Private and public organizations offer grants with the goal of helping a specific industry as well as addressing challenges businesses are facing. This is why small businesses should look into what grants are available not only in their communities but also state and nationwide as well as globally.

The grants this week have a range of issues they want to help with. Take a look at what they are below.

Grants looking to help emerging tech companies, UpStart grants, revitalization programs, those affected by the pandemic and more are now available. These grants range from $5,000 to $25,000 across communities in the U.S.



Small Business News November 11, 2022

This week’s round-up also includes the changes taking place at Twitter after the ownership change, the new 1099 rules from the IRS, and much more:

Twitter Introduces NFT Profile Pictures

Elon Musk is continuing his overhaul of Twitter by introducing the ability to use an NFT as a profile picture. Twitter Introduces NFT Profile Pictures By using an NFT as a profile picture, people will be able to associate a Twitter account with the public crypto wallet address of the account owner. The NFT profile picture will appear in a hexagonal shape.

New Tools for Creators to Make Money on Facebook and Instagram

Meta are launching several new tools and features to help creators on Instagram and Facebook expand their reach, grow their global audience and earn a good living. There are new money-making opportunities and ways to engage followers and fans, so let’s take a look at the new tools and features coming soon to Instagram and Facebook.

Twitter Starts $7.99 Subscription for Blue Verified Badges

Twitter has announced that it is starting a monthly subscription service of $7.99 that includes a blue checkmark now given only to verified accounts. Previously the blue ‘verified’ badge came free and was a way of showing that an account is authentic. Twitter’s Blue ‘verified’ badge subscription is expected to be rolled out after the US midterm elections.

Record High Heating Oil Prices Top $6 in Some States

Heating oil prices have reached another record high in the US. According to new information today from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average price for a gallon of heating oil in the US is $5.90. That’s up 7 cents in the last week and marks another all-time record high.

IRS Sends Reminder About New 1099 Rules

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has reminded taxpayers accepting payments through payment cards and third-party network transactions that they may receive 1099-K forms for sales over $600 in early 2023. New 1099-K Reporting Rule The IRS noted that there are no changes made to the taxability of income but only in the reporting rules for Form 1099-K.

James Clift on How to Use AI to Create a Small Website

We’ve all heard how A.I. is creating new opportunities for small business owners. James Clift, CEO and Founder of Durable sits down with Shawn Hessinger, the Executive Editor of Small Business Trends, to show us how you can use an AI website builder to generate a website for your new service business in just 30 seconds.

Visa Wants Creators to Get Paid Faster

Visa recently announced the launch of the Visa Ready Creator Commerce program, a global initiative to help creator-centric platforms embed financial tools. Visa Wants Creators to Get Paid Faster The company believes that online content creators are driving a revolution in digital commerce and culture by producing content that entertains, engages and educates.

YouTube Unveils New Features for Healthcare Professionals

YouTube recently announced that certain categories of healthcare professionals and health information providers can apply for YouTube’s health product features, should their channels be eligible.

How the Founder of Grubhub Built a $7 Billion Business

How do you build a business from an idea at your kitchen table to a public company that is worth $7B? On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Mike Evans, founder of Grubhub, talks about how he let early rejection from restaurants guide his business.

10 Online Businesses for Sale in September

Having multiple sources of revenue is a great way to hedge against bad economic times. And one way you can do this is by establishing or even buying an online business. The potential of a global customer base is what makes the 10 online businesses for sale this month a great opportunity.

The State of Boomer-Owned Small Business

With so many young entrepreneurs making their mark in the business world, it can be easy to forget exactly how many successful business owners there are from the older generation. The State of Boomer-Owned Small Business Millennials along with Generation X and Z can still learn a thing or two from the Baby Boomers, with 1 in 3 Americans relying on income from a Boomer-owned business.

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