Selling crafts online and in person can be a lucrative business stream as there is a growing demand for homemade and handmade items. However, deciding what kinds of crafts to make and sell for profit is often challenging since there are so many options available and different factors to consider. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about making crafts to sell for a profit in 2023.


The DIY Crafts Market in 2023

The demand for DIY crafts has steadily increased over the last year. Many business owners have had success selling their goods through their own stores on platforms such as Etsy or an online shop and connecting with customers directly at craft fairs. As a result, many craft businesses have dual income streams where they sell online and offline, enabling them to grow their business and reach customers across different channels.


Why You Should Consider Starting a Craft Business

With so many ways to sell crafts, 2023 is a great time to consider starting your own craft business. Some of the reasons to consider starting your own DIY crafts business include the following:

  1. A creative business option: A craft business can be a creative outlet where you can share your art with customers. With so many people looking for unique additions to their homes, a craft business can be an excellent way to channel your creativity to meet that demand.
  2. A new income source: A DIY crafts business is a solid opportunity to make extra money while getting to be creative. Many crafts businesses started out as a side job but saw enough growth to run the business full-time.
  3. Growing customer demand: Business areas such as home decor and garden decor have seen increased growth, and DIY crafts can be a great way to meet that demand and gain new customers while making trending crafts.
  4. Gain new skills: Handmade items require a great deal of skill and finesse, as well as managing the business aspect of it all. Running your own craft business enables you to hone current skills and learn new ones while making extra income.

crafts to make and sell for profit


Profitable Crafts to Make and Sell

With so many creative options to choose from, identifying the most profitable crafts and DIY projects might feel challenging. There are many types of crafts and DIY ideas that can end up being profitable due to the low costs of supplies. Some of the best crafts to make include the following:

1. Wall Art

Wall art is one of the most popular home decor items and is what many look for when decorating their home. You can create all kinds of wall art, from simple paintings to digital art to complex 3D displays. However, you may need to take some time to find your artistic niche and understand what kinds of items competitors are selling, as this is a popular space.

When it comes to wall decor, it’s about bringing in your creative voice and selling crafts you love to make. You can find many craft tutorials online to create wall art that you can start selling online using methods such as oil paintings, watercolors, digital printing, and more.

2. Christmas Ornaments

Many people are looking for inexpensive gift ideas during the holiday season, and Christmas ornaments definitely fit that bill. It’s a gift item that customers can buy for themselves or for others, and there is always a seasonal favorite.

You can create unique handmade Christmas ornaments that can be displayed at a craft fair or sold on your Etsy shop. If you’re considering an idea like this, you can use materials such as glass, paint, and clay to create handmade ornaments and holiday decor.

3. Papercrafts

Regarding DIY stuff, paper products tend to be a popular option for many. You can create all types of products using paper, including paper flowers, origami, or simple gift tags. You can use many kinds of paper for your products such as heavy card stock, or lighter types of paper for products such as paper mobiles. You might need to try a few different types of paper depending on the product you are trying to craft to find the right fit.

You can use DIY tutorials to create your own paper products and learn different methods of folding and cutting to create your own products. Paper crafts make for great gifts and are incredibly inexpensive in terms of material, so it’s an easy craft to get started with that you can easily create and sell.

4. Reclaimed wood home decor crafts

To run a profitable business, you can also look at current trends to identify money-making crafts. For example, a popular option for many has been to use reclaimed wood to make decorative items. These can include larger items, such as furniture, or smaller items, such as wall art.

You can get craft ideas by looking at a craft blog or tutorial to identify whether it’s a feasible option. For example, wooden items are always popular with customers, and if you can bring in a sustainable element to them, then it’s even better.

5. Resin art

Another type of material that many use to make best-selling handmade items is resin. Resin is a viscous liquid substance used to create all kinds of crafts.

For example, you can create resin jewelry and artwork using the material. So if you’re looking for a craft idea that enables you to be creative and use unique substances to make and sell products, resin art is a great idea.

6. Scented products

Candles and other scented items, such as diffusers, have become increasingly popular with customers, especially as a gift idea. However, you will need relatively inexpensive supplies such as wax and essential oils to get started if you’re looking for easy crafts to make and sell.

You can create your own scent blends if you want to use essential oils or use simple scents for your products. These types of products can be sold online through an Etsy shop or at craft fairs. In addition, you can start selling crafts that customers are looking for, such as decorative candles, soy and wax melts, and other items, such as reed diffusers. You can look at DIY projects to make prism candles using mason jars and glass as an example of what you could potentially make and sell.

7. Sustainable home decor items

If you’re looking to create a variety of crafts to sell, consider looking at offering sustainable home decor items. You can make many different types of items, but the key is to make and sell items using techniques and materials that are zero waste or circular.

For example, you could use upcycled materials to create items such as DIY coasters, pallet coasters, tote bags, and other genuinely one-of-a-kind items. You could also develop products using eco-friendly and organic materials. These types of products are popular in online marketplace platforms such as your own Etsy shop, your own website, and craft fairs. There. Is a lot of demand for sustainability, and DIY crafts can be good products to offer in that niche.

8. Handmade clothing

You can also consider selling craft items such as clothing. Use your sewing skills to make handmade items such as tote bags, tops, t-shirts, and other DIY ideas for clothing.

Using materials such as linen and cotton, you can create fabric crafts to sell, such as children’s and adult clothing. You will need to invest in a sewing machine for making clothing and other materials such as fabric, zippers, buttons, fastenings, and more. Although it might require a high initial investment to get everything you need, there is real potential to create a successful business with these types of products.

