making the most of remote work

The emergence of remote work has created tons of new opportunities both for individuals and businesses. If you want to make the most of this new reality, consider the most important needs of your business. The online small business community has tons of tips for creating a positive culture and finding the remote help to suit your company’s needs. Read on for their insights.

Create a Cohesive Company Culture for Your Remote Team

Company culture isn’t just reserved for in-person office environments. With more companies moving to a remote model, there are ways to infuse a positive culture into your workplace. Read thoughts from Rachel Strella in this Strella Social Media post. Then see what BizSugar members think about the post here.

Help Your Business Grow Quickly with Freelance Workers

You don’t necessarily need to bring on dedicated team members to grow your business. In many cases, freelancers can help you in a specific area or for a short period of time. In this Crowdspring post, Rizza DC goes over some popular types of freelancers who may help your business.

Be the Ultimate Startup Leader

Building an effective team isn’t just about who you hire. It can also be about how you lead people. If you want to lead your remote or in-person team effectively, get tips from this Startup Professionals Musings post by Marty Zwilling.

Invest in a Small Business Accountant

An accountant can be an important part of any small business team. Whether you bring on a freelancer or just outsource this service, there are many benefits to consider. Ivan Widjaya elaborates in this SMB CEO post.

Improve Your Employee Onboarding Processes with These Best Practices

Once you find people to add to your small business team, it’s time to train them and show them your company processes. You may already have an onboarding process for new team members. But if yours could use an upgrade, read this Process Street post by Mark Jones for tips.

Consider a Social Media Marketing Agency

Many small businesses need help with social media, but don’t have the resources to bring on full-time team members. However, there are agencies you can outsource these tasks to. Megha Seth rounds up several in this Startup Bonsai post.

Use Strategic Scouting to Improve Your Business

Strategic scouting involves spotting and analyzing trends in your industry and the business environment as a whole. In fact, remote work was once one of these emerging trends, before it came to the forefront for many companies. Learn more about the concept in this Small Biz Viewpoints post by Harry and Sally Vaishnav. Then visit BizSugar to see what community members are saying.

Learn to Market Your Business in a Poor Economy

Economic conditions can impact everything from your ability to hire to your marketing strategy. Tailoring your processes to this current reality can make things easier for both you and your team. Carol Roth shares tips from experts on marketing in a bad economy in this blog post.

Improve Your Project Management Skills

Whether you’re working with a remote team or on your own, you need processes for managing essential projects. Strong management skills can help you keep everyone on task and make objectives clear. Learn more in this Platter of Gold post by Adeyemi Adisa.

Start a Blog and Make Money from It

If you’re looking to work from home yourself, blogging may be the ideal opportunity. This can be a solo venture, or you may eventually bring on more writers or support team members. But you need the basics down first. Holly Reisem Hanna goes over how to start a blog and make money from it in this post on the Work at Home Woman blog.

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