Visual communication has been improving with each new development in digital technology. From personal computers to tablets and smartphones, you can now get your ideas across quickly and efficiently. Smart boards, also known as interactive whiteboards or displays, look to do the same by integrating some of the features of these devices to ideate, communicate and collaborate.

You can now bring your team into a room and collaborate on the spot with interactive whiteboards. And if you want to bring in other people from a remote location, you can do it right away. Together you can take notes, scratch bad ideas, watch videos, and get online while sharing and saving it all.

If you are in the market for a smart board, this list will show you the best devices you can get right now.

What is a Smart Board?

Smart boards are interactive white boards that respond to touch and have software that allow users to project and connect with their content, collaborate with remote teams, and take and share notes. Interactive whiteboards are not just for schools – many businesses use them for video conferencing, presentations, and more.

Are Smart Boards Worth it?

An interactive whiteboard can be a great tool for business presentations, real time collaboration, video conferencing, note taking, and a lot more. Some models have useful features like collaboration tools, interactive displays, and internal speakers, which can increase productivity and elevate your business presentations. When well maintained, the best interactive whiteboards can last for years and be updated as the technology changes, making it a worthwhile investment.

Best Smart Boards for Business

We have compiled a list of interactive displays available on Amazon, in various price points and features. Check out our picks for the best interactive whiteboard you can buy today:

Samsung Flip 2

Samsung Flip 2 WM65R 65 Inch Digital Flipchart for Business

Top Pick: The Samsung Flip 2 comes from a global brand and leader in display and communication technology. This 65” 4K UHD digital flipchart has a pen-to-paper-like writing experience to make meetings and brainstorming more efficient and productive.

The Flip has versatile connectivity options – USB, HDMI, NFC and screen sharing capabilities enable optimum collaboration and provide interactive content visibility, annotation and sharing.

Samsung Flip 2 WM65R 65 Inch Digital Flipchart for Business

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Vibe All-in-one Interactive Whiteboard

Vibe All-in-one Computer Real-time Smart Interactive Whiteboard

Runner Up: Vibe is a leading brand in this segment. Moreover, the feature-packed displays it offers are affordable. The company offers a robust app ecosystem for this 55? 4K UHD touch screen. The Vibe OS supports multi-person and multi-device edit and sharing capability.

The screen has a 5ms response time, so your touch and pen respond like a traditional whiteboard and a marker. And when you make changes, you can use Vibe Cloud to save your content in real-time and make it available on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.

This includes editing in real-time on your device of choice with a wireless screencast.

Vibe All-in-one Computer Real-time Smart Interactive Whiteboard, W/ 55? 4K UHD Touch ScreenSign

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Sharp 70? Class Interactive Display System

Sharp PN-C705B 70Inch Class Interactive Display System

Best Value: Sharp is known for its quality displays and this 70” ten-point multi-touch screen smart board doesn’t disappoint. It is a high-definition Edge Lit LED display.

This board can support up to four simultaneous users with the Sharp Display Connect Software. The software simplifies connectivity with mobile devices and manipulation of multiple file types.

Sharp PN-C705B 70? Class Interactive Display System” 4K UHD Touch ScreenSign

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ViewSonic 98” ViewBoard

ViewSonic IFP9850 98Inch ViewBoard 4K Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panel

ViewSonic is another manufacturer known for its high-quality computer displays. This 98” board is big, without losing quality. The ViewBoard is a 4K Ultra HD interactive flat panel board with next-generation IR touch technology. The result is a 50% latency reduction with the 20-point touch capability for multiple simultaneous users.

Additional features include myViewBoard annotation software with enterprise-grade security, SmartPort USB function, and a sound system with 10W stereo speakers and a 15W subwoofer.

ViewSonic IFP9850 98” ViewBoard 4K Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panel

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Microsoft Surface Hub 2 50? PixelSense Display

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 50Inch PixelSense Display + Mobile Stand

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is a 50” device with a 4K PixelSense 120Hz touchscreen display with multi-touch/pen capabilities. The Hub 2 is basically a large computer and it includes Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, and 128 GB SSD along with a modular hub to increase capacity.

Wide-angle cameras on each side produce 1080P video and a four-element microphone array can capture what everyone in the room is saying. You can talk, draw, and share on the Hub using Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 50? PixelSense Display

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LG 75? Touchscreen LCD Display

LG 75Inch Touchscreen LCD Display

The LG touchscreen display lets you draw, write, and capture notes. You can also connect, display, and control different devices to bring other members of your team in to collaborate.

The UHD display has capacitive touchscreen functionality with multi-touches of up to 40 points. This allows multiple participants to simultaneously use the touch features without any dead zones. And the LG webOS 3.0+ is powered by high-performance System-on-Chip/SOC. With this performance, you can execute several tasks at the same time without a separate media player or PC.

LG 75? Touchscreen LCD Display

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DTEN ME Personal Video Collaboration Digital Whiteboard

DTEN ME - Zoom for Home

The DTEN ME is an all-in-one personal collaboration device designed specifically for video conferencing Zoom. Its lightweight 27-inch touchscreen monitor has 3 wide-angle smart cameras and 8 microphone arrays, for clear video and audio. You can illustrate and share ideas and annotate documents in real-time.

