New TripIt Documents

Business trips can be stressful enough, without having to remember where you’ve put all those pesky documents you need to travel. Travel app providers TripIt has launched a new feature that stores necessary paperwork in one convenient location.

TripIt Documents

The ‘Documents’ feature is designed for small business travelers. It enables users to upload travel documents to the app for quick reference during a trip.

Such documents may include company travel policies, travel itineraries, receipts, and other business-related paperwork. Boarding passes, passport QR code screenshots, rail tickets, PDFs, and travel insurance documents can also be uploaded.

With all documents in the same, easy-to-access place, small businesses travelers can enjoy a more seamless and less stressful travel experience. As TripIt states in a blog about the new feature:

“Gone are the days of toggling back and forth between your digital boarding pass and TripIt app as you multitask your way through the airport. Those unfiled business trip receipts in an oft-forgotten tab? Bye.”

Neighborhood Safety Scores Feature

TripIt users can also take advantage of a Neighborhood Safety Scores feature. Neighborhood Safety Scores informs small business travelers about the safety of the district they are traveling to. The feature also factors in data related to Covid-19, thereby giving small business travelers greater peace of mind about the safety of their destination.

The new Documents feature is available to all TripIt users, who can upload three documents per trip. However, TripIt Pro members can upload 25 documents per trip to the Documents feature.

TripIt Pro

TripIt Pro is designed to cater for the needs of business travelers. TripIt Pro users can take advantage of more comprehensive tools to make their business trips more efficient and stress-free. These tools include Airport Security Wait Time, Interactive Airport Maps, and Alternate Flights features, as well as Frequent Flyer programs.

TripIt Pro members also benefit from notifications and alerts. Such information may be related to changes to fair prices, updates on preferred seat availability, and when to leave for the airport.

TripIt basic service is free to download. Its premium TripIt Pro costs $49 per year.


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