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Is your business stuck in a rut? If you’ve noticed your growth steady in recent years, a new strategy may be necessary to get you to the next level. This may involve a new marketing platform, extra revenue sources, or even global expansion. Members of the online small business community have wisdom to share on all these subjects. Read on for their tips.

Learn More About TikTok

Joining new social media platforms can really level up your digital marketing game. TikTok is one of the most powerful new tools available for growing an audience quickly. Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media recently joined the platform and detailed her experience here. You can read even more conversation about TikTok in the BizSugar community.

Develop a Business Network Without Personal Meetups

Personal connections can help your business grow exponentially. But not all entrepreneurs start out with an existing network. Ivan Widjaya shares how to develop this powerful resource without personal meetups in this post on the Noobpreneur blog.

Get Paid Using Affiliate Marketing

What business doesn’t want to bring in more revenue? Sometimes, increasing earnings isn’t about shoring up existing revenue streams – but instead about creating new ones. Affiliate marketing can be an easy and effective addition. Learn more in this Platter of Gold post by Adeyemi Adisa.

Make Money from Your Website

In fact, affiliate marketing is just one of many ways to make money from a website. If you just use your site as a marketing tool currently, you may benefit from turning it into an extra revenue stream. Nicola Bleu elaborates in this Blogging Wizard post.

Get Inspired by Successful Founders

It can be tough to find motivation as a new entrepreneurs if you don’t have relatable mentors to look up to. Other founders like Bobbie Racette have felt this way before, but found ways to succeed anyway. As the first Indigenous woman to close a Series A, her story could inspire many. Read more in this article by Corinne Lestch on The Story Exchange.

Think Globally Even as a New Business

Another way to level up a small business is to expand the geographic area you serve. Even as a small, local business, there are ways to think globally or expand in this way. Marty Zwilling of Startup Professionals Musings offers tips in this post.

Learn to Navigate Inflation as a Small Business

It can seem tough to make improvements during difficult financial periods. But some founders are able to look at challenges as opportunities. Such is the case with the current rise in inflation around the world. Carol Roth shares insights from several business experts in this post.

Improve Efficiency with Project Management Workflow

Outside of hiring, increasing the efficiency of current team members is one of the best ways to level up a small business. Project management workflow offers a powerful concept that can help you achieve this goal. Alex York shares more on this topic in this Teamwork post.

Level Up Your Content Game

Chances are, your business already uses some form of content marketing to reach potential customers. But is your current strategy achieving all of your goals? If not, it may be time to level up using the strategies in this 99signals post by Sandeep Mallya. You can also see commentary on the post from BizSugar members here.

Get More Instagram Content Ideas

Instagram is another area where content can get a bit stale. In fact, many creators are struggling on the platform now due to changing algorithm rules. However, the ideas in this Creoate post by Jessica Schuster may help. And comments from the BizSugar community may offer extra insights.

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