Holidays and celebrations can be perfect opportunities for businesses to offer promotions or highlight their offerings. Even if you want to celebrate every day, there are enough national days to accomplish that goal. The following national day calendar can help you plan your marketing materials and bring some fun to your business throughout all of 2023.

What National Day is it Today?

National days provide a great way to promote your business throughout the entire year. There are national days and celebrations on nearly every date on the calendar. Look at our national day calendar below to find the specific holidays that are most relevant today.

Use Our National Days Calendar to Promote Your Business in 2023

There are numerous ways to use national days to promote a business. You may build a wholesale or promotion around a holiday or just create a simple social media post or marketing email. For example, a Mexican restaurant may offer half-off drinks on National Tequila day. And a local convenience store may post on social media to remind customers of their extensive inventory.

In order to make the most of these holidays, you need to plan ahead. Use the national day calendar below to find the holidays that are most relevant to your business. There may be just one or two throughout the year, or you may find several to post about each month. Then create your own business advertising guide or marketing plan that integrates these dates into your other promotions and campaigns.

national day calendar

National Day Calendar 2023

This national day calendar includes a full list of dates, months, and weeks throughout the year that may be relevant to small businesses. Read on for a complete list of occasions that your company and customers may want to celebrate throughout the year.

Monthly Holidays in January

National Hobby Month
National Mentoring Month
National Soup Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Hot Tea Month
National CBD Month
National Bath Safety Month

National Weeks in January

Date Holiday
January 1 – 7 New Year’s Resolutions Week
January 8 – 14 National Home Office Safety and Security Week
January 8-14 National Pizza Week
January 29 – February 4 Meat Week

National Days in January

Date Holiday
1/1/2022 New Year’s Day
1/1/2022 National Hangover Day
1/1/2022 National Bloody Mary Day
1/2/2022 World Introvert Day
1/2/2022 Personal Trainer Awareness Day
1/2/2022 Buffet Day
1/2/2022 National Science Fiction Day
1/3/2022 National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
1/4/2022 National Trivia Day
1/4/2022 National Spaghetti Day
1/5/2022 National Bird Day
1/5/2022 National Whipped Cream Day
1/5/2022 National Keto Day
1/6/2022 Three Kings Day
1/6/2022 National Technology Day
1/7/2022 National Play Outside Day
1/8/2022 National Bubble Bath Day
1/8/2022 National Winter Skin Relief Day
1/8/2022 National Career Coach Day
1/9/2022 National Clean Off Your Desk Day
1/9/2022 National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
1/10/2022 National Shop for Travel Day
1/10/2022 National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
1/11/2022 National Milk Day
1/12/2022 National Pharmacist Day
1/13/2022 National Sticker Day
1/14/2022 National Dress Up Your Pet Day
1/15/2022 National Bagel Day
1/15/2022 National Hat Day
1/16/2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (observed)
1/16/2022 International Hot and Spicy Food Day
1/17/2022 International Mentoring Day
1/18/2022 National Thesaurus Day
1/19/2022 Get to Know Your Customers Day
1/19/2022 National Popcorn Day
1/20/2022 National Cheese Lovers Day
1/20/2022 National Disc Jockey Day
1/21/2022 National Use Your Gift Card Day
1/22/2022 National Polka Dot Day
1/23/2022 National Pie Day
1/23/2022 National Handwriting Day
1/24/2022 National Peanut Butter Day
1/24/2022 International Day of Education
1/25/2022 Library Shelfie Day
1/25/2022 National Irish Coffee Day
1/25/2022 National Opposite Day
1/26/2022 National Spouses Day
1/26/2022 National Green Juice Day
1/27/2022 Holocaust Remembrance Day
1/27/2022 National Chocolate Cake Day
1/28/2022 Global Community Engagement Day
1/28/2022 Data Privacy Day
1/28/2022 National Fun at Work Day
1/29/2022 National Puzzle Day
1/30/2022 National Bubble Wrap Day
1/30/2022 National Croissant Day
1/31/2022 National Plan for Vacation Day
1/31/2022 National Hot Chocolate Day
1/31/2022 Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Monthly Holidays in February

Black History Month
American Heart Month
National Cancer Prevention Month
Children’s Dental Health Month
Responsible Pet Owner Month
National Hot Breakfast Month
National Snack Food Month
Free and Open Source Software Month

National Weeks in February

Date Holiday
February 1 – 7 National Patient Recognition Week
February 6 – 10 National Pride in Foodservice Week
February 6 – 12 National Freelance Writer Appreciation Week
February 6 – 12 International Networking Week
February 12 – 18 National Secondhand Wardrobe Week
February 14 – 21 Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Education Week

