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Bigin is new CRM software from Zoho. It lets small businesses ditch cumbersome technology to streamline and automate their sales pipeline.

Bigin is for small and micro businesses. It works for smaller companies that don’t need bigger end-to-end CRM solutions. It’s a great fit for freelancers and individuals who want to manage their personal business pipelines online, too.

Small Business Trends contacted Vibhav Vankayala, Head of Marketing for Bigin, to learn more about it.

Move Away from the Spreadsheets

“Bigin is the perfect solution for small businesses that want to move away from spreadsheets and are looking for a simple-yet-powerful CRM solution to get started with,” he says. “It is a pipeline-centric CRM helping small businesses put customer data in one place to boost customer relationships.”

Here are some Bigin highlights small businesses will want.

  • They can see all their customer details in one place.
  • They’ll know the status of each deal in the pipeline.
  • They can manage emails from within the CRM.
  • Make and receive phone calls through built-in telephony.
  • View a list of activities for every work-day.
  • Automate routine tasks and improve productivity.
  • Measure their sales performance

Bigin Saves Time and Money

Bigin only takes about 30 minutes to set up.

“With Bigin being so easy to set up, it saves companies time and money,” Vankayala says. “With so many small businesses struggling right now, we wanted to make sure that business owners are able to keep their businesses going, or even start a new one.”

The product’s pipeline view lets you organize your data. It puts the information you need in front of you or your sales reps. You can create workflows to track deal updates and set up email alerts. Creating a list of products is easy with the deal information page.

Multiple Pipelines

You can customize the way you look at information and even have multiple pipelines. Bigin is automated. There’s no manual work. There are real-time notifications and dashboards. These are pre-built. Or, if you want, you can build your own.

It grows with your business. You can upgrade to Zoho CRM if need be.

Here’s some of the other features that make a difference.

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • G Suite, Microsoft 365, and Zoho Desk plug-and-play integrations
  • The ability to import data from spreadsheets.
  • Chronological logs of every Bigin account action.
  • Customized Roles and Profiles that handle access permission.

The built-in telephony allows you to contact your customers and prospects from right inside the CRM. That’s another big time saver since you don’t need to update call records manually.

Business Email

Adding your business email to Bigin matches incoming messages to your contacts. Email insights are also available to analyze mass email campaigns. 

Bigin gives you real-time analytics and notifications from prospects. The analytics dashboards provide charts and KPIs for up-to-date key performance metrics.

Vankayala says the new product is for a wide swath of enterprises.

“We believe every business needs a CRM, no matter how small they are,” he says. “With Bigin, we aim to make that path easier for millions of small businesses. Especially those who haven’t found the right CRM solution for their needs.” 

Bigin costs $7 per user per month.

About Zoho

Zoho is unique in that it remains a private software company. It has about 7,000 employees across the globe.

Many of the company’s employees start at an early age with Zoho. The company recently started Zoho University which hires and trains people out of high school in developing its small business technology solutions. Zoho says about 15% of the company’s engineers have matriculated through Zoho University already.

The company says it values its customers privacy and doesn’t sell ads within its products. That includes all the free software products Zoho offers customers.

Earlier this year, Zoho launched Remotely, a toolkit to keep small businesses functional and efficient while they’re away from the office.

Zoho is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with locations in four other countries. Zoho today serves 30 million users across hundreds of thousands of organizations.

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