The Amazon Books Editors recently announced their selections for the Best Books of 2022, which include the best business books published this year.

Amazon’s Top Business Books of 2022

The annual list is chosen by a team of professional editors who select the books for each of the twelve categories, which includes Business and Leadership which we’ll focus on here.

We have curated the best business-focused books containing insight into big business, shady business and surviving and thriving in the modern business environment.

When McKinsey Comes to Town: The Hidden Influence of the World’s Most Powerful Consulting Firm

when mckinsey comes to town business book of the year 2022

This New York Times Bestseller by prizewinning investigative journalists Walt Bogdanich and Michael Forsythe is a hard-hitting exposé of McKinsey & Company, the prestigious consulting firm that advises corporations and governments. When McKinsey Comes to Town highlights the ‘drastic impact’ of the company’s exploits on people as their tactics drive-up short-term profits for executives at the expense of workers and safety measures.

The Price of Time: The Real Story of Interest

the price of time business book of the year 2022

Leading financial writer Edward Chancellor’s The Price of Time chronicles the history of interest to explain the current global financial position, as well as how we arrived here. The book conducts a deep exploration of the essential function of interest in determining how capital is allocated and priced.

The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything

the meta verse business book of the year 2022

Venture capitalist Matthew Ball has written The Metaverse as a definitive account of what he calls the ‘next internet’. Ball explains the technological breakthroughs necessary to fully realize the Metaverse, and he predicts it will generate trillions of dollars in new value as well as radically reshape society.

The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future

the power law business book of the year 2022

The Power Law is about Silicon Valley’s venture-capital businesses, with a focus on how their strategies and fates dictate innovation and the global economy. Written by previous New York Times best-seller Sebastian Mallaby, the prose is frank and intimate with ‘unprecedented access’ to some of the most famous venture capitalists of all time.

Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires

survival of the richest business book of the year 2022

Douglas Rushkoff confronts tech utopianism, the datafication of human interaction, and the exploitation of that data by corporations, as he explores the origins of The Mindset in science and technology. Survival of the Richest touches on missions to Mars, island bunkers, AI futurism and the metaverse, all while Rushkoff explains why those with the most power to change society for the better just don’t want to.

The Bond King: How One Man Made a Market, Built an Empire, and Lost It All

the bond king business book of the year 2022

The Bond King by Planet Money host, Mary Childs, is the story of Bill Gross and how he turned the bond market into a destabilized game of high risk and high reward. Childs explores Gross’ powerful investment firm Pimco, and how he helped to reshape the American financial system in the aftermath of the Great Recession – to his advantage, of course.

Thinking Like an Economist: How Efficiency Replaced Equality in U.S. Public Policy

thinking like an economist business book of the year 2022

Elizabeth Popp Berman has authored a compelling account that tracks the progression of American politics towards its current state. The story covers how economic reasoning became the main strategy in Washington between the 1960s and 1980s, and why its continued prevalence constrains progressive ambitions today. Thinking like an Economist advocates adopting new ways of thinking about policy and offers critical lessons for the future.

The End of Burnout: Why Work Drains Us and How to Build Better Lives

the end of burnout business book of the year 2022

Former burned-out worker Jonathan Malesic peers into the yawning chasm between our vocation and our jobs, looking beyond the mere how and why we are susceptible to burnout. As a former tenured professor prior to his burnout, Malesic is able to combine academic methods and first-person experience as he proposes new ways to resist what he describes as the ‘cultural obsession with work’ to transform our vision of success and achieve The End of Burnout.

Pandemic, Inc.: Chasing the Capitalists and Thieves Who Got Rich While We Got Sick

pandemic inc business book of the year 2022

Award-winning investigative reporter J. David McSwane sneaks behind the scenes to reveal how traders, contractors and healthcare companies exploited the Covid-19 pandemic to get rich. Pandemic, Inc is described as the ‘definitive account of how this pandemic was so catastrophically mishandled’, and aims to expose a rigged system that reveals a dark side of modern America.

How to Talk to Your Boss About Race: Speaking Up Without Getting Shut Down

how to talk to your boss about race business book of the year 2022

Diversity and inclusion strategist Y-Vonne Hutchinson has written How to Talk to Your Boss About Race to help the likes of tech giants, political leaders and Fortune 500 companies to speak more productively about racism and bias as well as act more decisively. Hutchinson has created an ‘indispensable practical toolkit’ for confronting and dismantling racism in the workplace without fear of repercussions.

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