National Days in February

Date Holiday
2/1/2022 National Dark Chocolate Day
2/2/2022 Groundhog Day
2/2/2022 National Girls and Women in Sports Day
2/2/2022 Optimist Day
2/2/2022 National Tater Tot Day
2/3/2022 Bubble Gum Day
2/3/2022 National Wear Red Day
2/4/2022 Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
2/4/2022 National Hemp Day
2/5/2022 World Nutella Day
2/6/2022 National Frozen Yogurt Day
2/7/2022 National Fettuccini Alfredo Day
2/7/2022 National Send a Card to a Friend Day
2/8/2022 Safer Internet Day
2/9/2022 National Pizza Day
2/9/2022 National Toothache Day
2/10/2022 National Home Warranty Day
2/11/2022 Global Movie Day
2/11/2022 National Inventor’s Day
2/12/2022 National Pork Rind Day
2/12/2022 Super Bowl Sunday
2/13/2022 Galentine’s Day
2/13/2022 National Football Hangover Day
2/13/2022 National Clean Out Your Computer Day
2/14/2022 Valentine’s Day
2/15/2022 Single’s Awareness Day
2/15/2022 National Gumdrop Day
2/16/2022 National Almond Day
2/17/2022 National Caregivers Day
2/17/2022 National Random Acts of Kindness Day
2/18/2022 National Drink Wine Day
2/18/2022 National Battery Day
2/19/2022 National Lash Day
2/20/2022 National Leadership Day
2/20/2022 National Comfy Day
2/20/2022 National Muffin Day
2/20/2022 National Love Your Pet Day
2/20/2022 President’s Day
2/21/2022 Paczki Day
2/21/2022 Fat Tuesday
2/21/2022 National Pancake Day
2/21/2022 National Grain Free Day
2/22/2022 National Supermarket Employee Day
2/22/2022 National Margarita Day
2/22/2022 Ash Wednesday
2/23/2022 National Dog Biscuit Day
2/23/2022 National Toast Day
2/23/2022 National Chili Day
2/23/2022 National Tile Day
2/24/2022 National Tortilla Chip Day
2/24/2022 National Skip the Straw Day
2/25/2022 National Clam Chowder Day
2/26/2022 National Pistachio Day
2/27/2022 National Strawberry Day
2/27/2022 National Retro Day
2/28/2022 National Tooth Fairy Day
2/28/2022 World Spay Day
2/28/2022 National Floral Design Day

Monthly Holidays in March

Women’s History Month
National Athletic Training Month
Irish American Heritage Month
National Craft Month
National Nutrition Month
National Credit Education Month
Asset Management Awareness Month
National Brain Injury Awareness Month
Endometriosis Awareness Month
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
National Sauce Month

National Weeks in March

Date Holiday
February 27 – March 5 Telecommuter Appreciation Week
March 1 – 7 National Invest in Veterans Week
March 4 – 7 International Women’s Week
March 5 – 11 Read an eBook Week
March 5 – 11 Dental Assistant Recognition Week
March 12 – 18 National Glaucoma Week
March 13 – 19 Fix a Leak Week
March 21 – 27 National Agriculture Week
March 25 – 31 National Physicians Week
March 26 – April 1 National Cleaning Week

National Days in March

Date Holiday
3/1/2022 World Music Therapy Day
3/1/2022 National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
3/2/2022 Read Across America Day
3/3/2022 National Employee Benefits Day
3/3/2022 National Employee Appreciation Day
3/3/2022 National Day of Unplugging
3/3/2022 National Mulled Wine Day
3/4/2022 National Sons Day
3/4/2022 National Play Outside Day
3/5/2022 National Absinthe Day
3/6/2022 National Frozen Food Day
3/6/2022 National Dress Day
3/6/2022 National Dentist’s Day
3/7/2022 National Cereal Day
3/7/2022 National Flapjack Day
3/8/2022 International Women’s Day
3/8/2022 National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day
3/8/2022 National Proofreading Day
3/9/2022 National Meatball Day
3/9/2022 National Barbie Day
3/10/2022 National Pack Your Lunch Day
3/11/2022 World Plumbing Day
3/12/2022 National Working Moms Day
3/12/2022 Daylight Savings Time
3/12/2022 Plant a Flower Day
3/13/2022 National Jewel Day
3/14/2022 Pi Day
3/14/2022 National Children’s Craft Day
3/14/2022 National Potato Chip Day
3/14/2022 Internation Day of Mathematics
3/15/2022 National Equal Pay Day
3/16/2022 National Curl Crush Day
3/16/2022 Absolutely Incredible Kids Day
3/17/2022 St. Patrick’s Day
3/17/2022 National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day
3/18/2022 Global Recycling Day
3/18/2022 National Quilting Day
3/18/2022 National Corn Dog Day
3/18/2022 National Biodiesel Day
3/18/2022 National Sloppy Joe Day
3/19/2022 International Clients Day
3/19/2022 National Backyard Day
3/19/2022 National Certified Nurses Day
3/19/2022 National Poultry Day
3/19/2022 International Read to Me Day
3/20/2022 First Day of Spring
3/20/2022 World Oral Health Day
3/20/2022 National Ravioli Day
3/20/2022 World Storytelling Day
3/21/2022 National Single Parent Day
3/21/2022 National Fragrance Day
3/21/2022 World Poetry Day
3/21/2022 International Colour Day
3/22/2022 National Goof Off Day
3/23/2022 National Puppy Day
3/23/2022 National Chip and Dip Day
3/23/2022 National Tamale Day
3/24/2022 National Cocktail Day
3/24/2022 National Cheesesteak Day
3/25/2022 Tolkien Reading Day
3/26/2022 National Spinach Day
3/26/2022 Epilepsy Awareness Day
3/27/2022 International Whisk(e)y Day
3/28/2022 World Piano Day
3/29/2022 National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
3/30/2022 National Doctors Day
3/30/2022 National Virtual Vacation Day
3/31/2022 International Transgender Day of Visibility
3/31/2022 World Backup Day
3/31/2022 National Tater Day

