Holidays can provide fun and exciting opportunities to market a business. You may create entire promotions or campaigns around major holidays and simply post about others on social media. So make sure to keep an eye on all national day calendar events year-round, but in the meantime, here are some national days in January to consider.

Why should you market your business in January?

The right January marketing strategy could set your business up for success in the new year. Here are several benefits:

  • Overcome a slow season: January can be slow since it falls right after the holidays. Some ads or promotions may help you overcome these challenges.
  • Tie your business into yearly goals: If you can tie your offerings into popular new year goals, you may attract customers who use your products or services all year.
  • Enjoy a fresh start: January is all about new beginnings. So it can be an ideal time to launch a new brand, product line, or marketing campaign.
  • Take advantage of extra time: If your business experiences downtime after the holidays, use that extra space to plan your marketing campaigns for the entire year or quarter.
  • Tie your business into relevant observances: There are plenty of January national days that may help you promote your business.

Celebrate These January National Days

If you want to use holidays in your marketing this January, check out this list of some popular national days taking place this month.

Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day signals a fresh start. Many people have the day off and may host gatherings or go out with friends. It’s also a perfect time to promote any products that help with resolutions.

Jan. 2 – Personal Trainer Awareness Day

Many people set new year goals to exercise more. So this could be a great opportunity to share the benefits of personal trainers.

Jan. 4 – Trivia Day

Trivia Day celebrates those with lots of random knowledge. This holiday may be relevant to game companies or bars that host trivia nights.

Jan. 8 – National Bubble Bath Day

Bubble Bath Day may provide social media posting opportunities for anyone from beauty brands to plumbers.

Jan. 10 – National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

This day promotes ideas for lowering energy bills. Utility companies, electricians, and companies that promote sustainability can all share valuable information with customers.

Jan. 12 – National Pharmacist Day

This day recognizes the importance of pharmacists. It’s an ideal time for drug stores to introduce their pharmacists and show appreciation.

Jan. 13 – National Sticker Day

Stickers are fun and inexpensive. So businesses of all types can give away free stickers to visitors or kids to celebrate this holiday.

Jan. 14 – National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Pet brands can celebrate this holiday by sharing photos online or offering discounts to customers who bring in pets in costume.

Jan. 15 – National Bagel Day

Bakeries and restaurants that serve bagels may post about this holiday on social media or even offer free or discounted products to the first customers who arrive.

Jan. 16 – Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrates the important legacy of this civil rights figure. Many people have the day off work and businesses often offer sales or post quotes and facts on social media.

Jan. 17 – International Mentoring Day

Offices can use this day to launch mentorship programs. Or business groups could launch events that connect mentors and mentees.

Jan. 19 – Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get to Know Your Customers Day is a quarterly holiday where you may ask a question on social media or at your location to learn more about your audience.

Jan. 20 – National Cheese Lovers Day

Grocery stores, specialty food stores, and restaurants can all offer specials for this cheesy holiday.

Jan. 21 – National Use Your Gift Cards Day

Remind customers to use the gift cards they received over the holidays.

Jan. 26 – National Spouses Day

Businesses that offer flowers, candy, or small gift items may benefit from specials surrounding National Spouses Day.

Jan. 28 – Data Privacy Day

IT companies and offices can use Data Privacy Day to remind employees and contractors of best practices.

Jan. 31 – National Plan for Vacation Day

Tourism businesses may take this opportunity to get customers to book activities or buy gear for upcoming trips.

Jan. 31 – National Hot Chocolate Day

Retail stores, businesses, and even offices may offer hot cocoa to visitors or employees to celebrate this day.

National Weeks in January 2023 You Don’t Want to Miss

Some celebrations require more than a single day. Check out these weekly observances that may also be relevant to your business in January.

Jan. 1 – 7 – National New Year’s Resolution Week

Get customers thinking about their resolutions and offer ways to integrate your products or services.

Jan. 8 – 14 – National Home Office Safety and Security Week

If you have remote employees or offer products or services for teams, provide tips via social or email throughout the week.

Jan. 8 – 14 – National Pizza Week

Pizza restaurants, recipe bloggers, and anyone in the food industry can offer cool recipes or specials throughout this week.

Jan. 29 – Feb. 4 – National Meat Week

Grocery stores, restaurants, and butcher shops can share recipes or fun facts about various types of meat.

Don’t Forget These January Monthly Holidays

There are also several monthly observances taking place in January. For these, you may offer a full month full of themed content on social media or create ongoing promotions for your business.

National Hobby Month

This is an opportunity to get people interested in various hobbies, from knitting to martial arts. Clubs, gyms, and stores can all use this to promote products and services.

National Mentoring Month

Offices and business groups may host various events or share tips for finding a mentor throughout the month.

National Soup Month

Diners, restaurants, and markets can all share soup specials throughout this cold month.

National Oatmeal Month

This is another warm treat that may attract customers to diners or markets. Food bloggers can also share unique recipes.

National Hot Tea Month

Promote tea products or host afternoon tea events to warm up during the winter.

National CBD Month

Lots of businesses offer products that include CBD for health and relaxation. Use this opportunity to share facts and benefits.

National Bath Safety Month

Parenting influencers, plumbers, and home supply shops may tie this observance into their monthly content marketing to provide value to followers.

Why is January a slow month for businesses?

January comes just after the busy holiday season, so many consumers are looking to save money and simplify after lots of gift-giving and receiving. However, many health food stores, gyms, and businesses that may be relevant to new year’s resolutions don’t experience much of a downturn. So it may help to tie your offerings into this concept.

What should a business post on social media in January?

Each business’s social media strategy is likely to vary. However, building content around the January holidays and new year’s resolutions is often relevant. Check out the full list of holidays and monthly observances above for ideas.

What are the most popular January national holidays?

The most widely recognized holidays in January are New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Many people get these days off work, and businesses often acknowledge them on social media or offer sales or promotions surrounding these days.

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