The award-winning fitness and wellness service Apple Fitness+ have introduced several new ways for users to get and stay fit while improving their overall well-being in the new year.

Apple Fitness Plus Has New Offerings for 2023

New services include a kickboxing workout type and a brand new sleep theme for meditation as well as a Beyoncé Artist Spotlight, new Time to Walk guests, and three new trainers. The services became available for Apple Fitness+ users from January 9, 2023.

apple fitness plus new offerings for 2023

Get Fit in the New Year

The features are a welcome boost to users who are trying to get fit or stick to health-based New Year’s resolutions. The total-body cardio workouts can help users lose weight and get in shape, while the meditation features are ideal for releasing tension and anxiety.

The Beyoncé Artist Spotlight will also garner a lot of attention, as many of the new workouts will include music from her latest album, RENAISSANCE. Meanwhile, the Time to Walk feature begins its fifth season with new guests including actor Jamie Lee Curtis, late-night talk show host Amber Ruffin, Olympic champion figure skater Nathan Chen, and German actor Nina Hoss.

Two new Collections have also been introduced to Apple Fitness+ including ‘6 Weeks to Restart Your Fitness’ and ‘Level Up Your Core Training’, with three new trainers welcomed to the team.

Get Started and Stay Motivated

Apple’s vice president of Fitness Technologies. Jay Blahnik, was excited to announce the new features, saying: “No matter where people are on their health and well-being journey, Fitness+ makes it easy to get started and stay motivated with workouts and meditations that are welcoming to all. Whether people want to boost their cardio with the newest workout type, Kickboxing; move to Beyoncé’s latest hits; or wind down before bed with a meditation, there really is something for everyone to take care of their body and mind in the new year.”

Apple also revealed how Beyoncé’s music will appear on Fitness+, saying in a statement on the Apple website that: “Seven new workouts featuring the singer’s music will be available across Cycling, Dance, HIIT, Pilates, Strength, Treadmill, and Yoga. The energy and themes in each workout are inspired by the album’s notion of rediscovering what makes individuals unique and powerful to help uplift users in the new year.”

The firm also revealed that two new additional Artist Spotlight offerings will be available shortly, in the form of the Foo Fighters and Bad Bunny. The former will be available from January 16 and the latter from January 23.

Walking, Meditating and Kickboxing Cardio

The Time to Walk feature is billed as an ‘inspiring audio experience on iPhone and Apple Watch’ which has been designed to encourage people to walk more often. Users can listen to some of the world’s most interesting and influential people sharing stories, photos and music.

If all that walking tires you out, then the new Sleep Mediation program includes four 20-minute meditations that conclude with five minutes of relaxing music. If you still have plenty of energy then maybe a kickboxing-based cardio routine is what you need, with Muay Thai competitor Nez Dally joining the team to lead the workouts.

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