Workflows prevents things from falling through the cracks.  And you save money on other applications that are traditionally used for project management.”

Small Business Growth

Here’s a few ways that Workflows can help your small business grow.

  • Streamline your process by adding contacts from websites, social media, web forms and even your email inbox.
  • The spreadsheet/board views provides lists and in-line editing capabilities so you can make changes on the fly.
  • Increase your efficiency by using ready to use templates with predefined fields and stages. These can easily be modified or even create new ones.
  • Workflows can be managed across all departments. It’s an efficient way to track repeatable business processes like fundraising, hiring, network building and others.
  • The prebuilt or original workflows you create can be related to contact records. This makes your processes even more streamlined.

Workflows also syncs up with some of the other places ecommerce and multichannel stores use.

Ferrara explains.

“Contacts can be added to Workflows wherever team members engage. That includes inside their email inbox, inside the cloud business apps they use like QuickBooks, Mailchimp, etc. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook can be included. Even get info from any website like a company web page or business sites like Forbes.”

Looking for more information?

Nimble Business costs $25 per user per month or $19 per month per user when paid annually. A 14-day trial today at

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