Monthly Holidays in April


National Brunch Month
National Financial Literacy Month
National Inventor’s Month
National Garden Month
National Decorating Month
Stress Awareness Month
National Landscape Architecture Month
National Poetry Month
National Soft Pretzel Month
National Internship Awareness Month
International Guitar Month
National Autism Awareness Month

National Weeks in April

Date Holiday
April 1 – 7 International Pooper Scooper Week
April 16 – 22 National Coin Week
April 17 – 21 National Work Zone Awareness Week
April 23 – 29 National Administrative Professionals Week
April 23 – 29 Every Kid Healthy Week

National Days in April

Date Holiday
4/1/2022 April Fools Day
4/1/2022 National Handmade Day
4/1/2022 National Play Outside Day
4/2/2022 World Autism Awareness Day
4/2/2022 National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
4/3/2022 World Party Day
4/3/2022 National Tweed Day
4/4/2022 National Vitamin C Day
4/5/2022 National Deep Dish Pizza Day
4/5/2022 National Walking Day
4/6/2022 National Burrito Day
4/6/2022 National Caramel Popcorn Day
4/7/2022 Good Friday
4/7/2022 National Beer Day
4/8/2022 National Empanada Day
4/8/2022 National Zoo Day
4/9/2022 Easter
4/9/2022 National Cherish an Antique Day
4/10/2022 National Siblings Day
4/10/2022 National Encourage a Young Writers Day
4/11/2022 National Pet Day
4/12/2022 National Only Child Day
4/12/2022 National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
4/13/2022 National Make Lunch Count Day
4/13/2022 National Scrabble Day
4/14/2022 National Gardening Day
4/15/2022 Tax Day
4/15/2022 National Record Store Day
4/15/2022 National Laundry Day
4/16/2022 National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
4/16/2022 National Eggs Benedict Day
4/17/2022 National Haiku Poetry Day
4/17/2022 National Crawfish Day
4/18/2022 National Linemen Appreciation Day
4/18/2022 National Animal Crackers Day
4/19/2022 National Garlic Day
4/19/2022 National Banana Day
4/20/2022 Get to Know Your Customers Day
4/20/2022 Volunteer Appreciation Day
4/21/2022 National Kindergarted Day
4/22/2022 Earth Day
4/22/2022 Celebrate Trails Day
4/23/2022 National Picnic Day
4/24/2022 National Pigs in a Blanket Day
4/25/2022 National Hug a Plumber Day
4/26/2022 Denim Day
4/26/2022 Stop Food Waste Day
4/26/2022 National Kids and Pets Day
4/26/2022 National Pretzel Day
4/26/2022 National Administrative Professionals Day
4/27/2022 National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
4/28/2022 Arbor Day
4/28/2022 National Superhero Day
4/29/2022 Independent Bookstore Day
4/29/2022 National Pool Opening Day
4/29/2022 World Veterinary Day
4/30/2022 National Bubble Tea Day
4/30/2022 National Pet Parents Day
4/30/2022 National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Monthly Holidays in May


Global Employee Health and Fitness Month
Skin Cancer Awareness Month
National Dental Care Month
National Foster Care Month
Celiac Disease Awareness Month
National Moving Month
National Military Appreciation Month
National Mental Health Awareness Month
National Hamburger Month
National Egg Month
National Photography Month
National Barbecue Month
Older Americans Month
Date Your Mate Month
National Water Safety Month
National Strawberry Month
National Salsa Month
Jewish American Heritage Month

National Weeks in May

Date Holiday
May 1 – 5 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6 – 12 Nurse’s Week
May 7 – 13 National Pet Week
May 7 – 13 National Small Business Week
May 14 – 20 National Police Week
May 15 – 21 National Bike to Work Week
May 15 – 21 American Craft Beer Week