The DTEN ME works as a standalone Zoom platform with the Zoom software already built-in. It can be set up in very little time

DTEN ME AIO Personal Video Conferencing Interactive Whiteboard

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TIBURN 75-inch Interactive Whiteboard

TIBURN 75 inch Interactive Whiteboard

This is a 75-inch interactive whiteboard with 4K UHD picture quality, built-in Android Annotation software, and can support up to 4 users casting at once. It has an all-in-one design, enabling you to use its functions of projector, interactive board, computer, television, kiosk and audio system.

You will receive the interactive whiteboard, a moveable stand, wall mounting hardware, remote, pen, and connection cables.

TIBURN 75-inch Interactive Whiteboard for Classroom and Businesses

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AHA Polyboard Interactive Flat Panel Display Interactive Board

Polyboard AHA Ultra_8286 Interactive Flat Panel Display 4K UHD Smart Board

According to the manufacturer, the Polyboard interactive displays are optimized to increase collaboration and communication with its responsive touch technology, clear LCD display, and slim, durable design.

This interactive whiteboard can be used for screen sharing, real-time collaboration, and more.

Polyboard AHA Ultra_8286 Interactive Flat Panel Display 4K UHD Smart Board

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AG Neovo Meetboard 65-inch Flat Panel Interactive Display

AG Neovo Meetboard 3 IFP-6503 65 inch Interactive Flat Panel Display

AG Neovo says its Meetboard interactive whiteboards are user-friendly and are designed, in part, to enhance business presentations and meetings with its collaboration tools, wireless screen sharing, and file management apps.

The 65-inch interactive display offers 4K Ultra HD resolution, and 20-point multi-touch lets multiple users write or draw with fingers or touch pens. It uses USB-C connectivity.

AG Neovo Meetboard 65-inch Interactive Flat Panel Display, USB-C, 4K, 20-Point Multi-Touch

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What is a Smart Board?

Also known as an interactive whiteboard, a smart board is in most cases a large display resembling the traditional whiteboard. And as such, it can be used where the analog versions were used. This includes offices, boardrooms, classrooms, coaching, and planning projects.

Generally fixed to a wall, a smart board has a touch screen that allows you to use a smartpen or your fingers to interact with it. You can write on the board or integrate your computing device to show presentations, media, and other content. Additional features allow the board to connect with projectors, the internet, and other applications.

As part of the global interactive display market, this segment was valued at $14.63 billion in 2018. And according to Allied Market Research, it is projected to reach $29.19 billion by 2026. This is a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.80% from 2019 to 2026.

Features to Look for In a Smart Board

  • Size: Smart boards come in many different sizes. And how you use it is going to dictate the size you purchase. If it is purely remote, you can get away with a smaller screen size. If, however, you are going to be using it in your office, it needs to be bigger.
  • Connectivity: The ability to connect with all the participants without any compatibility issues is extremely important. You want everyone to log on and participate whether they are on a PC, tablet, smartphone, or even another smartboard.
  • Compatibility: Once you are connected with the different devices, you need seamless compatibility on Windows, Android, iOS, and other platforms. With full compatibility, you can easily share the content on your screen and use native casting to stream any media you might have.
  • Operating System: Make sure the operating system on the device is what you need.
  • Cameras and other accessories: Not all smartboards have the accessories you might need to make collaborations possible. And if you have to buy the accessories, make sure you have enough ports to plug them all in.
  • Multi-user Collaboration: You want your board to be able to bring multiple users and collaborate. This means they can write, erase, and move notes simultaneously. And it must do this with object awareness detection. This makes it possible to automatically allow pens to write, fingers to move, and palms to erase on the board.
  • Write into files: Writing is one of the key features of smart boards. However, it must allow you to annotate into PDFs, Microsoft Office files, websites, and other programs. Not only that, but it should also save the notes in the most popular file types. The ability to convert notes to text is also a must.

Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

Efficiency is the name of the game when you adopt new technology. If it makes your workflow more efficient and your team more productive, then it is worth looking at.

The ability to quickly get on an interactive whiteboard and bring your team together is a huge benefit. This can take place in your office or with your remote team, wherever they happen to be.

The technology of this board allows you to save all your notes, discussions, and content automatically. And you can share, access, edit, and save all the material in a collaborative production while making changes in real-time. This means you can communicate your ideas quickly while you are in the meeting and email, print, and share your discussions when you are done.

When it comes to connectivity, you can connect the board with PCs as well as Android and iOS smart devices. This gives you more interconnectivity and data sharing with team members without having to worry about compatibility issues.

And on a lighter note, you will not have to get messy with the erasers and markers of traditional whiteboards.

What is the biggest SMART board?

The largest interactive whiteboard seems to be 86 inches, with 64 and 75 inches being the most common sizes.

Can you use Zoom on an interactive whiteboard?

Most models of interactive whiteboards support common video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

How much does an interactive whiteboard cost?

Interactive whiteboards can range in price from under $1000 to over $10,000, depending on size, features, accessories, and other factors.


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