9. Picture frames

Picture frames tend to be smaller yet profitable crafts to make and sell online and at craft fairs. Picture frames can be decorated with items such as glass stones, sea shells, glitter, and more to look unique. There are many tutorials available for decorating frames, and you can use different kinds, such as wood, metal, and more, to create the frames.

These items can be sold on an Etsy store as well as craft fairs, making it one of the easier crafts that you could sell.

10. Bath products

Self-care has become a popular theme, and items that offer that are great for gifting. For example, creating bath products such as DIY bath bombs, bath melts, and tub teas can be easy to make and sell online and in person at events such as craft fairs.

DIY bath products can be made using essential oils and other natural ingredients for an indulgent experience that customers will keep coming back to.

11. Ring holder

If you’re looking for a project that really allows you to be crafty, you can make and sell items such as a ring holder. These types of items are relatively easy to make, and you can find many tutorials to get started.

While ring holders are made from many types of materials, you can experiment with something on the simpler side, such as white oven-baked clay and acrylic paint, for this type of DIY project.

12. Knitted items

When the season moves towards cold weather, customers naturally seek items to keep warm. Knitted items such as scarves, beanies, blankets, and wraps are always seasonal favorites you can make and sell in your own store.

There are many basic knitting tutorials available via blogs and YouTube to get started with. The materials needed for knitting, such as yarn and knitting needles, are easy to find, so you can get started right away and create products for your online store.

13. Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is always a popular choice with customers, and the options for crafting these types of items are endless. Youo can use precious or semi-precious stones, crystals, metals, resin, polymer clay, and many other types of materials to create truly special pieces that customers will treasure forever.

If you are considering making jewelry to sell online and at craft fairs, you could focus on one type of item, such as earrings, or offer various items, such as necklaces and rings to expand your product offering.


More Popular Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

If you’re still not sure about what you would like to make and sell, there are many other DIY craft ideas that could be a good option for a small business. We’ll explore other popular crafts that you could make to sell on platforms such as Etsy or at crafting events.

14. Pottery

When it comes to clay, there are many types of items you can make, so the possibilities really are endless. For example, using different kinds of clay, your craft business could include products such as vases, trinket dishes, ring holders, mugs, and bowls, among other choices.

There are many successful businesses offering pottery products, and the unique nature of the craft means that each item created will be one-of-a-kind, which customers truly appreciate.

15. Jams, Jellies, and Preserves

Food is always something that customers are looking for, especially if it’s a delicious homemade item. While it might not be feasible to offer lots of food products, certain ones, such as jams, jellies, and preserves, can be suitable to sell online on Etsy and at food and craft fairs. In addition, there are many classic and experimental flavors that you could try, and as you perfect your recipe, you will see your business grow.

For holiday gifting, you could create special gift hampers and mix-and-match sets so that customers can purchase multiple types of products, which can add additional value.

16. Magnets

Magnets could be a good choice if you would like to start with smaller items to sell that are profitable and easy to get started with. With magnets, you can quickly scale up and try many types of styles and artistic choices as you grow your business.

For example, you can find tutorials to make interesting types of magnets, such as glass pebble magnets, using easy supplies such as a hot glue gun and patterned paper to create the product. Additionally, magnets featuring festive occasions, celebrations, and local areas are always a great gift idea that customers will appreciate.

17. Handmade notebooks and journals

Many people are looking for thoughtful gifts and presents, as well as unique items for themselves. One of the more unique options for your Etsy shop is offering items such as handmade notebooks and journals.

To make your own notebooks and journals, you can use simple bookbinding techniques to create your own notebooks and design covers using paint and other materials. You can also offer notebooks with digital artwork and design to add your own spin and create exciting products for customers

18. Greeting cards

There is always a demand for unusual and unique greeting cards for a variety of occasions. If you’re looking for a craft idea that brings together art and writing, greeting cards could be the perfect fit. Greeting cards are easy to start with since you can make them using programs such as Photoshop and InDesign.

You could offer digital downloads for greeting cards through your Etsy shop and website, allowing customers to download and print the cards themselves. You can also offer physical cards that customers can order and have delivered to their homes or directly to their loved ones.

19. Pet Accessories

Handmade pet accessories such as collars, sweaters, and other cute items for furry friends can be a great craft business. and just what you might be looking for. Pet owners are always looking for unusual and adorable items for their pets so it can definitely be a lucrative option year-round.

Additionally, pet accessories are also a great idea for holiday gifting, so there will be greater demand for these types of items during the holiday season.


What Are the Easiest Crafts to Make and Sell?

There are many easy crafts to make and sell online and at craft fairs. Some of the best and easiest crafts are paper flowers. Paper flowers are easy to make and sell because they do not require expensive materials, and there are many resources available for learning how to make them. In addition, there are many DIY ideas that you can use to learn how to make paper flowers and expand to other types of paper art and decoration.

What Are the Most Profitable Crafts to Sell?

The most profitable crafts to make and sell are handmade crafts that do not require expensive materials that you need to invest in. Fabric-related crafts, such as knitting, can be profitable for many business owners. This is because the supplies needed to get started with knitting are inexpensive, and many can learn how to knit quite quickly. And the more experienced knitter you are, the faster it will be to make items.

Where Are the Best Places to Sell Crafts Online?

The best places to sell crafts online are online marketplaces such as Etsy and your own online store.

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