National Days in May

Date Holiday
5/1/2022 May Day
5/1/2022 International Workers Day
5/1/2022 Law Day
5/2/2022 National Teacher Appreciation Day
5/2/2022 National Life Insurance Day
5/3/2022 National Skilled Trades Day
5/3/2022 National Textiles Day
5/4/2022 National Self-Employed Day
5/4/2022 World Password Day
5/4/2022 Star Wars Day
5/4/2022 National Orange Juice Day
5/4/2022 National Bird Day
5/5/2022 Cinco de Mayo
5/6/2022 National Play Outside Day
5/6/2022 National Fitness Day
5/6/2022 Kentucky Derby Day
5/6/2022 Free Comic Book Day
5/6/2022 National Beverage Day
5/6/2022 National Nurses Day
5/6/2022 National Scrapbooking Day
5/6/2022 International No Diet Day
5/7/2022 National Lemonade Day
5/7/2022 International Infertility Survival Day
5/7/2022 National Packaging Design Day
5/8/2022 National Have a Coke Day
5/8/2022 National Women’s Checkup Day
5/9/2022 National Moscato Day
5/10/2022 National Receptionist Day
5/10/2022 National Clean Up Your Room Day
5/11/2022 National Eat What You Want Day
5/12/2022 International Nurses Day
5/12/2022 National Limerick Day
5/13/2022 National Dog Mom’s Day
5/13/2022 National Babysitter’s Day
5/13/2022 National Miniature Golf Day
5/13/2022 National Train Day
5/13/2022 National Apple Pie Day
5/14/2022 Mother’s Day
5/15/2022 International Day of Families
5/16/2022 National Mimosa Day
5/16/2022 National Barbecue Day
5/16/2022 National Piercing Day
5/16/2022 National Check Your Wipers Day
5/17/2022 National Pack Rat Day
5/18/2022 International Museum Day
5/19/2022 National Bike to Work Day
5/19/2022 National Pizza Party Day
5/20/2022 National Rescue Dog Day
5/20/2022 National Streaming Day
5/20/2022 National Be a Millionaire Day
5/21/2022 National Waitstaff Day
5/21/2022 National Memo Day
5/22/2022 National Craft Distillery Day
5/22/2022 World Paloma Day
5/22/2022 National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
5/23/2022 National Taffy Day
5/24/2022 Brother’s Day
5/24/2022 National Scavenger Hunt Day
5/25/2022 Geek Pride Day
5/25/2022 International Plastic Free Day
5/25/2022 National Wine Day
5/26/2022 National Road Trip Day
5/26/2022 National Cooler Day
5/26/2022 National Don’t Fry Day
5/27/2022 National Grape Popsicle Day
5/28/2022 National Hamburger Day
5/28/2022 National Brisket Day
5/29/2022 Memorial Day
5/29/2022 National 529 Day
5/30/2022 National Creativity Day
5/31/2022 National Smile Day
5/31/2022 National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Monthly Holidays in June


Pride Month
National Homeownership Month
National Dairy Month
National Candy Month
National Camping Month
National Safety Month
National DJ Month
National Soul Food Month
National Great Outdoors Month
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

National Weeks in June

Date Holiday
June 3 – 11 National Fishing and Boating Week
June 4 – 10 National Garden Week
June 4 – 10 National Bed Bugs Awareness Week
June 12 – 18 Men’s Health Week
June 14 – 20 National Nursing Assistant’s Week
June 17 – 23 National Waste and Recycling Workers Week

National Days in June

Date Holiday
6/1/2022 Global Parents Day
6/1/2022 World Milk Day
6/2/2022 National Leave the Office Early Day
6/2/2022 National Donut Day
6/2/2022 National Rotisserie Chicken Day
6/3/2022 National Play Outside Day
6/3/2022 World Bicycle Day
6/3/2022 National Egg Day
6/3/2022 National Trails Day
6/4/2022 National Cheese Day
6/4/2022 National Clean Beauty Day
6/5/2022 World Environment Day
6/6/2022 D-Day
6/6/2022 National Drive-In Movie Day
6/7/2022 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
6/7/2022 National Running Day
6/7/2022 World Food Safety Day
6/8/2022 National Best Friends Day
6/8/2022 World Oceans Day
6/9/2022 National Movie Night
6/10/2022 National Rosé Day
6/10/2022 National Iced Tea Day
6/11/2022 Children’s Day
6/11/2022 National Corn on the Cob Day
6/11/2022 National Outlet Shopping Day
6/12/2022 National Loving Day
6/12/2022 National Red Rose Day
6/13/2022 International Axe Throwing Day
6/13/2022 National Call Your Doctor Day
6/13/2022 National Sewing Machine Day
6/14/2022 National Bourbon Day
6/14/2022 National Blood Donor Day
6/14/2022 Flag Day
6/15/2022 Nature Photography Day
6/15/2022 National Smile Power Day
6/16/2022 National Flip Flop Day
6/16/2022 National Fudge Day
6/17/2022 National Eat Your Vegetables Day
6/17/2022 Global Garbage Man Day
6/18/2022 International Sushi Day
6/18/2022 World Wanna Get Away Day
6/18/2022 National Splurge Day
6/18/2022 National Go Fishing Day
6/18/2022 Father’s Day
6/19/2022 Juneteenth
6/19/2022 National Watch Day
6/19/2022 World Martini Day
6/20/2022 World Productivity Day
6/20/2022 National Vanilla Milkshake Day
6/20/2022 National Ice Cream Soda Day
6/21/2022 National Smoothie Day
6/21/2022 International Yoga Day
6/21/2022 National Selfie Day
6/21/2022 First Day of Summer
6/22/2022 National HVAC Tech Day
6/23/2022 National Take Your Dog to Work Day
6/23/2022 National Hydration Day
6/24/2022 Take Back the Lunchbreak Day
6/25/2022 National Strawberry Parfait Day
6/26/2022 National Beautician’s Day
6/27/2022 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Day
6/28/2022 National Logistics Day
6/28/2022 National Insurance Awareness Day
6/29/2022 National Handshake Day
6/29/2022 National Camera Day
6/30/2022 Social Media Day
6/30/2022 National OOTD Day

