What starts as a DIY woodworking project can often end up becoming a lucrative crafts business. With the increasing demand for handmade goods crafted with care, woodworking has become more of an interest to customers.

Wood crafts can be used for home decor and gifts, so there are plenty of opportunities to turn a simple woodworking project into a thriving business – we’ll walk you through the best woodworking projects that sell.

Can You Make Money From Woodworking?

You can make money with woodworking projects if you have basic woodworking skills. And as you gain more experience and take on more complex projects, there is even more opportunity to grow your business.

There are many options if you are seeking profitable woodworking project ideas to make money, including items such as rustic headboards, wall signs, floating shelves, and more.

woodworking projects to sell

Top Woodworking Projects to Sell for Profit

If you are considering having your own woodworking business, having a profitable project is crucial. We’ve put together a list of the best woodworking DIY projects that sell to get you started.

1. Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are always a bestseller for parents and customers seeking unique gifts. You can sell wooden toys at craft fairs and online, and they can be a unique heirloom gift that kids will treasure forever using wood like oak and mahogany.

2. Wooden Coasters

You can create gorgeous wood coasters for home decor using quality wood, such as pine wood. Wooden coasters are always a popular choice for rustic home decor and can be sold year-round.

3. Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are one of the larger woodworking projects you can do, but they can be profitable. You can use leftover wood and reclaimed wood to make coffee table designs in different sizes as an upcycled project that customers will love.

4. Wine Rack

Wine racks are a functional part of home decor, but they can also serve an aesthetic purpose that customers really like. Creating beautiful wine racks using solid wood is a great product that is useful for customers while adding some rustic charm to their homes.

5. Wooden Picture Frames

Picture frames are another one to consider if you’re looking for simple woodworking projects. Frames for photos are relatively easy to make if you have basic woodworking skills and you also add embellishments such as glitter, crystals, flowers and more to add an extra touch. Additionally, picture frames are another type of item that can be sold year-round so they can be a way to draw customers into your business.

6. Wooden Utensils

Wooden utensils are used in rustic home decor and wedding decor, so there is always demand for these items, especially since they conduct heat better than metal utensils. You can create wooden utensils that can be used for a variety of occasions, such as spoons, forks, and knives.

7. Wooden Cutting Board

Projects such as a wooden cutting board can be a useful way to upcycle wooden pallets to create functional pieces for the kitchen. Wood pallets can be turned into wood slices that you can finesse into a cutting board without needing a lot of complex tools. You could also add extra touches such an engraving initials or phrases as a way to personalize these items as a gift option.

8. Scrap Wood Wall Art

Wall art is always a popular type of product to sell, especially if you can make it sustainable. Wall art made of scrap wood lets you express your creativity with materials such as wood to create gorgeous pieces of artistry that customers can hang in their homes.

9. Wooden Serving Tray

Another way to use a wood board is to rework it into a wood serving tray. It’s one of the simpler woodworking ideas that have the potential to make you profits since it does not require as much time and effort as other wood items might.

10. Wooden Bench

Using materials such as pallet wood and pressure treated wood, you can create larger woodworking projects such as a wooden bench. It’s the perfect addition to patios and gardens, and you can create interesting shapes and designs for your bench depending on your level of skill or craft simple wooden benches.

More of the Most Profitable Woodworking Projects

If you’re looking for profitable projects that can be made using basic woodworking tools, here are some more ideas to consider for your business.

11. Raised Garden Beds

Wood can be an excellent material to use for garden decor since it adds. Functional yet charming look. You can create raised garden beds and planters using materials such as wooden boxes.

12. Rustic Wooden Sign

For a more decorative woodworking project, you can create rustic wooden signs with text and other embellishments. These types of signs can be a signature pieces in the dining room for customers or can be gifted to loved ones, so they are a product you can sell all year to grow your business.

13. Console Tables

Larger home decor pieces like console tables with wooden shelves are another woodworking project to consider. They can take a considerably long time to make but can also be very profitable at craft fairs and other locations.

14. Wooden Coat Rack

Coat racks are another functional home item that can be made from wood since they add a bit of rustic charm to the home. These are great home accessories that don’t require as much woodworking skill, and you can add unique touches, such as wrought iron hangers, to add to the beauty.

15. Wooden Business Card Holders

Wooden business card holders are a great addition to an office, and they are smaller and easier to make. You could make ornate card holders using storage boxes and other materials to add a chic yet professional flair to an office.

16. Jewelry Organizer

Like coat hangers, jewelry organizers are relatively simple to make and are a lovely addition to a dressing table. You can create smaller organizers to hang necklaces or create larger boxes that have separate sections for items such as earrings and rings.

17. Sofa Arm Table

For a smaller home decor item using woodworking, consider making a sofa arm table. These are not very large tables, and they should ideally be big enough for putting a drink and maybe a small bowl for maximum comfort.

18. Picnic Table

Another garden decor item you could make from wood is a picnic table. Picnic tables are also useful for pet owners since they have their own space under the table, and they are perfect for hosting outdoor events such as summer parties,

19. Kitchen Table

A wooden kitchen table is the perfect addition for those seeking a shabby chic look or rustic item for their home. You can make large and small kitchen tables that are great for cozy dinners or large parties that families will remember forever.

20. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a functional item that get used constantly, which is why a wooden mug can be so useful to make and sell. There are many options for creating coffee mugs, from simple designs to more complex artistic pieces, and there is always demand for these items.

21. Bathtub caddy

If you are seeking to make something that it is a little more unique, wooden items such as bathtub caddies should be a consideration. Wood bathtub caddies are not always seen in the market so they can be an excellent way to draw customers in while offering something that is truly different.

22. Wooden egg holders

Another niche item that you could make with wood are egg holders. Like the bathtub caddies, these are not widely seen in the market, making them truly special. Egg holders are a useful addition to the kitchen while adding an earthy and rustic twist in kitchen decor.

How Can You Make Money Fast With Woodworking?

If you are looking for an easy woodworking project to take your woodworking hobby to the next level, you can make money quickly with woodworking, especially if you make home decor items such as tables.

What Wooden Items Sell the Best?

There are many wood projects that sell well, as customers are always looking for them. However, home decor items such as tables and wall art sell the best.

What Supplies Do You Need to Make Woodworking Projects That Sell?

To get started with woodworking projects, you will need a few different tools. Essential supplies for woodworking include wood planks, wood glue, natural wood stain color and power tools for techniques such as wood turning.

What Are the Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell?

There are many profitable items that you can make if you are interested in how to sell woodworking projects. The most profitable woodworking project to build and sell is wooden signs. Wooden signs can be used in a variety of different ways across homes and are a perfect fit for areas such as the dining room and the kitchen, which appeal to a wide customer base.



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