Christmastime is always a busy shopping season, and consumers love to dress up their homes with festive holiday decor, such as hanging wreaths on their front door. This popular tradition makes a DIY Christmas wreath business a profitable opportunity. With just a little bit of skill and the right supplies, you can make unique Christmas wreaths that sell better than any generic store-bought wreaths.

Why Should You Sell Handmade Christmas Wreaths?

Have you always dreamed of starting a successful seasonal business, or are you otherwise employed but looking for a side gig to help pay for your family’s Christmas presents? In either case, starting a business in which you make and sell Christmas wreaths might be the perfect option for you. Need more reason to sell handmade Christmas wreaths? Consider the following benefits:

  • Flexibility – When you are making winter wreath products to sell, you can choose your own hours, and work as much or as little as you want.
  • Personal satisfaction – Not only can you do most if not all of your work from home, but when you make and sell Christmas wreaths you can earn a profit from a fun hobby that you enjoy.
  • Financial Independence – By starting your own business, you open the door to financial independence. Even if you are making wreaths as a side gig, the extra cash you earn can make a huge difference in your life and family.
  • Seasonal opportunity – If you’re looking for a seasonal business opportunity, making Christmas decorations like holiday wreaths is an option that is sure to sell.
  • Scalability – Once you’ve found success making Christmas wreaths to sell, you can scale your business by expanding to other holiday season decor, such as DIY Christmas tree ornaments.

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Where Can You Sell DIY Christmas Wreaths?

If you plan to make and sell Christmas wreaths, you want to choose the right outlets to reach customers in the holiday spirit. The good news is there are plenty of places to sell DIY Christmas wreaths, both online and offline. If you want to sell a holiday wreath locally, you can display your wares at local craft supplies stores, coffee shops, flea markets, or even a craft show. If you prefer to sell your wreaths online, popular options include platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Amazon Handmade, or even eBay.

Top Ideas for Christmas Wreaths to Sell

Looking for DIY wreath ideas that you can make and sell? All you need to get started are basic supplies like a wreath form, pine needles or greenery, a hot glue gun, and some striped ribbon. Whether you hope to sell a simple wreath or a more unique creation, the following ideas for Christmas wreaths should lead you to success.

1. Pine Wreath

Probably the most traditional of wreath designs, a pine wreath is simple to make by bundling pine needles together and placing them around a simple wreath form.

2. Snowball Wreath

Creative DIY wreath ideas are great sellers, and customers won’t be able to turn away from a festive snowball wreath made from styrofoam balls. The styrofoam wreath is easy to make with the right supplies, and the balls can be wrapped with colorful paper to create a different yet still festive design.

3. Ice Wreath

An ice wreath can be used as outdoor decoration or hung on the front door to greet visitors all winter long… in areas where temperatures remain below freezing, of course. A bundt pan makes the perfect wreath form for these creations, and a variety of decorative items can be placed in the water-filled pans before freezing.

4. Playful Wreath

With a wreath form and some hot glue, the possibilities for unique and creative wreaths are practically unlimited. You can create popular playful wreaths with materials like toys, straws or plastic snowflakes. In fact, you can create wreaths for all seasons of the year with decorative items like butterflies, flags or even Easter eggs.

5. Faux Wreath

Just because your wreaths are handmade, that doesn’t mean you can’t use plenty of manufactured materials. While many holiday shoppers love authentic pine wreaths, for example, just as many prefer to buy a faux wreath that will retain its beauty for years to come. Popular materials include artificial flowers and faux pine needles.

6. Pine Cones Wreath

A beautiful pine cone wreath can be a great seller during the holiday season, as well as all year long. All you need for these popular creations are some pine cones, a wreath form, sheet moss, floral wire and some wired ribbon.

7. Peppermint Candies Wreath

Your wreath-making business won’t fail to attract customers with products like a unique Christmas wreath made from peppermint candies. Just remove the wrappers from the peppermints and attach them by dabbing hot glue on the wreath form. You even can fill in empty spaces in your peppermint wreath with Red Hots candies before adorning the wreath with a red ribbon.

8. Ornament Wreath

Help your customers get into the holiday spirit by selling them a DIY Christmas wreath made from beautiful ornaments. While you can make a simple wreath with ball-shaped ornaments, the possibilities are as endless as the varieties of Christmas tree ornaments. Choose a variety of ornament sizes to give your wreath design some flair.

More Ideas for Holiday Season Wreaths to Make and Sell

With some colorful ornaments or artificial pine needles, anyone can start a business selling handmade wreaths. Don’t feel you have to stick to one or two styles, either. There are plenty of great ideas for holiday season wreaths to make and sell.

