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Are you prepared to tackle any mess that comes your way? To maintain workplace hygiene and keep employees happy and healthy, it is important to invest in proper office cleaning supplies. Whether you need to restock your office cleaning products or run a cleaning business, our basic cleaning supply checklist has everything you need to take on stains, grime, grease, spills, dirt, and more.

While your janitorial needs will vary depending on the type, size, and your business or customers’ needs, our cleaning supplies checklist should provide you with a solid foundation for any type of cleaning. Whether you love odorless or citrus scents, we have an array of cleaning supplies that will make cleaning any small or mid-sized company a breeze. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Basic Cleaning Supply Checklist

General Cleaning Supplies Checklist

The right tools make all the difference, both in terms of convenience and utility. The items on this basic cleaning supply checklist range from vacuum cleaners which are must-haves, even if you do not have carpeted floors to rubber gloves for hand protection and microfiber cloths that are gentle enough to clean all surfaces without leaving behind scratches.

Cleaning Solutions and Disinfectants

Using water alone will not get you the deep cleaning that you need for proper sanitation. For that, you will need to get the right cleaning solutions. These will usually range from some standard versions to natural varieties, so it will be up to you to choose what’s right for you or your customers. Keep your eyes out for products by Lysol, Clorox, and Dawn – they are among the best cleaning brands in the business.

The antibacterial wipes and sprays will help you get rid of any germs lingering in the office. Use the wipes to wipe down counters in the breakroom, work desks, and any other surfaces that people come into contact with regularly.

Other Essential Cleaning Products

The above cleaning supplies round out the basic cleaning supply checklist that you will need for general office cleaning, but you still need some specific supplies for certain areas in the office. Let us start with the most popular room/s in the office – the bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Bathrooms are among the most frequented rooms in the office, which makes them a prime spot for germs and bacteria. You, therefore, need to have a good stock of bathroom supplies. Make sure you have a strong toilet cleaner, a toilet bowl brush, and disinfecting wipes that you can use to wipe off the sinks and other surfaces.

You should also pick up a glass cleaner to wash off any stains on the bathroom mirror. Stock up some paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soaps among other items below that everyone needs to effectively clean up after a bathroom trip.

Kitchen Supplies

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of those areas that take a beating. From sticky juicy spills to tough grease splatters, to snack crumbs littering the floor, to water spills, this room sees it all. But with an arsenal of kitchen cleaning supplies, you can tackle any mess in no time. Here are some of the must-have supplies

Finally, keep in mind some of these products might not be essential for your office, but if you run a cleaning business, it is important to stock up on as many of the items on this cleaning supplies checklist as possible.

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