Monthly Holidays in July


National Independent Retailer Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Grilling Month
World Watercolor Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
National Culinary Arts Month
National Hemp Month

National Weeks in July

Date Holiday
July 16 – 22 Everybody Deserves a Massage Week

National Days in July

Date Holiday
7/1/2022 National Play Outside Day
7/1/2022 National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
7/1/2022 National Postal Worker Day
7/2/2022 National Anisette Day
7/3/2022 National Eat Your Beans Day
7/4/2022 Independence Day
7/4/2022 National Caesar Salad Day
7/5/2022 National Workaholics Day
7/5/2022 National Bikini Day
7/6/2022 National Fried Chicken Day
7/7/2022 National Dive Bar Day
7/7/2022 National Macaroni Day
7/8/2022 National Freezer Pop Day
7/9/2022 National Sugar Cookie Day
7/10/2022 National Kitten Day
7/10/2022 National Pina Colada Day
7/11/2022 All American Pet Photo Day
7/11/2022 National Mojito Day
7/12/2022 National Simplicity Day
7/13/2022 National Beans ‘n’ Franks Day
7/14/2022 Collector Car Appreciation Day
7/14/2022 National French Fry Day
7/14/2022 National Mac and Cheese Day
7/15/2022 National I Love Horses Day
7/16/2022 National Ice Cream Day
7/16/2022 National Personal Chef Day
7/17/2022 National Tattoo Day
7/17/2022 National Lottery Day
7/18/2022 National Caviar Day
7/19/2022 National Hot Dog Day
7/19/2022 National Daquiri Day
7/20/2022 Get to Know Your Customers Day
7/20/2022 National Fortune Cookie Day
7/21/2022 National Junk Food Day
7/22/2022 National Hammock Day
7/23/2022 National Parents’ Day
7/23/2022 National Gorgeous Grandma Day
7/23/2022 National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
7/24/2022 National Drive-Thru Day
7/24/2022 International Self Care Day
7/24/2022 National Tequila Day
7/24/2022 National Cousins’ Day
7/25/2022 National Wine and Cheese Day
7/25/2022 National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
7/26/2022 National Aunt and Uncle’s Day
7/27/2022 National Scotch Day
7/27/2022 National Chili Dog Day
7/27/2022 National Intern Day
7/28/2022 National Talk in an Elevator Day
7/28/2022 National Milk Chocolate Day
7/28/2022 National Waterpark Day
7/29/2022 National Chicken Wing Day
7/29/2022 National Lasagna Day
7/29/2022 National Lipstick Day
7/30/2022 National Father-in-Law Day
7/30/2022 National Cheesecake Day
7/31/2022 National Mutt Day
7/31/2022 National Avocado Day

Monthly Holidays in August


National Dog Month
National Wellness Month
Black Business Month
National Back to School Month
National Sandwich Month
National Golf Month
Family Fun Month
National Eye Exam Month

National Weeks in August

Date Holiday
August 1 – 7 World Breastfeeding Week
August 6 – 12 National Farmers Market Week
August 7 – 13 Simplify Your Life Week
August 14 – 20 National Bargain Hunting Week
August 20 – 26 National Management Training Week

National Days in August

Date Holiday
8/1/2022 National Girlfriends Day
8/2/2022 National Coloring Book Day
8/2/2022 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
8/3/2022 National Watermelon Day
8/3/2022 National IPA Day
8/4/2022 International Beer Day
8/4/2022 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
8/5/2022 National Play Outside Day
8/5/2022 National Disc Golf Day
8/5/2022 National Work Like a Dog Day
8/5/2022 National Mustard Day
8/5/2022 National Underwear Day
8/6/2022 National Sisters Day
8/6/2022 National Friendship Day
8/6/2022 American Family Day
8/6/2022 National Fresh Breath Day
8/7/2022 National Lighthouse Day
8/8/2022 International Cat Day
8/8/2022 National CBD Day
8/8/2022 National Frozen Custard Day
8/9/2022 International Coworking Day
8/9/2022 National Book Lovers Day
8/10/2022 National Lazy Day
8/10/2022 National S’mores Day
8/10/2022 National Shapewear Day
8/11/2022 National Sons and Daughters Day
8/12/2022 International Youth Day
8/12/2022 National Bowling Day
8/12/2022 National Vinyl Record Day
8/13/2022 National Left Handers Day
8/13/2022 National Prosecco Day
8/13/2022 National Filet Mignon Day
8/14/2022 National V-J Day
8/14/2022 National Creamsicle Day
8/15/2022 National Relaxation Day
8/15/2022 National Leathercraft Day
8/16/2022 National Rum Day
8/16/2022 National Roller Coaster Day
8/17/2022 Black Cat Appreciation Day
8/17/2022 National Nonprofit Day
8/17/2022 National Thrift Store Day
8/18/2022 National Fajita Day
8/18/2022 National Pinot Noir Day
8/18/2022 National Mail Order Catalog Day
8/19/2022 World Photography Day
8/19/2022 National Potato Day
8/20/2022 International Day of Medical Transporters
8/21/2022 National Senior Citizens Day
8/21/2022 Brazilian Blowout Day
8/22/2022 National Tooth Fairy Day
8/22/2022 World Plant Milk Day
8/23/2022 National Cuban Sandwich Day
8/24/2022 National Waffle Day
8/25/2022 National Secondhand Wardrobe Day
8/25/2022 National Whiskey Sour Day
8/26/2022 National Dog Day
8/26/2022 National Women’s Equality Day
8/27/2022 National Just Because Day
8/28/2022 National Red Wine Day
8/28/2022 International Read Comics in Public Day
8/29/2022 National Chop Suey Day
8/30/2022 National Beach Day
8/30/2022 National Grief Awareness Day
8/31/2022 National Eat Outside Day
8/31/2022 National Matchmaker Day

