BrandintheBox Offers Small Business Brand Building for a Monthly Subscription

A new subscription-based tool can help you define and build your brand through a series of dynamic strategies designed to corral in the intangibles so you clients get a full experience. BrandintheBox also supplies a series of guides and actionable tools that spring from the tried and tested cornerstones of brand-building.

Small Business Brand Building

Small Business Trends contacted Lorrie Lee and Winnie Hart, Founders and Creators of BrandInTheBox, to find out how this product benefits small businesses who don’t have big marketing budgets or full-time marketing departments.

How it Works

“You may have a business plan and strategy that works wonders, an excellent product or service, talented and dedicated employees and a marketing and sales team that’s the best — even when your business is doing all these things properly — you don’t win if you don’t stand out,” Lee wrote in an email.

Hart explained how BrandintheBox presents a structured approach to solving this common problem using some traditional marketing touchpoints.

A Focus on Fundamentals

“BrandintheBox focuses on the eight fundamental areas of a brand: purpose, reputation, appearance, authenticity, ideal leads, distinction, strategy and mindset.”

They recognize that in today’s business world, a brand is much more than a slogan, a logo and advertisements and brochures with carefully selected color schemes. The modern brand needs to be more encompassing and include items that were once not easily expressed like your values and beliefs and have emotional input that leads to customer interactions.

A New Kit Every Month

Here’s how it works. After subscribing, you get a new brand kit every month that comes as either a physical box or virtually. Each one of these kits includes a presentation to educate your team as well as some step by step instructions as well as a workshop, activation guide and some other handy tools.

It takes about five hours per month to use the actual guides and tools that have topics like Define Your X-Factor, Strategic Planning, Define and Nurture Your Leads, and Build a Sales Playbook.

Designed to Engage Your Team

“It’s all mapped out for you in 5 steps,” Lee writes. “BrandintheBox is designed like a curriculum. Each kit is designed to engage your team in one of many strategies to grow your brand. The process is dynamic, and at the end of the year, you will have created a rhythm and powerful habits to keep your brand top of mind to grow your business.”

A Great Tool to Stay Top of Mind

Today’s small business needs to be aware of an ever-changing set of consumer demands that include more than prices and product features.

The smart marketing team knows that engaging clients emotionally is more important in today’s marketing world than the old school hard sell.  BrandintheBox looks to be a great tool keep your brand top of mind by defining and sharing a brand that incorporates those  human elements too.

Small businesses can visit or email  [email protected].

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