9. White Christmas Wreath

Who doesn’t love decorating for the holidays with a white Christmas theme? You can create a variety of wreath designs with materials such as white flowers, white balls or pine needles dusted with artificial snow or even white spray paint. Add some bright red Christmas berries for an extra festive touch.

10. Bulb Wreaths

Some of the best Christmas wreath products are made from the most unusual or unexpected materials. For example, creating a festive wreath out of vintage light bulbs is sure to be a holiday item customers can’t resist. If the bulbs are in holiday colors, all the better!

11. Magnolia Wreath

Pine needles aren’t the only greenery that’s a popular Christmas wreath material. The large, dark green and glossy leaves of a magnolia plant create the perfect foundation for a beautiful holiday decoration that is sure to impress friends and family members. Adding pine cones or fir bundles will only enhance the design.

12. Bow Wreath

Another great idea for DIY Christmas wreath crafts can be created by adorning festive bows to a wreath form. Just attach brightly-colored Christmas bows, made of cloth or plastic, by using hot glue or even spray adhesive. The bow wreath surely will become a cherished piece of home decor.

13. Jingle Bells Wreath

Make a beautiful jingle bell wreath to sell by threading the festive baubles with sturdy wire. Once you’ve created the wreath’s foundation, you can add an extra festive touch with a brightly-colored bow. This type of Christmas wreath looks great over the mantle or hanging on the front door.

14. Wooly Wreath

Creating a DIY Christmas wreath out of wool is another unique craft idea that will attract customers. Instead of gluing materials to a wreath form, you can just wrap it with an old wool sweater or even wool socks, giving new life to discarded materials. Don’t forget to add some finishing touches to your wooly wreath, with small artificial flowers or winter berries.

15. Pom Poms Wreaths

A colorful wreath made from pom poms can be a top seller for the holidays or all year long. It all depends on the color of the pom poms. Choose red, green, white and gold pom poms for a festive Christmas wreath, or another color scheme for wreaths to hang during other seasons.

16. Wrapping Paper Wreath

You’ll have no trouble offering a wide variety of Christmas wreaths if you decide to make wrapping paper wreaths. There are many different wreath designs that utilize wrapping paper, and you’ll never run out of wrapping paper choices. In fact, you could make hundreds of Christmas wreaths and never repeat the same design twice.

How to Make Christmas Wreaths to Sell

Whether you choose to make a complex wreath out of multiple materials or an ordinary wreath adorned with a festive red bow, practically anyone can make Christmas wreaths to sell. All you need to do is gather the proper supplies and follow some simple instructions:

  • Gather materials – Collect the materials you’ll use for your wreath, which might include a ring or wreath form, florist’s wire, twine, fresh or artificial foliage sprigs, decorations and ribbon.
  • Create the base – If you aren’t using a wreath form, you can create your own ring by bending sturdy wire or even a coat hanger into a circular shape.
  • Attach stems – Secure flower or foliage stems to the base using lightweight floral wire. Be sure you fill in any empty spaces by overlapping the stems as you go.
  • Wrap twine – Wrap twine around the stems and tie them to secure them, cutting away any extra string as needed.
  • Add decorations – Attach additional decorations like berries or flowers to the wreath using twine. You might also choose to add Christmas ornaments, stars, snowflakes or even dried oranges to your wreath.
  • Complete wreath – Now that you’ve created your wreath, be sure and add finishing touches to give it a polished appearance. Adorn the wreath with a brightly-colored bow, and don’t forget to trim off any remaining loose ends.

What Do You Need for a DIY Christmas Wreath?

What do you need for a DIY Christmas wreath? Surprisingly, you don’t need a ton of materials for holiday wreaths. Start with a wreath form, floral wire and a hot glue gun. Choose what materials you’ll use to form your wreath, whether they be pine sprigs, flowers, peppermint candies or Christmas ornaments. Don’t forget a colorful ribbon or a bright red bow to give your wreath a finishing touch. Of course, you’ll need some scissors and wire cutters to facilitate the wreath-making process.

Can You Make Money Selling Christmas Wreaths?

Christmas wreaths are popular all holiday season long, so it’s not difficult to make money when you sell wreaths. Most of the materials used to make a DIY Christmas wreath are inexpensive, so the products can be sold for a healthy profit. Be sure and choose colors or decorative themes that inspire plenty of Christmas cheer, and carefully choose where you plan to sell them. Try unique wreath designs that will attract customers, as well as wreaths that can be hung all year long.

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