Monthly Holidays in September


National Suicide Prevention Month
Self Care Awareness Month
National Sewing Month
National Mortgage Professional Month
National Piano Month
Baby Safety Month
Self Improvement Month
National Potato Month
National Chicken Month
National Rice Month
National Preparedness Month
Sourdough September

National Weeks in September

Date Holiday
September 3 – 9 National Waffle Week
September 5 – 10 National Payroll Week
September 10 – 16 National Suicide Prevention Week
September 10 – 16 National Assisted Living Week
September 10 – 16 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
September 10 – 16 National Compassionate Leadership Week
September 10 – 16 National Beauty and Barber Week
September 17 – 23 National Singles Week
September 18 – 24 National Indoor Plant Week
September 18 – 24 National Surgical Technologists Week
September 18 – 24 National Keep Kids Creative Week

National Days in September

Date Holiday
9/1/2022 National Hotel Employee Day
9/1/2022 National Food Bank Day
9/2/2022 National Play Outside Day
9/2/2022 National Tailgating Day
9/2/2022 World Coconut Day
9/3/2022 National Cinema Day
9/3/2022 U.S. Bowling League Day
9/4/2022 National Wildlife Day
9/5/2022 Labor Day
9/5/2022 National Cheese Pizza Day
9/6/2022 National Read a Book Day
9/7/2022 National Beer Lovers Day
9/8/2022 Star Trek Day
9/9/2022 National Teddy Bear Day
9/10/2022 National Grandparents Day
9/10/2022 National Swap Ideas Day
9/11/2022 Patriot Day
9/11/2022 National Make Your Bed Day
9/11/2022 National Boss/Employee Exchange Day
9/12/2022 National Video Games Day
9/12/2022 National Chocolate Milkshake Day
9/13/2022 Day of the Programmer
9/13/2022 National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
9/13/2022 National Celiac Disease Awareness Day
9/14/2022 National Live Creative Day
9/14/2022 National Parents Day Off
9/15/2022 National Online Learning Day
9/15/2022 National Double Cheeseburger Day
9/15/2022 National Neonatal Nurse Day
9/16/2022 National Working Parents Day
9/16/2022 National Stepfamily Day
9/16/2022 National Tradesmen Day
9/16/2022 National Guacamole Day
9/17/2022 National Cleanup Day
9/17/2022 National Dance Day
9/18/2022 Wife Appreciation Day
9/18/2022 National Cheeseburger Day
9/19/2022 Talk Like a Pirate Day
9/20/2022 National Care for Kids Day
9/20/2022 National IT Professionals Day
9/20/2022 Pepperoni Pizza Day
9/21/2022 National Chia Day
9/22/2022 American Business Women’s Day
9/22/2022 National Girls’ Night
9/22/2022 National Online Recovery Day
9/23/2022 First Day of Fall
9/24/2022 National Singles Day
9/24/2022 National Hunting and Fishing Day
9/24/2022 National Family Health and Fitness Day
9/25/2022 National Daughter’s Day
9/25/2022 National Comic Book Day
9/25/2022 National Lobster Day
9/26/2022 National Family Day
9/26/2022 National Pancake Day
9/27/2022 National Scarf Day
9/28/2022 National Drink Beer Day
9/28/2022 National Good Neighbor Day
9/28/2022 National Women’s Health and Fitness Day
9/29/2022 National Coffee Day
9/30/2022 National Chewing Gum Day

Monthly Holidays in October


National Women’s Small Business Month
National Work and Family Month
National Disability Employment Awareness Month
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
National Dental Hygiene Month
National Book Month
Financial Planning Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
LGBT History Month
National Cryptocurrency Month
National Vegetarian Month
National Pizza Month
National Pasta Month
National Dessert Month
National Cookie Month
National Cookbook Month
National Physical Therapy Month
National Kitchen and Bath Month
National Field Trip Month
National Fair Trade Month
Photographer Appreciation Month
Self Promotion Month
National Sausage Month
National Seafood Month
National Stamp Collecting Month
National Reading Group Month
National Pretzel Month
National Fire Prevention Month

