Pandemic-related grants have tens of thousands of small businesses with timely needed funds for the past couple of years. And these grants continue to be available because small businesses are still feeling the impact of the pandemic. These grants address a wide range of issues and they are different in each community where they are being offered.

With that in mind, make sure to take carefully go over the criteria of the grants to ensure you qualify. And if you do, follow the instructions to the letter and submit the application as soon as possible. Early submission always gives you a better chance when applying for grants, so, good luck.

The new pandemic relief grant programs for small businesses are providing up to $35,000. The challenges these grants look to solve include construction recovery, economic development, business innovation, subscription and delivery costs, tribal-owned businesses, and more. Find out more:


Small Business News January 27, 2023

In the rest of this week’s roundup find out what Meta is doing to help creators and publishers with intellectual property, FTC possibly investigating egg price gouging, the record eCommerce sales, and much more:

Meta Launches Tool to Help Creators and Publishers with Intellectual Property Rights

Meta recently launched a new website to help creators and publishers better manage their intellectual property. Meta Launches Rights Manager Site Rights Manager is intended to combat copyright infringement and protect lawful expression on Facebook and Instagram.

Farmers Group Urges FTC to Investigate Possible Egg Price Gouging

What’s really behind the high egg prices? A group called Farm Action has asked the Federal Trade Commission to see if the federal anti-trust act has been violated. Is it fowl play? Or a unavoidable response to rising costs, including fuel and feed? Farm Action Tells FTC to Investigate Possible Egg Price Gouging First, some background about Avian Flu.

Local Community Revitalization Business Grants Available Across the US

Small business grant programs don’t just help the businesses that receive financial assistance. They can also make communities more vibrant and improve local economies. That’s why so many cities and local governments run these programs. Latest Revitalization Grants This week, several communities launched recovery and enhancement grant programs to support their business communities.

Ecommerce Sales Hit a Record High in the 2022 Holiday Shopping Season

Ecommerce sales hit a record high during the recent holiday season, with consumers spending a total of $211.7 billion online between the beginning of November and the end of December. Ecommerce Sales Hit a Record High in the 2022 Holiday Shopping Season The spend represents year-over-year growth of 3.

How to Buy a Company With Someone Else’s Money

A lot of entrepreneurs must make the build or buy decision when thinking of owning their own company. Do they want to start from scratch as a founder or pay someone else for their business? With company valuations down, this may be the year that you can buy that small business at a low price even with someone else’s money.

Rocket Lawyer Launches Tax Prep Tool for Small Business Owners

A new tool has been launched by legal services platform Rocket Lawyer for small business owners who find preparing and filing their taxes stressful and confusing. Rocket Lawyer Launches Tax Prep Tool for Small Business Owners The new Rocket Tax works by pairing customers with licensed and experienced tax professionals to make the process simpler and more convenient.

Physician Convicted on PPP Loan Fraud, COVID Relief Charges

A federal jury recently convicted a Colorado physician for fraudulently receiving around $250,000 from two separate Covid-19 relief programs. Physician Convicted on PPP Loan Fraud, COVID Relief Charges Court documents at the trial of Dr. Francis F.

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