Digital insurance leader, NEXT Insurance, has announced the launch of its commercial umbrella/excess liability coverage in 41 states and the expansion of liquor liability coverage in seven additional states. This new move ensures small businesses get comprehensive protection from potentially significant losses resulting from lawsuits.

The umbrella/excess liability coverage will augment customers’ general liability policies, offering higher limits for the policy’s coverage. Small business owners can easily add this optional coverage to their general liability policy post-purchase to meet their evolving business insurance needs. This coverage expansion will be available both directly and through agents, echoing NEXT’s commitment to offering superior experiences for agents and customers alike.

Often, businesses need to fulfill contractual obligations like taking on new construction projects or shifting operations to new premises, which require higher limits on general liability. In such scenarios, an umbrella/excess liability policy becomes essential. With NEXT’s expansion, customers can now conveniently add this coverage to their policy through the Customer Portal, which equips them to promptly address new insurance requirements.

In addition to the commercial umbrella/excess liability coverage, NEXT is also expanding its liquor liability coverage to Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, Utah, and Iowa. Liquor liability coverage is critical for businesses that manufacture, sell, or serve alcoholic beverages. As part of NEXT’s general liability coverage, liquor liability covers losses resulting from customers’ intoxication and is suitable for small businesses such as cafés, pop-up restaurants, and fine dining establishments.

Commenting on the new launch, Jack Ramsey, NEXT Insurance Vice President of Agent Business, said, “We’re launching umbrella/excess liability coverage to help entrepreneurs thrive. As businesses grow, their liability insurance needs change, and as a carrier, we want to make sure we’re able to continue to support our customers’ growth. We’re confident that this highly-requested umbrella/excess liability offering will address the demand we’ve seen from both customers and agents who require this coverage for contractual obligations, and we are excited to be able to offer this expansion ourselves with the aim of being a one-stop-shop for our small business customers.”

The latest expansion aligns with NEXT’s recent strategic hiring and integration with Ivans Download™ for General Liability and Workers’ Compensation policies. By quickly iterating and responding to feedback, NEXT reaffirms its commitment to the needs of agents and customers, providing an unmatched digital experience to support their business growth and success.

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