upgrade your wifi with the amazon eero mesh routers

The eero is a mesh wireless system by Amazon. Rather than the standard, router-to-range extender network, it uses multiple access points to provide your business or home with fast, reliable coverage in a single network.  Amazon also offers eero Pro, which uses a tri-band connection even with a mesh in place. The Pro doesn’t need to split the bandwidth between devices.

A Beacon is also available for any eero router – the beacon can be added to supplement your eero router as an extra access point for even more coverage. The eero routers are praised for being extremely easy to set up and their simple, compact design – a refreshing change from clunky routers full of wires.

Early Prime Day Deals on eero WiFi Routers

You don’t even have to wait for Prime Day to snag a great deal on an eero device. Select eero units are on sale now for Prime members. If you’re thinking about checking out the highly rated eero routers, here are a few recommendations:

  • Ditch your cluster of a router set up and enjoy fast, reliable internet with the Amazon eero mesh WiFi router, down from $69 to $58 right now.
  • Expand your WiFi coverage up to 1750 sq. ft. with the eero Pro mesh WiFi router, currently on sale for just $79. It originally costs $159.
  • Instantly increase your existing eero WiFi capabilities with the eero Beacon mesh WiFI range extender. Save $50 now with your Prime membership and grab one for just $49.

Amazon eero mesh WiFi router

An eero router is a whole-home WiFi system that replaces your router and covers up to 1500 sq. ft. Eero works with your existing internet service provider to connect to your modem in an under 10 minute set-up time. Its TrueMesh technology intelligently routes traffic to avoid congestion, ensuring you get the fastest internet in your business or home all the time. The eero routers automatically update and can be used with Alexa.

Amazon eero Pro tri-band mesh WiFi router

If you need serious WiFi coverage, the eero Pro is for you. The eero Pro features tri-band technology, and delivers up to WiFi 1750 sq. ft. of coverage. With two gigabit Ethernet ports, you easily connect any existing eero devices to the Pro, even older models. The eero Pro updates automatically every night and is also enabled for Apple Home Kit.

Amazon eero Beacon mesh WiFi range extender

The eero Beacon is a WiFi range extender that can be added to any existing eero network for an additional 1500 sq. ft. of coverage. They plug in to any wall outlet and are also equipped with an LED nightlight.

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