National Weeks in October

Date Holiday
October 1 – 7 National Active Aging Week
October 1 – 7 National Spinning and Weaving Week
October 2 – 6 National Customer Service Week
October 6 – 12 National Physician Assistants Week
October 8 – 14 Healthcare Security and Safety Week
October 15 – 21 National Healthcare Quality Week
October 15 – 21 National Retirement Security Week
October 15 – 21 National Business Women’s Week
October 16 – 22 National Pharmacy Week
October 22 – 28 National Massage Therapy Week

National Days in October

Date Holiday
10/1/2022 National Pumpkin Spice Day
10/1/2022 National Homemade Cookie Day
10/2/2022 National Consignment Day
10/2/2022 National Child Health Day
10/2/2022 National Custodial Workers Recognition Day
10/3/2022 National Boyfriend Day
10/3/2022 National Techies Day
10/3/2022 National Fruit at Work Day
10/3/2022 Mean Girls Day
10/4/2022 National Vodka Day
10/4/2022 National Golf Lover’s Day
10/5/2022 National Do Something Nice Day
10/6/2022 National Coaches Day
10/6/2022 National Noodle Day
10/6/2022 World Smile Day
10/7/2022 National Play Outside Day
10/8/2022 National Offroad Day
10/8/2022 National Pierogi Day
10/9/2022 Columbus Day
10/9/2022 Indigenous People’s Day
10/9/2022 National Online Bank Day
10/10/2022 World Mental Health Day
10/10/2022 National Cake Decorating Day
10/11/2022 National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day
10/11/2022 National Coming Out Day
10/12/2022 National Savings Day
10/12/2022 National Farmer Day
10/13/2022 National Train Your Brain Day
10/14/2022 I Love Yarn Day
10/14/2022 National Motorcycle Ride Day
10/14/2022 National Dessert Day
10/15/2022 National Aesthetician Day
10/16/2022 World Food Day
10/16/2022 National Liqueur Day
10/16/2022 National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
10/16/2022 Global Cat Day
10/16/2022 National Boss’s Day
10/16/2022 Department Store Day
10/16/2022 National Sports Day
10/17/2022 National Pasta Day
10/17/2022 National Pharmacy Technician Day
10/18/2022 Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day
10/18/2022 National Legging Day
10/19/2022 Get to Know Your Customers Day
10/19/2022 National LGBT Center Awareness Day
10/20/2022 International Chefs Day
10/20/2022 National Get Smart About Credit Day
10/20/2022 National Chicken and Waffles Day
10/21/2022 Sweetest Day
10/22/2022 National Mother-in-Law Day
10/22/2022 National Make a Dog’s Day
10/22/2022 National Nut Day
10/22/2022 National Color Day
10/23/2022 National Croc Day
10/24/2022 National Food Day
10/25/2022 International Artist’s Day
10/25/2022 National Greasy Foods Day
10/26/2022 National Pumpkin Day
10/27/2022 National Black Cat Day
10/27/2022 Frankenstein Friday
10/27/2022 National Breadstick Day
10/27/2022 National American Beer Day
10/28/2022 National Trick or Treat Day
10/28/2022 National First Responders Day
10/28/2022 National Chocolate Day
10/29/2022 National Cat Day
10/29/2022 National Oatmeal Day
10/30/2022 National Publicist Day
10/30/2022 National Candy Corn Day
10/31/2022 Halloween
10/31/2022 National Caramel Apple Day
10/31/2022 Knock Knock Joke Day
10/31/2022 National Magic Day

Monthly Holidays in November


National Career Development Month
National Novel Writing Month
National Family Literacy Month
World Vegan Month
Gluten Free Diet Awareness Month
National Gratitude Month
National Adopt a Senior Pet Month
National Long-Term Care Awareness Month
National Diabetes Month
National Alzheimer’s Month
National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

National Weeks in November

Date Holiday
November 12 – 18 National Fraud Awareness Week
November 13 – 17 National Young Readers Week
November 13 – 19 Global Entrepreneurship Week
November 13 – 19 World Kindness Week
November 22 – 29 National Farm City Week

