Need a Snazzier Presentation? Consider Using the Slidetown Presentation Design Service

Small business owners give presentations regularly to meet different goals. For example, presentations can be used to inform, educate, motivate or persuade. As a result, you need to give a great presentation to leave a lasting impression.

However, not all small business owners have the same success in their presentations.

If you are trying to secure new investment in your business, a bad presentation can ruin your chances. As a result, poor presentations can cost your business money, time, and opportunities.

Slidetown can help small business owners, like you, give snazzier presentations. It turns complex presentations into simplified, stunning presentations. As a result, businesses can easily persuade their audiences through their presentations.

Presentation Challenges Small Business Owners Face

Your audience can spot flaws in your presentation. So, it is never easy to give a powerful, persuasive presentation.

People will lose their interest the moment you start to become indecipherable, too long, and too boring.

Here are the top three critical presentation challenges you must overcome to win your audience:

1. Audience Engagement

To keep your audience engaged during a presentation is a big challenge.

You can lose your audience’s attention if you state only facts and figures. Therefore, you need to speak to people’s hearts and minds both if you want to keep them hooked.

Starting your presentation with a story that your audience can connect is an effective way to engage your audience emotionally. You can include data and figures along the way of your story.

2. Visual

They say – “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Visuals play an important role in a presentation. A good visual will not only grab your audience’s attention but also help you say more in fewer words.

However, you should understand that nothing hurt eyes more than tired visuals during a presentation.

So, you should brainstorm to find the right, fresh visuals for your presentations to maximize success.

3. Presentation Language

There is no point in sounding super smart in the meeting room if nobody understands what you’re saying.

Presentation language matters a lot. But still, many business owners often overlook it.

You must use words, phrases that your audience can follow and relate to. And Avoid highly technical and industry-specific language to make your presentation more effective.

How Slidetown Can Help

Sildetown platform is a service you can take to deliver complex messages in a simplified manner. Doing so allows your audience to understand your complex messages easily.

Slidetown makes your presentations engaging by adding fresh visuals. Most importantly, it follows your branding standards.

Do you want to know how Slidetown can make your presentation more powerful?

Here are two samples:

Sample of Slidetown
Source: Sildetown
sample of slidetown2
Source: Sildetown

Slidetown employs experts in storytelling, content development, and presentation design. So, businesses can harness the power of storytelling in presentations.

Danielle Daly Sabaris, the cofounder of Slidetown, said, “Storytelling is the new marketing. We’re working hard to fight the war between great presentations and those that put people to sleep,”

“Our mission is to bring together experts in storytelling, content development, and presentation design to disrupt the way business people communicate and persuade,” She added.

It goes without saying that one needs to have all the elements of storytelling in presentations to boost success.

Therefore, you need to have a plot connecting the messages, the protagonist, conflict, resolution in your presentations. Sildetown does this for you successfully.

Joni Galvao, the storytelling expert at Sildetown, said, “Presentations are one of the most prevalent media for selling ideas and engaging people in the corporate world. It’s often a one-shot, defining moment,”

“A successful presentation must have a single main idea, a plot connecting the messages, a strong protagonist, a structure that presents the world of the main character, resolution of the main conflict, and saving the best for last,” He concluded.

Slidetown Presentation Design Service

Slidetown follows simple steps. Once you are done with uploading your presentations, the Sildetown team will start working in line with your branding standard. They will also revise the presentations according to your cues.

What’s more, you can track the progress of your project on the Sildetown portal.

Slidetown transforms presentations largely based on the inputs from its own creative team. So, you should clearly communicate what you have in the mind. This will ensure that you and Sildetown’s creative team are on the same page.

Image: SlideTown

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