National Days in November

Date Holiday
11/1/2022 Day of the Dead
11/1/2022 All Saints Day
11/1/2022 World Vegan Day
11/1/2022 National Brush Day
11/1/2022 National Author’s Day
11/1/2022 National Family Literacy Day
11/2/2022 All Souls Day
11/2/2022 National Stress Awareness Day
11/3/2022 One Health Day
11/3/2022 National Housewife’s Day
11/3/2022 National Sandwich Day
11/3/2022 National Men Make Dinner Day
11/4/2022 National Play Outside Day
11/4/2022 National Candy Day
11/5/2022 National Donut Day
11/5/2022 National Love Your Red Hair Day
11/6/2022 End of Daylight Savings Time
11/6/2022 National Nacho Day
11/7/2022 Job Action Day
11/7/2022 National Retinol Day
11/7/2022 National Merlot Day
11/8/2022 National STEM Day
11/8/2022 National Cappuccino Day
11/9/2022 World Adoption Day
11/10/2022 National Vanilla Cupcake Day
11/11/2022 Veterans Day
11/11/2022 National Sundae Day
11/12/2022 National French Dip Day
11/13/2022 World Kindness Day
11/14/2022 National Family PJ Day
11/14/2022 World Diabetes Day
11/15/2022 America Recycles Day
11/16/2022 International Check Your Wipers Day
11/16/2022 National Fast Food Day
11/17/2022 National Rural Health Day
11/17/2022 National Take a Hike Day
11/18/2022 Substitute Educators Day
11/18/2022 National Princess Day
11/19/2022 World Toilet Day
11/20/2022 World Children Day
11/20/2022 National Child’s Day
11/21/2022 World Television Day
11/21/2022 National Stuffing Day
11/22/2022 National Cranberry Relish Day
11/23/2022 National Espresso Day
11/24/2022 Thanksgiving
11/25/2022 Black Friday
11/25/2022 National Native American Heritage Day
11/25/2022 National Flossing Day
11/26/2022 Small Business Saturday
11/26/2022 National Cake Day
11/27/2022 National Brand Day
11/28/2022 Cyber Monday
11/28/2022 National French Toast Day
11/29/2022 Giving Tuesday
11/29/2022 Electronic Greetings Day
11/30/2022 Computer Security Day

Monthly Holidays in December


National Write a Business Plan Month
Safe Toys and Gifts Month
Learn a Foreign Language Month
Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

National Weeks in December

Date Holiday
December 11 – 16 Computer Science Education Week
December 18 – 24 Gluten Free Baking Week

National Days in December

Date Holiday
12/1/2022 National Pie Day
12/2/2022 National Play Outside Day
12/2/2022 National Bartender Day
12/2/2022 Faux Fur Friday
12/3/2022 International Day of Persons with Disabilities
12/4/2022 National Cookie Day
12/4/2022 National Sock Day
12/5/2022 Bathtub Party Day
12/6/2022 Mitten Tree Day
12/6/2022 National Pawnbrokers Day
12/7/2022 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
12/7/2022 First Day of Hanukkah
12/8/2022 National Brownie Day
12/9/2022 Christmas Card Day
12/9/2022 National Salesperson’s Day
12/10/2022 National Lager Day
12/11/2022 National App Day
12/11/2022 National Stretching Day
12/11/2022 International Mountain Day
12/12/2022 Gingerbread House Day
12/12/2022 National Poinsettia Day
12/13/2022 National Cocoa Day
12/13/2022 National Violin Day
12/14/2022 Free Shipping Day
12/15/2022 Last Day of Hanukkah
12/15/2022 International Tea Day
12/15/2022 National Cupcake Day
12/16/2022 National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
12/17/2022 National Maple Syrup Day
12/18/2022 National Twin Day
12/19/2022 Look for an Evergreen Day
12/20/2022 Go Caroling Day
12/21/2022 First Day of Winter
12/21/2022 Crossword Puzzle Day
12/22/2022 National Mathematics Day
12/23/2022 Festivus
12/24/2022 Christmas Eve
12/24/2022 National Chocolate Day
12/24/2022 National Eggnog Day
12/25/2022 Christmas
12/26/2022 First Day of Kwanzaa
12/26/2022 Boxing Day
12/26/2022 National Candy Cane Day
12/27/2022 National Fruitcake Day
12/27/2022 Make Cutout Snowflakes Day
12/28/2022 National Card Playing Day
12/29/2022 National Hero Day
12/30/2022 National Bacon Day
12/31/2022 New Year’s Eve

Use Our Monthly Calendars to Plan Your Marketing Strategy in 2023

The national day calendar above includes a full selection of occasions you may want to integrate into your marketing research or marketing courses throughout the year. To use the data above, start by completing a review of the national day calendar to find the holidays that are most relevant to your business. For example, a grocery store may run a special on National Peanut Butter Day, and a social media influencer might run a branded campaign with a fashion partner on National Denim Day.

There are so many holidays that may relate to businesses throughout the year. So review this calendar at the beginning of each month or whenever you’re planning your marketing campaigns for the year, quarter, or month. Then you can decide whether you want to build an entire campaign or include a simple email or social post around the holiday.

How many national days are there in the USA?

There are “national days” every day of the year, and some days include multiple celebrations. The exact number is always changing, as companies and organizations create new national “what-day” holidays all the time.

However, there are currently 11 nationally recognized federal holidays in the United States. These are more widely celebrated occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Many employers provide paid time off work for these holidays throughout the year, but that’s not the case for all of these holidays.

What national days do you get off work?

The exact holidays that people get off work can vary by employer. However, there are nine federal holidays in the United States and many private employers provide paid time off. They include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • The day after Thanksgiving/Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve

The federal government provides a more stringent list of holidays that federal employees get time off for. Holidays may be added periodically, but there are currently 11. Some private employers and state governments also follow this model. The official list of federal holidays as of 2023 includes:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth National Independence Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

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